Creating Immersive Worlds | Individual Project |


SHOWER VR is an experience about the experience an indivual has while showering. It includes all the best aspects about showering! Like soap, water, and a stubborn drain the never actually drains everything! DID WE MENTIONS THE TERRIBLE FLORESCENT LIGHTING THE OFTEN PLAGUES ANY SPACE WITH PROCILINE UTILITIES?!?!?!?!?

Like its very distance cousin, Alpaca VR,  we adopted none teleporting locomotion!!!





Creating Immersive Worlds | Group Project |


Alexis: “I did a lot of blueprints and conducted a lot of user testing. I would currently consider myself a blueprint connoisseur. I contributed my knowledge in programming and previous knowledge in unreal engine projects to help reach the final product. I also helped a lot with moral support, which definitely helped the job get done. I implemented the physically demanding arm-swing locomotion, collisions, and worked on the sound for the project. I also created and edited the trailer for the game. I would like to continue learning more intermediate and advanced blueprints, such as casting and multiplayer networking.”


Linda: “I built the world and created all the environment. I also worked on the concept design, and took the lead on character design. Interaction design was something that I also helped out on. I love 3D now. I also helped a lot with moral support, which definitely helped the job get done. For the show, I put together the promotional material to advertise the experience. I would like to learn more blueprints and further dive into interaction. I’d also like to learn about other applications for VR besides games and work on those. ”



{some early development  screen shots}


Week 12: Molds and 3d printing!

I took LINDA’s Face and made a bunch of mold of it!
Step 1: print the Linda face

Step 2: Wait

Step 3: Cast her face in the silicon! ( make sure to have a watertight case for your model. ALSO remember to glue your model to the base of the case, as 3dprinted models tend to float.

Step 4: more waiting.


Marcela made Vegan chocolate with one of the food safe ones. I made some ice cubes!


Week4:Toy_design Objectified and Arvind Gupta

Objectified is a thought-provoking mini-documentary on the design of things and the impact they have.

The segment on IDEO, in particular, was extremely thought-provoking as the segment begins with the story of a toothbrush IDEO designs and eventually finds its way onto an island as trash.

From this, I learned that it is incredibly important to design items not only for their intended user(s) but also the time after the items have served its purpose.  Many times the item is simply thrown away and are never thought of again.

The video for Arvind Gupta’s INK segment: I thought that it was awesome that some seeming purposeless items have found the new life after being disposed of. Even the smallest item can make a significant impact.

Toy_Design: Final

Suprise! the Toot-Can is here!

Goal: Make a toy with a surprise!

How!? by making an everyday item into a noise-making toy for anyone use at any given time! This is me adding a bird whistle to air filtering mask.

I found this Model of bird whistle on Thingiverse! ( link below)


I modeled a tucan beak ( as the size would help conceal the whistle)

Using Linda’s face model as a reference for correct ratios.


I then use the ratios from the models to create the sizes of the models. I also referenced the dimensions of a google cardboard to make a cardboard prototype– to double check the calculations from earlier.

I 3d Printed the models!



No print is complete without some glitches, In this case, I made the top of my beak with imperfect typology (overlapping edges galore!)

Assembly ( those stubborn supports )

Week 3: Crochet and my failures.

I am terrible at crochet. Or at least I was bad at keeping the shape of everything. I would make a row of chains and start to make a second-AND- one bad tug and everything would clump up or become threads. 🙁


BUT! I got very good at using the sewing machine-or at least I think I am a lot more confident about my skills!  Maybe because my shaky hands aren’t an issue here or a because I have had some exposure to similar machines in the past.

Week 6: ToyDesign_Paper toy and The Toy Expo!

Sorry! No picture for the paper toy 🙁

But will say that the paper toy was very difficult! I wasn’t sure how the rubber band was to be wedged inside of a paper penguin.

I have a slow-mo gif from the toy expo!

Here are my thoughts:

  1. I wanted to buy everything. But nobody wanted to sell to me 🙁
  2.  I wish we had a little more time at the expo. I was only able to see about half of the first building we were in . BUT! the giant bears were so awesome!