UXD- User Flow, Survey/Interview, Persona- Amber Wang and Theresa Lin

Class: User Experience Design

Instructor: Azure Qian

Documented by: Amber Wang and Theresa Lin

User Flow Map:

We used Lucidchart to create our user flow map.

Our app that pairs up with the cafe will first start off with a screen that prompts the user to clicks a button to start designing. The user will then have to choose the cake size, the amount of layers they want, and the flavor of the cake and icing. Then the app will go to the design interface in which the user will design the cake. After that, the user will be able to choose if they want to upload their design for a weekly ranking or not. Then the user can choose if they want the cake to be delivered, pick-up, or if they’re in the cafe to start the 3D printing as soon as possible. If they chose delivery, they will be directed to a screen for address and phone number input, time they want the cake delivered, and options to choose any addition service they need such as candles, or utensils. If they chose pick-up, they will be directed to a screen that asks what time they want to pick it up at what location as well as options for additional service. If the customers are in the cafe and want the design to be printed then and there, they will be shown a order number and the count-down time to when the printing will start. The last screen will show when the order is completed.

User Research:

Survey: wjx.cn/m/35090148.aspx

Survey Results:

On average, people are willing to pay 82.97 RMB extra for the customization service.


App Redesign

In last week’s class, we helped redesign a global language tutoring App called PopOn. We first used stickers to categorize the features of the App under different big categories. There are mainly 5 big categories, which are Globe, Training, Video, Message, My Profile. However, the small features under the 5 big categories are too broad and disorganized. For example, there’s one branch under Messages called Clan, in which user could explore different clans, view clan’s posts and do group tasks. We thought it didn’t make sense to have such broad exploration under the name of “message”. Another two features unreasonably included under “My Profile” are “history call” and “plans (learning target)”. We believe that it would be easier for users to view their history call in the same interface of making the calls under “Globe”. And “learning target” should go with “Training” so that users can get a better idea of their training plans.

Please refer to our App Redesign Before and After as follows:

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