UX Design| Amber Wang & Theresa Lin| Scenario and Persona

Class: User Experience Design

Instructor: Azure Qian

Documented by: Amber Wang and Theresa Lin

Zoe Richard

Zoe’s been working hard part time for the past month because she’s been trying to save up for a cake for her grandma. Since her college is too far from her grandma’s house, she can’t visit her grandma. Unfortunately, her school doesn’t have a break on her grandma’s birthday. However, Zoe still wanted to get her grandma a cake. Originally she wanted to just buy a pre-designed cake and have it delivered to her grandma’s house but she happen to come across a cake design of a mahjong piece on Instagram. Remembering that her grandma loves to play mahjong, she decided she wanted a design of that. Unfortunately after looking through several bakeries, she either couldn’t find a mahjong design or the ones that had it didn’t look so great. Suddenly she came across the “3D Cake Lab” website. After reading their ‘About’ page, Zoe was excited about being able to design her own. She looked at the price and it was reasonable for a custom cake, especially one she could design on her own. Zoe went through the design process on the website and was also delighted that they had a delivery option. After she finished designing the cake, she selected the delivery option and inputted her grandma’s address. She could also select which day and what time to have it delivered. On the day of her grandma’s birthday. She received a call from her grandma just several minutes after the cake was set to be delivered. Her grandma sounded really excited and thanked Zoe for the surprise cake. She also told her how much she loved the design and was surprised at how bakeries offer this kind of design. Zoe then told her grandma all about the 3D Cake Lab.

Jessica Lai

Jessica Lai loves to hang out with her friends at cafes especially when they have to study. She loves exploring different kinds of dessert and beverages while at cafes. One day, while she was walking around the city looking for a new cafe with her friends, they stumbled upon the “3D Cake Lab.” The name peaked their curiosity and they went in to have a look. When they were shown to their table, they were surprised that they could design their own cake. They each picked up an iPad with the screen “Start Design.” They each chose a single serving size cake as well as cake flavor and icing then immediately began to design. They were surprised by how simple the interface was and how easy it made the designing process. They searched for pictures of their favorite character and attempted to design it on the cake. When they were done, they were given a choice to upload their design. Jessica felt confident in her design so she uploaded hers while some of her other friends didn’t. Then they chose the print now option and each received a number. When the cake was about to start printing, the iPad buzzed and displayed the number machine. They all hurry to the machine and watch in awe as the design is 3D printed on the cake. When it’s done, they all pull out their phones and start taking pictures for Instagram. Jessica captions her post, “Omg you guys HAVE to come here to design your own cake if you haven’t yet!!! It’s 3D printed!”
Jessica and her friends feel like it’s a waste eating their masterpiece, but they take a bite and decide that they’re definitely coming back again.



Michael Sun

It is almost their 5th anniversary. Michael has been searching around for the best place to celebrate their anniversary. Michael is such a crazy worker that he hardly has time left for his family. He really needs an amazing date to cheer his beautiful wife up. Money is not a big problem for Michael, a banker. He wants the date to be the combination of his interests in technology and his wife’s love in design. Then 3D cake lab becomes his optimal choice.

Michael and his wife Susan walked into the mysterious modern cafe called “3D Cake Lab”. They were assigned to a beautifully decorated couch with an iPad on it. The interface asked them to “Start Your Design” with a simple click. Then they were led to choose their cake size, layers and flavor. “6 inch should be enough… honey you like chocolate, lets choose the chocolate base flavor.” After they were done, a magic 3D modeling design interface appeared. There were tons of different basic 3D shape on the right side bar. Susan was very excited about the designing process. She expertly dragged a ball shape and two pyramids to create a shape of cat. She happily played with the different characters, colors, and texts. “Happy Anniversary!” Michael added the text on the top of the cake with a beautiful font and a rosy color. Then they were asked whether to upload their design to the big screen in the cafe. Susan clicked “YES!”. “I want to share this beautiful moment with everyone here!” They got an order number and was told by the interface there were only 3 more orders before them. After 15 minutes, the iPad vibrated and made sounds. They were instructed to go to machine No. 12. Michael couldn’t wait to show Susan the most cutting-edge 3D cake printer. They ran to the machine and saw the cake being printed out. “It is so amazing!This is the best anniversary I have ever had! I love you Michael!” Susan said.


Domenico Russo

It was Domenico’s third year in China. He still keeps the weekly habit of exploring the city of Shanghai. He reads art magazines, follows the most trendy events in Shanghai. This week, he surprisingly found that two of his most favorite blogger all recommended a cafe called “3D cake lab”. He became very interested. After reading different posts and reviews about the cafe, he found it align perfectly with his art affection. “I should find someone to go with me…” Domenico thought this could be a perfect chance for him to show his crush on his classmate, a Chinese girl called Fangfang.

Like most Italian man, Domenico is very romantic and has a born taste of art. He had secretly drew a portrait of Fangfang combining Italian art and Chinese traditional ink painting. As usual, he asked Fangfang out for coffee using the excuse of studying. They passed by the “3D cake lab” and walked in. Unlike other customers, Domenico directly walked to the front desk and showed a code in his mobile App, and then they were directed to a 3D printing machine. “I thought we are coming for a coffee and then study, aren’t we,” Fangfang asked. “Coffee would be too bitter for a girl like you. Why don’t we have some dessert as sweet as you?” Fangfang blushed. However, what made Fangfang surprised was that she saw a painting of her being printed out on the top of the cake. It turned out that Domenico has finished the cake design three days ago and selected the pick-up date. He found an amazing function of the design interface to upload a picture or pre-made design on the surface of the cake. He uploaded his favorite painting work of Fangfang and scaled it on top of the cake.

“Domenico, you really surprised me! This is like a miracle!” Fangfang said. “Meeting you was already a miracle for me.” Domenico smiled. “We should come back often!” Fangfang laughed.


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