Toy Design_Duchamp’s Toy: The Ice Cream Tub X


The Ice Cream Tub X…or The Ice Cream Tub Pro

“…because the artist says it’s art.”

I wanted to focus on this particular aspect of Duchamp and the Dada movement.   As well as the idea of already made art.



Like Duchamp’s Fountain, my character is a simple object that has been turned upside down. It is merely a tub of ice cream tub turned upside down( with additional button eyes for added value).

“…because the artist says it’s art.” Kinda reminds of Apple in the early 2000s. Hence the style of my poster, it kinda pokes fun at Apple’s full-page magazine ads.

Likewise if found this to be another opportunity to poke of Apple for their steep price points.

“…because the Apple says it’s expensive.”



Further Documentation.


{physical image }

A simple 35 kuai tub of Hagendas Ice Cream-Macadamia nut flavor, for those who were wondering.  Plus some printer paper (and glue) to help un-brand the tub. Oh! and some fun eyes to bring out some personality.



I used Cinema 4d to model and the softbox lighting to render the image above. After that, I used Photoshop to tweak some shadows and add the text.



VR/AR _ Skyrim VR

$59.99 Munies later;  Kilian and I were ready to embark on our HD VR adventure of Tamriel.  HOWEVER, internets speeds delayed our quests by 42 hours (because that’s how long it took to download the 20gbs of butter-dragon-slaying-flower-picking-graphics).  SO it was a matter of finding what to do while we waited. I decide to pretend to study, when reality I was researching what to do in Skyrim.

Eventually, I found myself in the PSVR helmet and was traveling down a mountainside via wagon. AND THEN .I started to feel motion sickness. Oh boy. It doesn’t help that the first unbearably long 30 minutes of the game are all done from a sitting position while riding on a wagon with fellow prisoners.    Oh goody, I can’t do anything but sit and turn my head with a joy-stick…YAY.  Finally, I was able to move around, but I can’t say that I was having fun. This is because I was still trying to shake off the crazy motion sickness that damn wagon gave me.
In the end. I would highly recommend the Skyrim VR only after the initial wagon ride. The game looks promising. I have to say that playing the games with the gamepad sucks, it is very similar to R7.  I hope to continue my playthrough with the motion controllers and with a bucket next to me….just in case.

I think it is also important to know that you can play any ps4vr game without the headset. Just calibrate for your head, adjust the view, and put it on your lap. NOW you can play using the TV–Nintendo Wii style.








Creating Immersive Worlds_Assignment 2

“Mexican culture is rich in history and traditions, many reflected in legends, fables, and myths.  Here follows the legend of cocoa-chocolate and the mythical god of wind.This ancient legend recounts the story of how the god wind gave the Toltecs precious cocoa grains.  This generous god wanted his people to be well fed and by being healthy dedicate themselves to improve and be the best people they could be, studious, knowledgeable, generous artistically talented.It is said that the god of wind stole the cocoa tree from paradise where all the other gods lived and he planted the small bush in Tula, Mexico. In time the small tree flowered and produced the cocoa fruit.


In other stories, the god of wind transforms into an ant and brings the Aztecs a single grain of corn after going a perilous journey across a mountain range.

The VR games I am thinking about largely involves adventure and “transforming” mechanic that would allow the user to continue their adventure when in tight situations.

Think of Alice in Wonderland shortly after Alice goes down the Rabbit Hole. Shrinks in size in order to get through a door that leads to Wonderland.

{alice image}

# Scene Story and Assets
1 The Adventure begins! Start with “home” you are the god of wind. You can transform into insects in order to get to places most cannot reach.

  • Tutorial on shapeshifting
  • Deeply aged precious stone shrine with tattered gold accents.
  • Various lush rainforest foliage; Large lumbering Trees to small delicate berry shrubs. Radiant tropical flowers and vines.
  • Ancient era stone structures that are to be used as platforming transforming mechanics.
  • Calm jungle ambience_ Bugs in the distance and wild birds
2 A Cry for Help You hear a cry for help. Famine has struck.The people of a local village are in desperate need of food. How to help? Investigate their needs –Quest building.

  • expressive humble People.
  • Worn village structures most are a single window: Loosely placed stones.  Thick thatch roves. —adobe clay houses are another option.
  • Dark, dry, fragile crops.
3 Finding the Right kind of seeds. You are tasked with finding the seeds to sacred crops that will nourish the people. You might have to “borrow” some. Deep into the jungle you go. Eventually, you find the tree of paradise with growing the cocoa fruit.

  • Breathtaking Cocoa almost glows
  • SUPER lush jungle of environments
  • mossy stone accents
  • Active jungle ambiance.  Foliage rustling.


4 Into the mountains  Eventually, your adventure brings you to the mountains. You find the sacred  Corn crop.  The crop is protected by a stone golem. You must outsmart it.

  • Jagged rocky terrains; with rich ( and possibly volcanic) soil.
  • More stone accents and ancient structures. most look like random rubles.
  • Golden Corn Crops.
  • the Golem hasn’t moved in centuries it is covered in moss. dust and stone fall from it as it moves.



5  The single grain.  You are only able to obtain a single grain of corn. Return to the village.  You plant grows overtime.


  • Golden corn grain.
  • tiny corn sprout



VR/AR proposal for interactivity

VR/AR proposal for interactivity

Yesterday, we made sure to film each of our “assets” individually.

for example, we hit record for every beat variation in a position around the camera. This method gave us about ~14 videos to render. Each video was shot with ease of editing in mind. Each video has about ~3 useable assets for future use. If we’re to make this piece interactive, we would approach the experience as a 3d sound mixer or even a piano and midi.

The user would select which sound they want and assign a rhythm with a controller by using it as an air drum stick–think conductor of an orchestra. The user would then move on to assigning a new rhythm to another “track” until they are ready to hit the “play button”.

In the end, the user would have a song they created.

Other thoughts:

Keyboard input.
play other songs via midi methods.

VR/AR_ title review: Star Wars Battlefront PS4

With the newest Star Wars film right around the corner. I figured why not explore the universe in VR!? At first, I was semi-unimpressed by the X wing fighting simulator as the principal of flying and shooting enemies down has been overdone. However, what caught my attention about this glorified plane simulator was the lack of motion sickness I got while shooting down Empire Scum(maybe it was the force?) I quickly released it was probably because of how the cockpit is modeled. The interior of the X-Wing is much larger and detailed than the interior of other vehicles I have been in *cough cough cough* DiRT RALLY take notes!

The X-Wing was fun and overall exciting, though I will say I am a mild Star Wars fan and was expecting this to be a bit more engaging than other titles. I guess brand recognition does matter… a little bit.

In the end, I say everyone should try to play this game for at least 5 minutes. Because it is interesting to compare the difference what a well designed “motion cage” can offer to an experience.


#thiscageisbetterthanyours #comeflywithme #shootfortheStarz #whatwouldyodado  #thatsnothowtheforceworks #ifyouthinkdirtrallysucksthanmaybeyouwilllikethisonemore

Immersive Worlds_Super Metroid


describe the experience, paying special attention to elements of story, design, and technology that increase your sense of presence. What elements decrease it? Be very very aware of the design and aesthetics of the experience.


Super Metroid-1994

Super Metroid is the third game in the Metroid series. The game was developed by Nintendo R&D1 and Intelligent Systems.  In terms of sales, was very popular in North America, selling 1.42 million copies ( and counting).  At the time, this 2D game was revolutionary and is often praised for its graphics, music, and atmosphere.

Brief Summary:

Hours after her last mission, Samus responds to a distress signal from a space colony she recently visited. She learns that the colony has been raided by Space Pirates in search of a deadly bioweapon. The Space Pirate Leader, Ridley, steals the bioweapon and flees to the neighboring planet Zebes. Samus must now hunt down Ridley and the bioweapon before its too late.


First Hour of gameplay:

The very first hour of gameplay is my favorite part about this game. As soon as player launches the game, they are immediately greeted by atmosphere.  Mysterious-dark-ambient music with a matching color palette. After selecting a game file a brief but important prologue describing the events leading to the Space Pirate raid provides the player some background and motifs.

The game begins on the ransacked space colony, Samus arrives. Nothing but a distant hum can b heard. Further exploration reveals the corpses of the scientists studying the bioweapon. Samus finds the bioweapon in a small room. A surprise attack from Ridley immediately, kicks the games into high gear as player must now duke it out Samus’ nemesis .  As either Samus or Ridley takes too much damage, Ridley flees and steals the bioweapon and activates the self distruct sequence. A 57 second timer keeps the intensity up as the player must now run back to the entrance as the screen tilts and shakes, all while dodging debris.

A cut scene shows Samus’ ship barley flying out of the explosion.

After escaping the blast. Samus lands her ship on the surface of planet Zebes. Once again the environment is dark and mysterious. Exploring the surface eventually leads to a few caves. However, something about theses caves is wrong. They are empty and and quiet; dispite the signs of life. Further exploration leads to a recognizable for those who played the first Metroid game.  As familiar as this place seems, the main difference is the ominous fog, shy bugs, and the sensation that you are being watched (statuettes from the previous game now have red glowing yes that occasionally blink and follow the player). A few pick-ups later and BOOM! You are ambushed by pirates!!! ZEBES erupts with life. All the little monsters and bugs come out to play.

End first hour.

Save stations

Technical limitations


Atmosphere -color palettes, sounds, and assets play a key role.
Familiar places

2 years of development with multiple nos before greenlit

Technical limitations-every detail counts


24 megabit cartridge

Standard SNES PCB

No enchantments chips used



AR/VR_ Zed,Depth,Engines_Research

Alexis’ brief notes on ZED and perhaps DepthKit

Getting started.

  1. Strong PC ( Windows only)
  2. Zed Camera
  4. Download Cuda 8 ( Nvidia toolkit) Goto Cuda Downloads> ScrollDown>”Legacy Releases”> download Cuda 8
  5. Grab a coffee bc this might take a while
  6. Restart Computer
  7. open ZED explore
  8. Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\ZED SDK\tools\ZED Explorer.exe
  9. wait and debug……

—notes on point clouds in Game engines

_unity is so far the most common engine used with ZED

-Instances of use in Unreal are unlikely…possibly never done