UX Final Documentation by Kefan Xu

I put my stuff all together and design a website to show my idea.

Here is the link: https://kefanxu.github.io/tapto/tapto

Here are some screenshot of this site:

On this site, I tried to put all my idea in a clear order, from the start of the idea to the final demonstration. I divided the content into two parts: the early research & framework design and the design (including the interface design and the interaction design).

I also added some new content. I made a video which shows the meaning of each operation on this app, also stressed its advantages over the traditional social apps.

This site was built with the software Hype3. It a website editor which requires no programming skills. The layout of the website content can be easily designed on it. And it can export the website layout as a HTML file, which I later uploaded to the GitHub so it can be accessed by anyone.


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