UXdesign Final: Final portfolio and thoughts on it (Diamond)

Project name: Visictivity


Create Event and join event based on realtime-based Projecting shapes and QR codes.


When finishing our courses and having some free time, many of us tend to do something to relax or doing something collectively. However, it is not easy to meet everyone’s time so that a group can be formed and then have lunch or do other things. In this case, using emails or social media seems slow and has a potential risk to be “ignored” by others. So I feel like to create a platform focusing on finding the nearby people who would like to respond your advocation and group and chill.

Tool used:

Balsamic (for mock-up), Xtensio(for persona), Photoshops&Skecth (Interface design).

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Week2-3 Analysis, Persona & Scenario


  • Initial stage: At the earliest period, as I’ve shown in the first documentation, I’d like to develop an, but after interviewing a friend, I feel like a good idea to expand my function; In this case, I mean, to expand sports and exercise to all kinds of activities. I feel that the only things need modifying in this change is the title and the description of the activities: this time we might need icons or something else to indicate the type.
  • Reflection at this stage: Avoid unnecessary change on the project, stick to the original motivation and target on the most important function.


Interviewing and Persona creating:

  • Collecting data and interviewing: By using the Chinese forming app “Wen Juan Xing(问卷星)” I collected 40 statistics about preference and attitudes towards my project type. Since the number is above 25 so that I can view it as a solid data. Here’s the result:

for the interviewing part, I had several interesting and inspiring with my friends. One suggests me that instead of setting a series of friends and stranger, it is better to introduce the concept of friends and indirect friends. Another one suggests that a switch can be added which contains three modes: Busying(block every info), Normal(receive certain info), Chilling(expanded area and more range of activity).


  • Reflection:  I feel like interviews can be conducted before assigning surveys for the interviewee can provide helpful suggestions for you to better the survey question experience.

Based on the data I collected, 3 personas are made:

The scenario is presented as follows:

  1. Eric is a great fan of physics and always works hard on his science subject. Because of his enthusiasm, he often forgets when to eat or chill with others. Even if he occasionally reminds of these things, he wasn’t sure whether others have the same eager to eat or play. In order to check others will, he projects a campaign of ‘let’s ordering some pizza together’ on the wall using the website “(*&%”, after some time, when the shapes on the wall grows bigger suggesting more people are joining in and finally reaches the full shape, Eric now knows it is time that he can order a mega size pizza, with his friends 🙂 .
  2. Wenjun is a newbie in NYUSH and kind of introvert guy so that he doesn’t make lots of friends so far. He sometimes feels lonely when eating alone and doesn’t know how others chill and have fun. This makes him a bit upset and depressed. An interesting phenomenon he observes is the shape projected on the wall, which is always changing the size. After registering an account on the website “(*^%”, he starts to know that those shape projected on the wall are actually suggesting the activities undergoing and everyone using this website in this school is welcomed to join in.He can also find out the type of the activities so that he can decide whether to join in. This makes him really excited. Now Wenjun finds a way to fit in and chill with other. What’s more, he starts to meet the same kind of people wanting to make friends with others, with whom he forms a friendship.









Week2: Project Idea, user flow and storyboards.(Diamond)


Inspiration: When finishing our courses and having some free time, many of us tend to do some exercising– going to the gym or playing all kinds of sport. While someone prefers doing it alone, most of the people(At least my friends) like exercising together not only because it is more efficient under “supervision” from a friend but also it can raise a sense of responsibility and competition. However, it is not easy to meet everyone’s time so that we can go to a gym or play basketball together. However, using emails or social media seems slow and has a potential risk to be “ignored” by others. So I feel like to create a platform focusing on finding the nearby people who would like to respond your advocation to play sports or exercise.

Project Description: The platform has two basic functions: 1 initiate a sports event 2 respond to an existing sports event. It aims at making people gather to hold a sports activity successfully in the quickest way. To use the function, you need an account first. You need to tag yourself: such as “basketball lover”gym lover”football rookie” etc. To use the first function, you’ll mark the place you’d like to go, the number of people you prefer to gather, how long you can wait to gather, you can also send an invitation to a certain account after adding it as a friend.

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Week13 Internet Art Project(Chen)

Partner: Mars Zhao & Illénna Wu

Following the separate part of Art(content), Music(interaction) and Website with displaying effect(media), we wanted to do an Internet Art project with the link between traditional drawing and photographing.

We tend to do the storyline at first building connections between different types of sources, However, it is hard to build the connections between groups(of course you would not only present one group on the website). Then we again focus back to our original ideas, to classify the photos and pictures, in this way, it will be natural to present their connections. It could be either different ideas in illustrating the same object(e.g., animated drawing versus portraits), or it could be the similarities when dealing with the sceneries(about what to accept or reject in scenery drawing and picturing. ) But then we find that it would be difficult to make a connection and tell a story between these two kinds of pictures. So in terms of drawing, the next idea is to explain such an idea at first: Basically, there would be pictures of normal things and pictures of how normal things can transform to interesting environments. The photo would seem to be normal at first, but with your mouse moving around the photos, something different would occur. However, after drawing out several things, we found that a lot of white space may effect badly on pixelated illustration.


For the Music part, with the help from Ji Wong, we find that there’s a function in P5 that allows us to connects note to a specific number in MIDI, this allows us to erase the digital block while playing music following its pace. In terms of the style of music, we come up with an HSB detecting function that allows us to transfer RGB color to HSB color and then we can map the area so that depends on different colors different kinds of music will be played.


My part in this project is mainly about drawings and music editing and writing the music description about its feeling and how it combine with our project, by drawing with color pencils and recording down the notes and transfer it to MIDI audio numbers with Illénna. In this program, I understand that besides the project there would be so many revision and change, and that would hardly be seen in a normal project. People would only remember what they see with their eyes at first sight, if not necessary, they won’t give a glance behind something. In my previous projects, it is always quite direct and convenient to reach the end, which hardly causes any problems for me. But this time we have given up some drawings and underestimated the difficulty in building a huge platform while presenting rich contents. But what I’m pride of is that Everything we did is original steps, except for those songs that are familiar to everyone. But for the songs, we get the notes ourselves and transfer it to midi notes manually. And it takes a really long time to draw all these pictures so that I feel we do have a rich content in our project

F1IMG_6163 IMG_6164 IMG_6177

(Although not all of the pictures are used and displayed in our project, but it does take me a lot of time to draw it)


Week12: Final Project Proposal

Team members: Mars, Illénna, Diamond

Description: In this project, we’d like to present a transition from pictures to music. The user can drag either the pictures we provide or upload their own images to create sound. During this process, the pixels of the picture will match with certain notes and the notes can compose a music. We want to build the relation between color and notes based on the pixel’s HSB value. To make the music sound more harmonious, we will record After we finish the main body of this with a well-designed interface, if time permits, we will add the opposite function of converting music to images.

Media: we will mainly use images and audios. We hope to figure out the way to make the image and audio coherent because if not the pictures and audio will probably be noises and pixels making no sense.

sketch:new doc 2017-05-04 15.05.13_20170504150526

Week12: Response to “Web Work: A History of Net Art”(Chen)

I’m always wondering about whether Net-Art focuses more on technology or aesthetics. Lots of examples shown are always conceptualized, sometimes intricate, sometimes monotonous. And they shared the same quality: We cannot “appreciate” them in a classical way. It focuses more on the absurdity and entertainment, to show that everyone can do net-Art and net-Art can be easily spread and reap so many audiences. These works are more out of the instant emotions and pure intuition and this makes these work hard to appreciate only if we have the author’s explanation. On the contrary, there are also plenty of works focusing on the audience but not self-expression. In these projects, as soon as the work published online, the original creator will be “dead” – his work belongs to himself no more. It belongs to all the audience, all the participants whether they contribute intentionally or not. I think that is the most interesting part of the Internet Art, No threshold to create and all things shared. Also, people will gather together voluntarily as a group which can generate innovations and inspirations. Just see those BBS and popular video or even audio sharing website, we can see so many interactions between cultures and recognition. The demarcation between Art and not-Art is becoming vaguer these days. I can hardly tell whether it is an artwork base on my previous experience. So, is there any necessity to claim something Art or should we just call them creations? After all, is the concept of Art so important? Or is the form of Art that really matters on the Internet?

Week12: Response to “Hackers and Painters”(Chen)

“They seemed to think that hacking and painting were very different kinds of work– that hacking was cold, precise, and methodical, and that painting was the frenzied expression of some primal urge.” While I won’t agree with that. Art is not only connected with pure emotion expression, or in another word, the expression that can vividly show the characteristics of primitive moods. Also, the sentence “t falls between what and how: architects decide what to do, and engineers figure out how to do it” also raises my concerns. It is true architect decide what to do, but they also have to understand how to figure it out, they need to have the basic idea of the materials and configurations. Just as the author mention in the following paragraph, What and how should not be  be kept too separate. And I believe that’s why I’d like to study IMA but not CS or DS. It is true that I may acquire concrete knowledge about algorithm and structures but that’s it, because what I will learn is literally “Computer science” it is about possibility and application of the codes. However, I’d like to learn more, to jump out the common sense, as author suggest, that computer is related to mathematicians, physicists. I’d like to be a “hacker”, a person that learned computer as a way to better express himself in the information era, a person that is not restrained by paper, research but is able to devote his time depending on his appetite. I know it will be really easy if you learn from the beginning and solidify your basis. But it might be too late if I exposed in the sense of utilitarian and I definitely don’t want to be that kind of people. Computers, codes should be the method but not the whole of the study. That’s why I’d like to learn in IMA class, it is more independent and yet still provide strong basis for coding and a sense of “sketching”, the way painters and architects do.

Week12: Response to “Computers, Pencils and Brushes”(Chen)

I used to separate “computer design” to designs because it is seemingly so different. The computer itself is not merely a tool, but a powerful platform that integrates so many things that were only acquirable by hands. Just as the article suggests, ”It’s only a tool, like a pencil or brush.” is an often-quoted remark which is disingenuous, For storing information, for producing intricate configurations and accurate diagrams, for eliminating the ennui of repetitive operations…”(2). But it is because of the complexity and capability computers has that we sometimes mistakenly take computer using as computer designing. As for this problems, I’m still quite confused now. First of all, it is really hard to master even a single software (for example, Adobe series), and according to this passage, using the software doesn’t necessarily means doing designing. sometimes it is just using models and duplicating others idea while most of us don’t even know who to replicate from. We mistakenly take operating computers as designing. When I photoshopping pictures and using them to design a poster, am I designing? Absolutely not, I’m just adjusting and dealing with materials. When I dealing with the materials and select which model to apply, am I designing? Probably not because you are still using others idea to make it seems awesome. What if I using illustrator from the beginning step by step,

What if I start with drawing on papers, deciding which software I’m going to use and doing a prototype on sheets at first instead of directly open the most common software to get down to the project and get inspiration just by viewing the material library? I think the last one is what Author suggest when we dealing with computer design. Understand it is more than a pencil or pen to paper, but use it as pencil or paper. The mind is still the most important part in designing, even if computers can help us deal a lot with that.

Week11 Video Project(Chen)

Group members: Illénna, Joy, Diamond

1) Description of the project and the link

Our video project is the stop-motion video, which means it is done in the most “primitive” way. We combined over 2thousand pictures together to create this 3-minute-long video. The main characters are designed in pixel style and the backgrounds are selected from low perspective photographies. In this way, we hope to create a sense of humor and interest. The main story is about the battle around the cow. After drinking the milk the bold man feels strong and wants the cow. Thus the conflict is raised.

My team members have already uploaded the link.

2) Description of process and how the project works

In this project, my main job is to draw the figures, doing the storyline( Emphasizing the weird feeling by repetition )I shall say it is a really simple story) and assist in doing photoshop and iMovie(most of the photoshop and iMovie parts is done by Illénna). I think we split the work really successful and are really efficient in doing the project.

In my part, I did quite a lot job drawing the figures, separating their actions into different parts so that when combined together it will seem more fluent. However, in the final project, we didn’t use all of the drawings because it takes much more time than we expected to do stop motion and we are running out of time. Considering that, we make some typical scenes.

Again I shall say, it’s really annoying to do the Imovie and Ps part but it is worth taking. The result seems pretty nice and funny! And we accelerate the audio to make it feels sharper and funnier.



3) Post-Mortem on whether or not the project met your goals

Our project basically meets our expectation. I didn’t feel like quite weird when watching our video. However, an old problem should still be raised: we are too optimistic about the amount of work. In our plan, there are much more contents and I’ve also drawn a lot of other scenes, however, it is only after starting to editing and doing mixing of the pictures and audios did I realize that this is actually the most boring and longest part. Again really thanks to the Illénna, she devotes a lot of time in doing this “repetition” work and taught me a lot about photoshops and iMovie.


Response to “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”(Chen)

“Mechanical reproduction of art changes the reaction of the masses toward art. The reactionary attitude toward a Picasso painting changes into the progressive reaction toward a Chaplin movie. The progressive reaction is characterized by the direct, intimate fusion of visual and emotional enjoyment with the orientation of the expert. Such fusion is of great social significance. The greater the decrease in the social significance of an art form, the sharper the distinction between criticism and enjoyment by the public.” I feel a deep sense of identity when reading to the XII part. I believe that the mechanical reproduction lowers threshold to create Art. The public become more and more conscious about how to create Art because they now know the simplest way to do it – reproduction. Reproduction, together with other forms of expression (fluid emotions, firm figure of abstract feelings, geometry way of drawings), entitle us the name of Artist. Everyone can claim he or she is an Artist without having a professional skill of drawing. You don’t have to be accurate about your strings, you don’t have to know the correct way to draw out the perspective, you don’t have to master all kinds of or even one kind of way to draw, all you need is just follow your heart and write that intuition down. Even if you can’t, say, “I don’t feel any extreme emotion”, that would also be fine. Duplicate, cut, spin… until you feel a “strange” thing coming out of your work. That’s sometimes we see in social media. They are impressive, they are the public art yet they are temporary. They belong to the modernity, that everything appears and vanishes in a tremendous speed. So far I feel really confused when reading modern Art, they are too characterized but I can still feel the homogenized thing above all individual works. Everyone seems to have differences in styles but share the same goal – being unique, no matter in a direct way or a sarcastic way.