Midterm Project

I would like to make upside down pots with a simple irrigation system – so my plants will have a chance to survive the spring break. The pots would be different sized plastic bottles, inside with an extra layer of dark bag so the roots wont get light and could hold the soil from falling out. On top I could put grass in it, so it would be green everywhere. The pump would start working in every 12/24 hours so the soil wouldn’t go dry. If I have time, I could decorate the pots so they would look cute.

17431732_10208226380608824_1186192376_o 17453305_10208226380768828_702976379_o

Irrigation system – Robert, Vanelly, Linda

Our system was a very simple NFT system, using an old white board as the body, we cut wood for the legs, two pumps were needed to pump the water equally in both sides, and two reservoirs to supplement the system with enough water. On top of the board, we cut out a holder from cardboard, which is good because its a very flexible material, can be adjusted to the pot if needed.
Surprisingly, the system worked perfectly the first time, only that the water stream didn’t go in the middle. We tried to cut wholes all along the tube, but we weren’t fully satisfied with the result. So we used two pumps. We also cut at first two legs, but we got a better angle using only two legs and the edge of the shelf.
It was a lot of fun to do this project, I could try and see up close a lot of things how to use, such as the drill or the wood cutter.


Cut-out Walk Cycle

Animation: shaddragon_3    youtube:https://youtu.be/uE3ldWaOMk4

My animation is about Peter Pan finding his shadow. I handdrew the characters, and cut them out from white printing paper and a thicker black paper. While designing I watched many times how Lotte Reiniger designed hers, originally I wanted to connect the body parts. Later in premiere, I tried to give an oldie-but-goodie look to the video.




17091001_10208077376643818_427037805_oActual cut-out

Realizations: should try to shoot in one sit, because the lighting settings were changed and I couldn’t reproduce the same one again. Never use printing paper for a project like this, the black figure was much more easy to handle. Practicing timing, and slowing down is harder than it looks. So far I know what I would like to do for my final project.


Oliveros reading

This was probably one of the weirdest readings of my life. After reading this, I started to pay more attention to my environment, try to guess what gives that sound, how far it can be. Somehow, never paid that much attention, always cover it with music. It was very interesting how she described the environment, so precisely, writing fun facts about sounds or what hearing experiences she recently had. Comparing sounds to well composed music pieces was the most surprising part for me, not electronic music but noises.
Personally, I found it very interesting how she advocated for electronic music already back in 1980s. When she noted that a concert pianist finds a piano anywhere he goes, while an electronic musician has nothing really got me thinking how true it is, especially today. I feel somehow we still don’t except electronic music, especially not those composed of noises, as music. I listened again – with my new attitude –  to the Beatles song they composed from only noises, still couldn’t listen to it full length, gave up half way.

Object Loops


About the short film: I wanted to make something funny, and in a way meaningful. So I sort of recreated the Selective Attention Test by Simons & Chabris (1999), but with teas. Tried it, and it seemed successful. Even those, who knew I will put a condom in it didn’t notice it.
Improvements: at the time, when I watched the video I really liked this lighting and coloring, because I wanted to focus the attention to the middle of the screen, and I thought it’s a good idea to use cold colored setting so anything blue wont stand out that much, but now I think I should have adjusted it to get a warmer color set.

Week3: Soil Testing

I got some soil from near to Zhongshan Park. The results are the following:

Phosphorus: P0 Depleted
pH: 8
Nitrogen: N1 Deficient
Potash: N1 Deficient
Heavy metal: at least 300PPM

Conclusion: I am surprised anything can live there, though there isn’t a great effort to plant anything there apart from grass. Really insufficient for plants.

16880703_10208021507607127_596771687_o  I got the soil from here.

16833610_10208021464686054_742715728_o 16930415_10208021465206067_1797620327_o  pH and phosphorus results.  16930993_10208021464726055_1769609787_o Heavy metal test result – it was slightly pink.

16931201_10208021465726080_37726780_o  Potash and Nitrogen results.

Week3: Photoshop Animation

Idea: Wanted to use the flowers for certain, so that was the first thing I drew. They are forget-me-not flowers, hence the blue color too of the heart. This first animation grew close to me for personal reasons, I was actually thinking about a meaningful symbolism that can give a clue to others but they can perceive it differently as the meanings of flowers and colors wary from culture to culture.
Process: I first drew the two flowers, then started to experiment. Originally wanted the face to go up in flames and from them a blue heart would flip out but thought making it continuous would be even better both for the looks and the meaning. Literally never never stops to forget.