Toy Design Final Project: Mummy Boy


When I thought about Uncanny I immediately related it to Mummy because of the mysterious and scary elements it has. But at the same time I want to make a Mummy that’s cute at the same time. The bandage on Mummy would provide me with cover of something surprising underneath.


BackGround Story

Before becoming a Mummy, he was a nice boy who always had smiles on his face, but unfortunately he had cancer and died. In order to keep his smile, his body was kept as a Mummy.

The Process

  1. Cut the fabrics for each component of the body.
  2. Sew each part using sewing machine.
  3. Flip the sewed part out.
  4. Draw the face on the head.
  5. Cut a red heart and stick it to the body part.
  6. Stitch each part of the toy.
  7. Bind each part of the toy using yard.


Unwrap the yard  on the toy’s head and you will see the the smiley face of the boy before he died

Unwrap the yard on the toy’s body, you will see the hidden red heart that hasn’t faded away.




Future Improvement

Use more materials to decorate the face

Stitch each part of the toy more perfectly.

Add more props for the Mummy like a coffin.

A Toy for Duchamp by Harry

Duchamp Research:

Before Marcel Duchamp, a work of art was an artefact, a physical object. After Duchamp it was an idea, a concept. Duchamp did to art what Einstein did to physics and Darwin to religion: each destroyed the foundations of a subject – although they did so in very different ways. Einstein thought long and hard until he formulated his new vision of the physical world. Darwin agonised for decades, making himself physically ill, before announcing that we were merely members of the animal kingdom. In stark contrast, Duchamp approached the demolition of the art establishment and the pretentiousness of artists with the cold-eyed calculation of a saboteur looking for the best target. He found his target in New York in 1917.


I wanna design a character that has rebelling personality just like Duchamp. and I want to name it Angry Bob. Below is a background story of Bob.

Bob: smart, sensitive, play by the rule of society like a normal guy but still keeps his uniqueness and is willing to pursue his dream when it’s the right time.

Bob works in a bank and is doing accounting job every day almost like a robot. Sometime old time would flash back in his head when he was singing and playing guitar in a band with his friends in college. One day when he had a fight with his boss then he just decided to quit and go back to the music world. And as a singer he named himself angry BOB ever since with his unique business shirt with a Punk hair style.



Process of Making:

The hair style of bob is the most unique feature of his, I want to make every hair standing so the character would look punk and angry.

I picked up a rotating tool that was used as clothe cleaning tool because I think it would be interesting to rotate the character.

Because Bob used to be a white-collar worker, I decide to draw a suite on him. And it is also interesting to make contrast with his hairstyle.



IMA Capstone Documentation:the Mood for Love

Final Writing Assignment:

The fundamental motivation of this project is to explore the change of emotions one would experience in romantic love, because love is always a precious experience in everybody’s life. The emotions here that I want to explore specifically is something that people encounter during the process of a love relationship, from the tickle at the beginning as two getting close, the passionate love when two fall for each other, the conflicts and boredom couples may experience, the heart-broken experience that two people may end up with, and then back to the single state, which is not a bad thing from my personal opinion. Through projection mapping, we can create abstract graphics to expand the normal boundary of facial expressions and provide the audience with new experience of emotions in a love relationship.

The project “The Mood for Love” will be displayed as an interactive artistic installation within which the projection mapping will be applied onto a head model and the projected content changes according to the question feedback from the users. Due to different individual love experience that people have, I designed a system of questions for the users to answer and they would then have different visual experience based their feedback of the questions. This also helps me collect data about people’s behaviors in a love relationship.

The whole project aims to provide the audience with esthetic and thought-provoking experience. It doesn’t necessarily solve any practical social problem by presenting any solutions. It’s abstract visual effects that would give reflection for the audience on their own experience of love. It also provides artists a chance to think about the relationship between digital technology and human as well as how new forms of technologies could help artists to illustrate their needs of expression.

Demo Video

Presentation Slides



Assignment 10: Molding

This week we learned how to make mold using an existing object. We used silicon as material for the mold case. The whole process took 12 hours. It seems complicated but under Marcela’s instructions it went pretty smooth.

The process

  1. Make a box with one side open and ceil it with glue because we need to pour liquid into it.
  2. mature how much silicon mixture liquid we need for the box and mix it with a special liquid on the ratio of 100: 2.
  3. Put the object (preferably not so big) inside the box and pour the mixture of liquid inside until its full.
  4. wait for the liquid to be dry for 12 hours.

Replicate the Object

After 12 hour, take out the object inside and we can the mold is pretty solid now. Then pour in another special liquid with whatever color liquid you like to define the color of the object ( I picked yellow). Also you need to mix the color and liquid really quickly because the liquid will be dry fast. After 15 minutes, the replicate was completed.



Assignment 8: 3D Modeling and 3D Printing

3D Modeling

I wanted to make an ice-cream as my 3D modeling and printing assignment. We are making the models in Cinema 4D.

The ice-cream consists of two parts: the the bottom and the top. The bottom part is easy that I just used a cone shape and in order to save materials when printing it, I made the inside part empty. For the top I made it like a curving cone shape just like a normal ice-cream.

3D Printing

I have used 3D printing before so it was quite a smooth process, with Marcela’s help of course. I exported it as STL file and used white color to print it, the whole process took 1 and half hours roughly and the condition of the finished product is pretty good.



Week 11: Assignment 9

This week we picked a random toy and deconstructed it to see the inner machnism of the toy. The toy we picked is a very famous gun designed by Supreme that is able to shoot out cash as bullets.

We used drill to get all the screws out in order to look closely of the inside construction of the gun.

surprisingly it was driven by batteries that are hidden on the trigger part. And when we pull the trigger, we see the gears moving and finally swiping cash one by one.

Process of deconstruction:

How it works:


Final Project Proposal by Harry


When I searched the key word Uncanny, Wikipedia gives out a definition: uncanny is the psychological experience of something as strangely familiar, rather than simply mysterious. It may describe incidents where an everyday object or event is encountered in an unsettling, eerie, or taboo context.

Design Concept:

According to the definition of uncanny, I come up with an idea of creating a mummy character because mummy is always considered as scary and mysterious. But in order to make it strangely familiar, it won’t be like a normal mummy, it will be a cute and family friendly mummy. That says it will still be recognized as mummy but twisted with cute elements.

Basically it will be a stuffed toy with obvious features like a mummy(with yard wrapped around it.) Below is a rough sketch of the character. I added a headphone to him because he is a music lover before he died. So it is a optimistic mummy.


I plan to sew and stuff the body parts of the character and then wrap the yards around it.

For the head phone, I want to use 3D printing.

Target Audience:

The target audience would be anyone who would appreciate funny weird toys and those who like the combination of contradictory elements.

Progress Update and User Testing by Harry

Progress Update

So far, because of technical obstacles of the facial tracking technology, I have to change the way of presenting my ideas from tracking projection on human face to still projection on a fake head.

At the same time, in order to keep the interactivity of my project, I come up with a series of questions for the audience to choose and the images projected and audio output will change according to different options of the audience.

I have designed the following questions for the users and different choices will come up with two different results(A or B) eventually:

1. When you meet someone you like, will you approach her(him)? (Yes—2; No—A)

2. When you find he (she) feel comfortable about your approach, will you tell him (her) what you feel and take the initiative? (Yes —3;No —A)

3. When you are deep in love with someone, will you try to stay with him the all time and know everything about him(her)? (Yes — 4; No — 5)

4. When you have strong conflicts with each other, will you change yourself to adapt the other one?

(Yes — 5; No — 6)

5. When you are over the passion for love and get used to living with each other, will you find it unbearable? (Yes — 6; No — 8)

6. Your relationship ends here. (Then A)

A. You may keep single but it isn’t necessary a bad thing.

B. He(She) may be the right one.

The three user testing feedback:

User 1: she thinks the fake head is a little bit scary for the audience so it might be hard to taste the romantic feeling out of the process. But she thinks the questions and the process of two peoples relationship are close to most people’s situations.

User 2: he thinks the process may not apply to anyone because people have different approaches in the development of a relationship. For instance, some couples may not even have strong conflicts in a relationship.

User 3: He thinks I should record a voiceover version of the questions and make it feel like a storytelling journey with only visual and sound elements.

Next Step:

For the following two weeks, I will figure out the coding part of the interactivity for one week. And finish the animation of the visual content. And finally incorporate them with several pieces of music.

Assignment 7: Character and Package Design

For this project we were told to design an interesting character using Illustrator. I have some interesting idea in mind that I want to create something paradoxic. So I came up with an idea of dog in egg shape and design an egg package for the dog.

The Design process start with a sketch:

Using the shaping tool in Illustrator to make an egg shape and ear shape is the most difficult part of the design because there is no egg shape preset in it. Making the tail is pretty easy because I can just draw some straight lines and then connect them together. I used pretty normal colors of a dog so people can still tell it’s a dog.

For the packaging, I want the dog to come out of an egg so it would be logically funny. The color of the egg should be like a real egg as well.

Midterm Project: Panda Pillow


The final outcome of this project is about to meet my expectation in general.


I planned to make a Panda pillow for my little cousin who is just 9 and she asked me to make a panda that she could hold when I interviewed her. I was pretty confident to make a panda because the colors is pretty clear and simple — BLACK AND WHITE. All I need to do is to sew the eyes and ears.


The process of making the Panda pillow is fun and easier than I expected.  I picked up a piece of very soft and trenching white material as the basic part of the panda’s head. Then I picked up a hard black material and cut it into round shapes as the dark circles on panda as well as the ears. After I sewed the dark circles, the eyes and the nose, I used sewing machine to connect the two white parts together.



Finally I stuffed the cottons into the panda then sew the ears onto it.

The biggest mistake I made was that I didn’t flipped the sewing parts outside so the sewing edges are exposed outside, which is not nice to look at. However as the very first fluffy toy I ever made, it is acceptable. Hope my cousin would still like it 🙂