Furn Digital Farm Final

Title: Furn (Fur+Fern)

Materials used: fern, succulent, moss, artificial moss, dried scoby,

How: sewed and glued

Structure: From living to dead

I failed to grow my own scoby, but Marcela saved my soul and gave me some I could dry. It dried very well, wasn’t fragile at all, and is very flexible.

-How many creative ways can plants be used

-Sewing is not my strong side

-Could have used more plants

-Easily replaceable plants
Environmental friendly

As a life support system:

Message: against the fur, there are “cool looking” fashionable materials other than the skin of dead animals. In a way, this shirt is promoting life for animals.

Furthermore, it would support our lives as well, because if everyone wears plants, then we would have a little bit cleaner air.


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2, Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 2.06.04 PM

4, A cut-out stop motion animation about humans and nature, love and human nature.
5, Music:   LoboLocoo: Hydroculture Gardens; Inspiration: Maya Erdelyi; Thanks to Tim Szetela
7+8, One thing hasn’t changed through-out the process of making this animation: the medium must be paper. Originally, I wanted only one puppet that was dancing to a music. But I thought there is no real challenge in it, so I started to think in 3 dimensions. Then I saw some beautiful paper art, forests and animals from paper, so I thought it would be a great setting for my animation. Here was the point when I decided that the first half will be 3D and the second part 2D. As of the idea, I still don’t know if there is a fix explanation even for me. I wanted to leave it open ended, so everyone can find their own meaning in it, but maybe personally for me, it is about the human capability to change and …., after everything.
9, Always back up!!!!!! Luckily, I got a harddrive and saved every file there so when sometimes premiere got confused and some of my footages disappeared from there, I had everything on my harddrive. It was also easier to save everything directly to there, because apparently 5000 high quality picture is a bit too much for the IMA computers’ memory. In the middle of the making, sometimes my whole scene disappeared in dragonframe because the computer didn’t have space to save.
Patience- I had to be patient at all times – not that easy. But I enjoyed every second of making it, even sometimes forgot about time.
Start earlier- you can never start early enough. Even though, I started planning and making it pretty early, I would have been happier if I had more time for the editing.
Storyline- coming up with  good story is very hard!
Timing- holding some movements, and the right ones, is hard. Very hard. I have some experience now, but I wouldn’t say I’m good at it.

Final Project Proposal

Description: I want to create a dress from plants and the dried scoby. There will be two parts, a shirt and a skirt. For the shirt, I will use the dried scoby, moss and some textile to keep it together. As the basis of the skirt, I will use an actual skirt with strong waist band that can hold the weight. I will use moss, spider plants, succulents for the skirt part.  It should be fairly easy to keep it alive as alive as all the plant I’m gonna use are very hard to kill. The theory is by wearing them, the plants get enough water and sunlight to survive.

How it is a life support system: It isn’t necessarily a life support system, more like a statement of art. The point is to make “living things” just as fashionable to wear as the fur of dead animals.

Scoby doesn’t necessarily like water- I may consider to use fake moss around the scoby part, so it wont get wet.
Fabrication- it’s a completely new territory for me, but I am up for challenges!
The skirt may be too heavy- I try to make it as strong as possible, but I can only hope.
Keep them alive- I will water them every day.

Steps I already started:
Making the scoby
Ordering the plants
Basis of the skirt


Kombucha Lab

So at first I was freaking out from the idea of it, and the looks didn’t encourage me either. But it is certainly interesting to get to know this tea type, although I would probably never make it for myself. I feel it is not so different from making yogurt, only this scoby is a bit more unidentifiable. But I am very curious how it tastes, I may get some for my Mom.

Animation trials

hatter forgohaz

I am glad I did these trials now, so I see that green screening won’t work very well with my project. Because the paper house and tree have too much shadow – that I love the most in them, keying doesn’t work out well. Also, I played around with the lighting too, tried some ways how they would look like. Even though, the green screen failed, I found some cool ways to light my little forest.
(I want to use autumn colours, mainly brown, yellow and green.


Can you please not show it in class? It is completely wrong, just didn’t have time to change the pictures yet.



Philip Ross Mushroom article

What are some of the potential benefits of this project? Of the featured materials which do you find the most interesting?
Some of the potential benefits are to be a substitute for many petroleum-based plastics, or to be a new form of organic building material. To achieve these projects, the fungus can be trained to grow in almost any shape imaginable, making it even a very unique decoration as well. However what I don’t understand a bunch of things. Aren’t these smelly? Don’t they start to grow again once they get water? How much weight can it hold safely? I don’t really trust this just yet, furthermore, they sort of look super unappealing to the eyes, or to mine at least. I would probably never sit on a fungus chair.
Even though, I wouldn’t use them just yet, I admit it is pretty surprising to use mycelium as a builing or construct material. I hope it will be more used and experimented on in the future.