Week 4- Javascript Exercise 1 (Leon & Nimrah) – Jo

My link: http://imanas.shanghai.nyu.edu/~ej807/js-exercise-1/index.html

First off, I had a pretty difficult time starting this assignment because I honestly did not know where to begin. To be clear, I did not understand which information would be put into the html section and which would be put into the javascript tab. At this point, I did not clearly even understand the distinction between class and id either to be honest and I had trouble taking in all the information from lecture too. So, I met up with Leon and it definitely helped a lot but it was still a little hard to grasp and I forgot the things I was told by Sunday. Therefore, I made another appointment with Jiwon for today(Tuesday). Finally, I understood what was going on and I wondered why I had struggled initially.
My first step was to figure out which event to wait for. I decided to change the header background as well as the text content with an onclick button. I proceeded to create a new function and wrote the instructions inside of that function and gave that function name as value of the event. I changed the background color to blue as well as the text to “AH. CUTENESS OVERLOAD. I CRI.” I did the same event for changing the image and created a new function as well. I changed the first image to the fourth image. My final step was to create a pop-up window on the click of the button. I used the button tag to create the event followed by the script tag with the function inside. I created an additional html file titled bom.html and calling it with window.open in order for this file to open when the button was clicked. Lastly, I added the width and height. Below are screenshots of the steps I took to complete this homework.

Week 3: 2 Interactive Websites (Leon & Nimrah) – Jo

The first website I thought of in finding an interesting interactive website was the movie, Lady Bird’s official website. I remember coming across the website when the movie first came out because I wanted to know more about the movie. First and foremost, I really like how the entire background of the page is short scenes from the movie accompanied by calming music as this really does a good job in providing the visitor with a glimpse of what the movie is like. The page layout is simple and straightforward in helping the user navigate the website effortlessly. However, the most fascinating part about this website is the quiz that they encourage visitors to take. It helps to trigger past personal memories of each visitor and creates an engaging user experience. The main question of the quiz is “what memories of home do you cherish” and it provides you with about ten cards in which they all possess a specific scene related to the topic of the card. You can view each specific scene related to the topic and you are given the choice of either taking it or leaving it by dragging the cards. My result was to “call your mom: don’t forget the place that made you.” This website is so successful in promoting the film as it makes the experience for the visitor so personal. I personally watched this film because of this quiz back in November.

The second website I chose was a website call Un(trafficked) One Girl’s Life is In Your Hands. This website raises awareness about sex-trafficking in India as it helps the user learn how wicked and vile some areas of the world can be. The main page definitely creates suspense for the user with its title as well as the neon maze background and does an excellent job in leading the user into entering into the site to help save a character from human trafficking through choices. It provides the user with information on what could have happened if the user made a different choice. Overall, the website is very user-friendly and it’s realistically a very informative website that can help spread awareness to people all across the world. I believe that we need more sites like this to be created and shared.

Week 3: HTML CSS Link Website (Leon & Nimrah) – Jo

This was my very first CSS project and I think I did a decent job of styling my html website. I specifically chose to write about “3 Fall Wardrobe Essentials Every City Fashionista Needs to Own” is because I am highly interested in fashion and I have always wanted to write my own blog. Although I kept the content very brief and simple, I would like to keep practicing html and css and someday launch my very own fashion blog or website. I also attempted to do some cool animation styling, but failed to do so.. I would definitely love to learn deeper into css! Other than that, styling my website took quite some time to make it come out the way I wanted it through many trials but I got the result I wanted.

First of all, I added more writing to my html, changed the heading, and added more images.
I used <div> function to set up my layout with header, content, and footer and used the example css style we did in class as a guide to help me.
I proceeded to play around with all the font styles, sizes, widths, heights, padding, and margin.
I definitely had the most difficult time with the width, height, and margin in order to keep everything centered and balanced perfectly the way I wanted all together. The content part of my website constantly failed to keep aligned with the header in the center even though I centered it, however, as soon as I added the margin to 0 auto, it somehow came together?  I ended up choosing width 880px and auto height for everything. Below I will add screenshots of each step I took for my css style.

HOWEVER, I had much trouble trying to get a link to upload onto this post. Although, I successfully uploaded it onto cyberduck into my Week 3 folder, I am still struggling to find the correct way to write out the link in order to load my page. I will need to ask Leon and Nimrah in class today. In the meantime, this is a screenshot of my website!

Week 3 Photoshop and Response to McCloud (Leon and Nimrah) – Jo

Process of my Photoshop image.

This was my very first photoshop experience and I have to say that it really was not nearly as bad as I expected. I have been avoiding photoshop basically my entire life and I finally faced my fear. However, I got the feeling that I kind of guessed my way through all these different editing tools and somehow made it work.

The first step was to first open my background image of a small area in Xintiandi. I specifically chose this location for my frequent trips to Xintiandi and it also being my favorite place to go here in Shanghai for when I am home sick. I noticed that the area is always pretty quiet and quite vacant which is quite nice but I wondered how much more alive and exciting the place would be with maybe a street vendor and entertainer scattered throughout the area. So, I decided to add a female fire performer and a street food vendor to liven up the area. I believe I made a new layer and opened the performer image. I used the magnetic lasso tool to cut out the performer without the background but then I ran into a problem. I was to somehow make this cut-out image appear on the background image but how was I supposed to do that when it was on different browsers. In all honesty, it took me about 10 minutes to figure this out and I ended up just searching up a video on how to do so. After a long 10 minutes of trial and errors, I dragged the performer image browser into the main background browser with the move tool until the two browsers were adjacent and I dragged the cropped part of the performer image onto the background image. I then adjusted the size of the performer image to best fit the background image with the size adjustment on the right side of the application. After, I proceeded to erase the rest of the remaining background portion left on the cropped performer using the background eraser tool. As soon as I was done, I repeated the same process with the street vendor image and I finally used the blur and smudge tool to blur/smudge the harsh lines of the street performer as well as the fire to help blend it into the background. Below are the three images used to create my final photoshopped photo as well as the final result.

Response to “Understanding Comics” Ch 1-4

Unfortunately, I fall under the category of the majority of people stereotyping comics as childish cartoons read solely for the purpose of wasting time. I had no intentions of ever reading a comic book before but I am relieved that this course has yet again helped me to open up to another new subject following Photoshop and coding. Overall, I genuinely really enjoyed this book so far as it was exceptionally fun and engaging and McCloud did an outstanding job of grabbing my attention as well as explaining all of these new, different complex ideas I have never heard of through his humor and eye-catching, clever illustrations. It honestly felt as if I were following the character throughout a movie.  The idea that really struck me the most was this concept of closure which I have not once ever even considered thinking about. Even with all these advanced technologies, we really do not have any guarantee that anything exists outside of what our five senses tell us. Not a single person on this planet has gone to every single place in this world and yet we still knows certain places exist through faith. The Moroccan example he used is similar to how before I decided to come to Shanghai, I have never been here before but I took it on “faith” as mentioned in the book that there really is a Shanghai. Now that I come to think of it, I had an idea of what this city might be like through the dependence of this “closure” and it is quite insane if you really think about it. Just like that, it is quite fascinating how through our active imagination, we are capable of consciously filling in the gaps between the panels to create our own interpreted, complete story. Although there is a blank gap in between these panels, we as readers assume that something has happened in between and we continue to create something and it’s incredible. 

Week 2: “The Medium is the Message” (Leon and Nimrah)- Jo

Simply put, Mcluhan’s main point is that the medium itself can carry the power and meaning in itself rather than in the content as it changes the way we think more than anything else. Mcluhan believes that the way media is structured and the way it affects our society is perhaps more relevant than the content. He looks at the medium as an “extension of man” in which he believes that the medium enhances our inabilities as we are able to convey our ideas, opinions, and feelings through the use of television, internet, and newspapers. Depending on the type of medium the message is sent through can determine the way the agent receives it. Mcluhan in a sense helps to underline the complexity as well as the effects of technology on society that we tend to overlook on as we only focus on the obvious. For example, when we think about television, we generally know its properties, functions, as well as its advantages and disadvantages but we fail to realize how television as a medium has affected us growing up. Why are we the way we are now? We grew up with television occupying our attention for hours daily and as a result, we were taught a different way of being human as our exposure to this medium has altered us all. It may be highly possible that we have spent more time with this type of medium than with our own families or friends. Television helped us form ideas and values and has deeply affected our attitudes, beliefs as well as behaviors throughout our lives. If I think about it, Mcluhan’s concept is actually pretty difficult to grasp and made me think about all these different types of mediums around me in a different way and I cannot help but think whether our blog posts would have a bigger impact on Leon and Nimrah if we were to record it with our voices instead of typing it.

Week 1: “As We May Think” and “Long Live the Web” (Leon and Nimrah) -Jo

In “As We May Think,” Bush astoundingly predicts the science of the future, if not, almost precisely as he places his attention on the concept of expanding the human memory and capability to systemize, classify, and recall all information. Similarly to E.M. Forster in “The Machine Stops,” Bush was capable of making accurate predictions about the future although this article had been written in the mid 1940s. He praises the sciences and claims that Science has provided us with an instantaneous communication amongst humans as “it has provided a record of ideas and has enabled man to manipulate and to make extracts from that record so that knowledge evolves and endures throughout the life of a race rather than that of an individual.” (Bush)  It’s truly astonishing as to how he predicted that cameras would be as tiny as nuts as they would have the ability to naturally tune the contrast or exposure and how they would be able to store over 100 photos. He also predicted that “the Encyclopedia Britannica would be reduced to the volume of a match box,” as well as the further extent of the human experience(Instagram, Facebook, etc.). This article helps to underline the complex and prolonged processes of acquiring the technological developments of today as we fail to notice the immense amount of time and energy it took to create such advancements. For example, we take photos or post on social media and take for granted or do not even think to realize all the work it took for us to simply snap a photo and share it online. I believe that this piece helped bring light to the fact that many of us today perceive the internet to be like the air we breathe as if it was something that had always existed and that we should learn to appreciate and understand the science that has contributed deeply in the expansion of our source of knowledge.

I believe Tim Berners-Lee’s “Long Live the Web” is highly applicable to the recent Net Neutrality issues of today’s world as the intention of the creation of the World Wide Web is gradually becoming eliminated.  Creator of the great World Wide Web, Lee highlights the potential dangers as well as his own worries regarding the future development of the Web as he claims that “the Web could be broken into fragmented islands” as filters and constraints and the government’s web monitoring come into play. The World Wide Web is becoming a medium restrained by large corporations and governments rather than the original purpose of the individuals having control over it. For example, the large Internet providers as well as corporations in the States will have the power to control the speed or what we have access to after the repeal of Net Neutrality. Moreover In China, we have to use a VPN in order to have access to the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or even Google as China’s government blocks these sites. This is particularly unfair as it ceases China’s global communication with other parts of the world and I strongly believe that this is unjust as everyone should have the right to have control over their usage and information access without interference.

Week 1: Response to “The Machine Stops” by E.M. Forster and “The Garden of Forking Paths” by Jorge Borges (Leon and Nimrah)- Jo


Over the decades, technology has rapidly advanced and has helped our communities positively by giving our society countless advantages for our progress and improvement, however, it has also simultaneously presented us with unexpected misfortunes as demonstrated in E.M Forster’s, “The Machine Stops.” I am astounded by the fact that Forster had written this futuristic piece about a hundred years ago and especially impressed by his moderately-accurate predictions of a potential technology-driven, dystopian society as many features resemble our society today. Forster indicates his feelings of uneasiness about the future of humanity and emphasizes that a society ruled by technology will inevitably be bound for destruction for all people. Moreover, I found it quite depressing when it said that “the Machine did not transmit nuances of expressions for it only gave a general idea of people” which indicates that people have become deadened by the machine for the plates allow them to see “enough for all practical purposes”  but in a sense not actually quite see one another. 

I believe that this piece relatively reflects our society of people who desire to live easy lives with an absence of hard work and new ideas as well as thoughts. It’s dangerously evident in social media today as it is clearly destroying how society works as studies show that it is making people depressed and worthless. Consequently, this form of technology has created a high level of narcissism and unattainable beauty standards as well as a thirst for instant gratification.  I am afraid that this apocalyptic scenario in Forster’s novella may become a reality if we do not keep a safe balance and separation between technology and our social lives. I think Forster’s piece really helped me realize the possible destructive consequences we may face if we don’t act on it soon.

In Jorge Borges’, “The Garden of Forking Paths,” he presents a very abstract and labyrinthine concept that had me quite puzzled throughout the piece. However, I was able to grasp the main idea that time is nonlinear and every selection we make in each point of our lives has an endless amount of possibilities and outcomes and thus, like a forking path. This brings me back to the topic of the internet as it now makes me more conscious of my decisions as it provides us with an infinite amount of possibilities, opportunities, and connections at every decision point we encounter as it can influence our future in infinite amount of ways.