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Usability Test:

For this week’s assignment, I first did the usability test based on my wireframe and got many feedbacks.

Most users gave feedback on the login page takes long time but after I explained the reason (I want to have different content face different user), they understood, but I think there must be some good way to fix this problem, but I’m not very sure right now.

User 1:

Change the parent-kid part to a specific age range will be better.

Give a back button.

Give people a hit where they can click.

Give people a hit that they can scroll.

Sign out button/private code to open it.

User 2:

Can add a “quiz” section for the user to get a little gift.

Give people more topic choices on the education part/courses.

Really like the community idea.

User 3:

DIY section is very good.

Should give users a hit that they can go to any section that is under their age.

Will younger children are curious if they can not go to another section?

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