Finding Alternatives to Plastic

Name: Mehr Un Nisa Javed

Date: 11th Dec’ 2019

Professor: Marcela Godoy

Objective: Final Project Documentation

Website name: Remade in China Fall 2019

Project Title: Working towards finding sustainable alternatives to Plastics

Why make a Website? Motivation behind it?

I basically created the website because I feel like in the second part of the semester our main shift was on the Bioplastics and I basically found them very cool and a great alternative to the regular plastics. I saw that students in my class were doing some really cool experiments about the Bio-plastics so I thought it would be nice to have a place where we could keep their projects and experimentation safe and also, people outside from our class would be able to seek helps from our class work, comment on our projects and also if they get stuck while doing something we would have a chat box where they could send photos and we would be able to instantly reply (one of the student from the Remade in China class).

I also saw other websites about the Bio-Plastics and found out that they did not have the chat features, experiences of the people, and challenges section so I thought our class website having those would be really cool.

Why make a magazine or basically experiment with it?

I thought that it would be really nice to have a website for the digital part and the magazine for the physical part but then, Marcela suggested me that it would be better to not focus much upon that because earlier people have worked on that and it does not differentiate your work a lot from others so then I thought that it would be better to just keep on working on the website(digital) part.

Project Statement:

My project is basically a way through which the experimentation we did in the class will be able to cater and help a wider audience. I want this website to tackle the issues for finding the homemade alternatives to plastic and Bioplastics being one of them. This website is also an amalgamation of some of the features which previous websites made on this idea have to offer but what makes it different is that it has those features which other websites do not have such as sign up button, login button, add comments button, add your own work button, chat box, attachments etc are some of the features to name.


These are the three websites about the bioplastics which were most popular about internet. I basically researched the most about bioplastics because I am interested more towards them and even in the website I included more experiments on the Bioplastics.



I really enjoyed working on this and I think I was one of those people in the class who sort of gained the most from the final projects because in order to incorporate into the website I nearly read all of my colleagues works and their failures and success. I think that was pretty fruitful.

I also think that this layout of the website can get really successful due to its features and especially the minimalistic design which this website has.

Photos from Class Presentation of the Final Project:

On the above photo you can see the flyers which I made for promoting our class work especially based on the Bio-Plastics. In future, as discussed with Marcela we plan on printing our class flyers on the paper made by Joyce. The paper she made is recyclable paper so it would be nice to promote something about sustainability on something created based on the idea of sustainability.

Also, you can scan the QR code on the poster in order to direct to our website. this is the QR code which I have added below and you can also see it on the poster.

Website features which makes it different from other websites:

  1. It is a student based website working specially in China so it would cater the Chinese students studying at other universities and also the people who just want to experiment with the bioplastics.
  2. It has a chat box feature which would get the people experimenting using our website instant replies if we are online at that time or they could leave a message which we would reply soon. They could also send the attachments of where they went wrong to us and we could see and respond to their queries.
  3. I also have the Events section where they could find out about the recent events happening in Shanghai or all over in China but they would be initiated by the Remade in China students or faculty.
  4. I also added the new section which leads to the monthly newsletter. I want us all to have something to produce a newsletter produced on monthly basis so the people outside the class can see our progress and can look into the new experiments which we have conducted and also in that newsletter talk about the experiments which we want to get done by the next month so that the website audience can anticipate what they will see next month.

Here are some of the photos of those features which I really like:



I think for me the magazine was a big failure because it did not turn out to be the way I had thought it would turn out to be or at least the impact it would create was very different from the one I had thought of.

I also wanted to code the website fully by myself but I just coded unto a certain point and then I started to have a lot of coding challenges therefore, I resorted to the online website making solution.

Feedback received:


I think a lot of people really appreciated my website and found it very interesting. But, one feedback about the “login option” and about the layout really struck me and I would like to work on it in the future.

Next steps:

Today we took a class group photo (on the last day of the classes) and I think on the homepage background I would add that photograph because I think it would give it a more class touch and that’s one improvement I would bring to it by the feedback we received.

I would also like to add the login or sign up option to my website more visible.So, that the people can sign in and then become a part of our website and add the content they want to add.

Improvements which I have made after receiving the feedback on my website:

Now you can see that I have added the button at the top of the website for adding information and also for the signup so that people can signup and become a part of it and add their words and make comments etc.

Also, I received the feedback that this does not look much of a class website so in order to give it more of our class remade in China touch I add the photo from one of our workshops as the website background page.

I have circled above the new two features I have added. The signup and login feature and the add comments feature.


Overall, I really enjoyed doing this project and overall, the entire semester. I feel like I learnt a lot in this class in terms of moving towards more sustainable ways, changing our daily practices, trying to become a more environmental friendly person and trying to love planet more than what we do as of now because we create a lot of trash through our daily chores.

I hope my website is able to reach to a larger audience and more people could work upon it so that it could be improved with further critique. In future I also hope to add a set criteria for adding the posts etc to the website so that the good quality posts could only be found on the website. Overall, I really enjoyed working on my idea and I just hope I can expand more on it in the future and add up more of my individual experiments to it as well.

Note: I have made a separate post named as “Final Experimentation” which included I did also the experiments I did in order to reach the final result.


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