UX Final Portfolio- Theresa Lin

Project Name: 3D Cake Lab

Partner: Amber Wang

Project Overview (Idea)

Our project concept involves a café that specializes in 3D printing cakes paired with an app service which allows customers to design and customize their cake. They can then choose to send it to the 3D printing machines or choose to have it delivered or for pick up. These customizable designs are great for any occasion – anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, or even just a casual occasion. With the café, it will attract younger customers who are looking for something more than just your ordinary cake and for something to share on social media.



Storyboard/Concept Story

A group of three friends, Jessica, Allie, and Tiffany, are hanging out on a nice Saturday afternoon. They’re wandering around in town wondering what they should do. Then they happen to stumble over the 3D Cake Lab and becomes intrigued by the 3D aspect. They head inside and are surprised by the concept of being able to design their own cake on an app and have it directed printed out in store. They pick up the iPad provided by the café and start designing their own cake. They are surprised at how easy it is to design and are glad that they also have the option to choose pre-existing designs instead of designing the entire cake by scratch. They dragged some shapes and created a cat face. When they were done designing, they click the ‘print now’ option and then sent it to the 3D machine in the café. When their iPad buzzes and alerts them which machine the cake is being printed out on, they hurry and watch the design being 3D printed onto the cake. They watch in awe on how precise the machine is. The waiter then brings the cake to their table and they snap dozens of pictures of their cake. They then post it on their social media and receive hundreds of likes and comments asking them where they are.



We conducted an online survey asking people questions regarding their interest in art and designing, their frustrations when ordering cake, what kind of occasion they bought cakes, what aspects of purchasing a cake they prioritized the most, and how much extra they are willing to pay for customization.

Survey Results:

Based on the survey results that we received, people were willing to pay an average of 83 RMB (about 12 USD) extra to customize their cake. The most common occasion that people would purchase a cake is for someone, such as friend’s or family members’, birthdays. People were the most concerned with the taste of cake over price and design. Additionally, about 73% of our respondents were willing to pay extra to custom design their cake.


In addition, we conducted a few interviews asking in more detail about the participants thoughts regarding our project idea, how often they visited cafes, the purpose of their visit, when they would buy a cake, their willingness to design a cake, and as well as their struggles when it comes to ordering cakes.

Interview Results:

Some people associated cake with special occasions so they wouldn’t usually purchase a cake on a normal occasion. Some people were only willing to design a cake if it was easy enough and didn’t cost too much extra.

User Flow Chart

We used LucidChart to create the user flow. We wanted users to begin designing their cake as soon as possible. The screen would first start off with a button that says “I want a Cake.” After the user clicks on that, they will then have to choose what cake flavor, frosting flavor, size, and one or two layers of cake they want. Then they will be redirected to the design interface. After the user finishes designing the cake, they will then have the option to choose pick-up, delivery, or print now. Then the user will input their information such as their name, phone number, and address.


These personas are created based on our research results.



Our first wireframe was roughly sketched out with a pencil on paper.

User Testing

We used Marvel to user test with around 5 people. Some helpful suggestions and things they pointed out were

  • If the option to choose the cake flavor and frosting was before designing section, then if they wanted to change the cake flavor/frosting after they finished designing the cake; they’re design will be lost and it’ll be a pain to start all over
  • Show the ‘next’ arrow after the user clicks the button for size/flavor/frosting/layer so it’s more intuitive on what they should do next
  • The wording/phrasing should be friendlier
  • The vertical screen to horizontal screen change is a bit sudden, there should be something to give the users a quick heads up
  • There should be words of encouragement for the users that helps emit positive emotions (such as “great!” or “good job!” or “thank you!”)
  • There should be back buttons added to some places so that the user will not be afraid of making mistakes
  • The page where there’s only 3 buttons that says “Delivery,” “Pick Up,” “Print Now” is confusing (there’s no instructions)
  • There should be a 3D panel on the design interface or else people can’t tell it’s 3D
  • A huge part that we left out was a payment option, so many users were confused as to what the price of the cake was and how to pay
  • Some users who didn’t want to design the entire cake from scratch suggested an option to use pre-designed
  • The order completed page was confusing, users weren’t sure what the number meant

Final Wireframe

Based on the user testing feedback, we implemented many of the suggestions that we received. We changed the wording, switched the order of a few decisions, redesigned the delivery page, and added back buttons to decrease as much user unease as we could.


Mockup Process

We wanted bright, cheerful colors such as pink and blue for our app.


The primary color we chose was #f25459 and secondary #d3fbfb. However, we noticed that the blue was too light and difficult to see.


We used Dribbble to see what colors would match with the pink.

For our final mockup we kept #f25459 as the primary color and #ffe098 as the secondary color. The secondary color also resembles the colors of a sponge cake.



Final Mockup:


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