Callum and Catt || Usability Testing

For our usability testing, we reached out to four people and recorded their thoughts as they went through the app. You can find their comments below. We have the audio recordings as well, but unfortunately, it takes way too long to upload them to the site, so we will have them as a back up in case we need to go back and reference anything.



3 hr something min/day



Usability Issues:

  1. Text is a little small (hard to see)
  2. A “submit” button on the questions so that you can change your answers
  3. Tries to scroll but can’t


  • Likes the recommendations***
  • Would use it when travelling bc he prepares/researches a lot before travel


  • Clear invitation of where to start
  • Include a “back” button
  • “Don’t make me think”


Helena Ma


4-5 hours/day

Instagram, Youtube, Wechat, Didi, Eleme


  • Thought the initial questions were a little weird, would have preferred to just choose what museum she wanted (didn’t seem like she would just scroll through the app, would only use it for a reason with a set destination in mind)


Usability Issues:

  1. Font was unattractive
  2. Wished to “skip” on the questions
  3. Wished you could go back on the questions


Floyd Son


15 hours/week

Wechat, Instagram, Baidu


  • Seemed to like the idea of it
  • Thought it was visually appealing even though he’s not sure he would use it himself


Usability Issues:

  1. Didn’t want to sign in
  2. Didn’t want to answer the questions
  3. Text was hard to read


Rhys Dhinsa


8 hours/week

Instagram, Wechat, snapchat


  • Liked the name/slogan of the app
  • Liked the recommendation option
  • Wondered what the “dive deeper” option was next to “play audioguide” option


Usability Issues:

  1. Text was hard to read
  2. If you can jump around to different times once the audioguide had started
  3. Font was small


Arshaun Dharabnia


10 hours/week

Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook


  • Seemed interested in the concept
  • Wondered aloud about the cities we chose to include, about how many cities/museums/options there were
  • Liked the recommendation aspect but wondered how accurate it could be


Usability issues:

  1. Thought the registration process was easy but that there should be an email verification
  2. Wanted to see the other options and hear a sample audio guide (but obviously our prototype isn’t that advanced yet)
  3. Wondered if the globe was interactive and you could choose a destination that way


It seemed like two common dislikes were the text and the sign in process with questions, which if there is two things wrong these are the ideal things as the text/font has not yet been chosen and the sign in process is generally not included as it can be extremely tedious. So then looking a the comments overall, it seemed alot of people vibed with the idea and enjoyed the thought of possibly using it. We’re definitely on the right step going forward and im excited to see what sort of style and font we give it going forward.

In terms of color scheme, we chose to play with blue and yellow because blue is generally calming and yellow is warm and happy, so I think given our slogo of “The Happy Traveler” it makes sense.



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