Rhino- 3D- Computer Aided Designs (CAD)

Mid-Term Project 

Name: Mehr Un Nisa Javed

Date: 9th April’2019

Professor: Marcela Godoy

Objective: Create a program which makes 3D objects using Grasshopper and Rhino.


I initially started from this flower which was not an enclosed shape. For this what I did was that I made three circles and then I tried to change their radius and manipulate them into a shape. This is a very famous Islamic pattern shape which I really liked and took as an inspiration for my mid-term project. Initially, I proposed for my midterm project about making a mosque however, it was not very feasible because it firstly, it was hard to turn it into a paramedic design and secondly since it’s such a holy place so I didn’t not want to play around with it.

Here is a photo of my initial shape:

This flower had a lot of small gaps in the centre which are not clearly visible on the photo above but there were which hindered me to add volume to it therefore, I took help from Marcela and asked her for ideas in order to improve the shape. She was very helpful and spent a lot of time in order to fix the several issues I encountered and also helped me to understand the core of them.

These are the few parametric designs I played with and then I got a suggestion to make them look as if they are carved and maybe for better understanding and view I was suggested to change the view settings. Also, I extruded the curve and Marcela helped me to extrude more curves because she said if I wouldn’t do that then if I 3D print then there would be nothing (design) shown and only outer lines would appear which is surely not my intention to do.

I played more with shapes later on and was able to get some cool design for carving on a wooden block.

My final output looked like this: We were supposed to have 10 different images (screenshots) demonstrating the variability of the parametric object I created.Therefore, I changed their radius, divide curve counts, scale, extend curve feature etc to gain 10 different designs.

Here is a photo of the output: 

Grasshopper Code Explanation:

The shape which I created is a combination of two hexagons, two squares, four triangles which would help make the geometric pattern (star pattern). The size of the central star must be well balanced including the shapes surrounding it. In order to create this pattern in an easy version what I did was that first I created three circles and out three sliders with their radius so that they could be altered in alter to vary the shape at the end. Since the three circles I created should be of different sizes for example, one should be the biggest then the two inside should be smaller than the bigger outside one and each other. For this I also added the scale factor for scaling. With the scale factors geometry I joined the divide curves curve and then with the help of Marcela I added the cull pattern to create the star. For that I added the true and false feature so that the lines wouldn’t overlap and there would be a gap between each number. Then , I also added the extend curve feature so that the curves could extend and go out towards the outer circle and then joined the extended curves with the curves of the end point. I also added the shift list feature with the lines and then finally, merged the lines , first divide curve of the circle and the last shift list. Then, I offset the curve with a specified distance by joining the offset with the join curves curve thing. After that, I added boundaries surface which helps to create planar surfaces from a collection of boundary edge curves. I joined this with the offset.Finally, I did extrusion. Extrusion is very vital as it Extrude curves and surfaces along a vector.The vector I set was Unit Z. This was I exuded the boundary surfaces and by a similar way I extruded using Evaluate Surface.


I got some really great suggestion by my fellow colleagues who suggested me to give some purpose to it. For instance, make these designs be a necklace/pendant which would be very useful and can be used by a lot of people no matter if they’re interested in keeping it as an islamic pattern or not. I really appreciate the great suggestion I got and would continue working on them in order to give a meaning to my design. Eventhough, I made a spherical based and put the design on it (can be seen on picture 1 above) so the design could act as a carving. But, I would really want to take my design further and turn it into a daily life object.

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