Kombucha Lab

So at first I was freaking out from the idea of it, and the looks didn’t encourage me either. But it is certainly interesting to get to know this tea type, although I would probably never make it for myself. I feel it is not so different from making yogurt, only this scoby is a bit more unidentifiable. But I am very curious how it tastes, I may get some for my Mom.

Animation trials

hatter forgohaz

I am glad I did these trials now, so I see that green screening won’t work very well with my project. Because the paper house and tree have too much shadow – that I love the most in them, keying doesn’t work out well. Also, I played around with the lighting too, tried some ways how they would look like. Even though, the green screen failed, I found some cool ways to light my little forest.
(I want to use autumn colours, mainly brown, yellow and green.


Can you please not show it in class? It is completely wrong, just didn’t have time to change the pictures yet.



Philip Ross Mushroom article

What are some of the potential benefits of this project? Of the featured materials which do you find the most interesting?
Some of the potential benefits are to be a substitute for many petroleum-based plastics, or to be a new form of organic building material. To achieve these projects, the fungus can be trained to grow in almost any shape imaginable, making it even a very unique decoration as well. However what I don’t understand a bunch of things. Aren’t these smelly? Don’t they start to grow again once they get water? How much weight can it hold safely? I don’t really trust this just yet, furthermore, they sort of look super unappealing to the eyes, or to mine at least. I would probably never sit on a fungus chair.
Even though, I wouldn’t use them just yet, I admit it is pretty surprising to use mycelium as a builing or construct material. I hope it will be more used and experimented on in the future.

Field trip BioFarm

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I really liked this farm, the ice cream was pretty good. Apart from that, it was interesting to see the different alternative ways to grow plants that are both efficient and looks cool. I particularly liked the hanged grapes in the greenhouse, have never seen a method like that. Also, I sort of liked that they tried to make the farm look appealing, however, it didn’t feel that real, more like they put on a show for the visitors.

Grass Lab


So what I am trying to do is experimenting with grass and textile. Before cover a whole jeans with grass, I want to see if they like the textile ( so far they don’t).

18042901_10208447277531109_1775962012_oThis is my very first saw work, and is amazing.

17949801_10208447283531259_920868391_oFinal product.

I left the pockets open, as I may have to add soil or some other material to make the seeds happier. I also placed them in the shadow, seems like they prefer that.

Farm Midterm Project

My project was a simple irrigation system, to support my beautiful beans I started to grow weeks ago for this project. Everything I used were recyclable and enduring: the plants are in upside down plastic bottles, different size and colour; the reservoirs are plastic bowl/plastic boxes.
There was a reservoir from which water was pumped up to a bowl, from which the water can be distributed to the plants through tubes. A simple delay code was made to set the time.
In order the soil not falling out of the pot, I tried several insulation of some sort. Plastic bag, sponge and coffee filter. Coffee filter was a failure, larger particles came through it, however, plastic bag kept the soil well in.
I thought this prototype looked cool, the more bottles, the better. Apart from recycling, it is also very cheap.

Further development: make it hydroponic or even aeroponic, adding an other filtering system for the soil so one reservoir will be enough.

Pixilation project- CURSED CARD- Kevin and Linda

For our project, we wanted to create the sense of two worlds on the two sides of the mirror. One world is pixilated, the other one is a normal movie. We didn’t focus on sounds, because we couldn’t decide how to make them different in the different worlds. We shot in one of the unisex bathrooms, chose the place because light is absolutely controlled in there. We needed an extra person to help filming so the camera level wouldn’t change in certain scenes when we couldn’t use tripod. We did the editing and postproduction together, only using Premiere. Imported the pictures in sequences, the put the two shots- same scene, two shots: one with Kevin, one with Linda- at the same time, then cropped the top video so the bottom one is revealed.
We really loved working on this project, the idea was fairly simple but the end result is unique.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33t9j3UclUM