4 predictions, Final Assignment, Olesia

VR has a special place in my heart. As a matter of fact, in 4 years from now, I’m hoping I will have been working in this field for at least 3 years.


At least I hope so. Maybe not in 4 years but definitely in a decade there is going to be a new generation of cameras that will not require stitching while also having higher 8k or 16k resolution. Right now, the tech is not there yet, and creation of a simple experience takes way too much time. I believe in 4 years from now, stitching time will at least be shorter.


Even right now, several companies are already working on this and there are decent prototypes already. HTC Vive will definitely go out of business as even today their headsets are relatively low-rise, bulky, and inconvenient. I believe all VR headsets will be wireless, powered by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Here is an article that even talks about the companies that are currently working on this: https://www.roadtovr.com/5-wireless-vr-companies-htc-vive-oculus-rift-technology-overview/


Within 4 years, we will be chatting with our friends in VR spaces. It’s going to be as easy as calling your mom now. With the help of AR, our phones will be enhanced, enabling us to communicate way more effectively. It’s going to be in the form of a hologram: a person talking to you will be projected onto any surface in your room.


Within 4 years, VR pornography will be gaining popularity. Since almost everybody watches it, the demand for VR porn will be extremely high, as it reinforces all the purposes of traditional porn. Even now, there are porn movies filmed with the help of 360 cameras. They are publically available and ready for download. So, in 4 years the popularity will only increase. Along with better affordability of VR headsets, VR porn will enter people’s lives.

Olesia Ermilova, Individual Project, Creating Immersive Worlds, Spring 2018





For this project, my goal was to learn how to set up motion controllers, add shooting features, scoring system myself. This project is mostly about practicing the skills that I have acquired over the course of the class as well as my further mastering of the features Unreal provides.

The game is set up in a simple way; the user starts in a small room with spooky sounds, red blinking lights and zombies coming from multiple places. My initial idea was to create AI’s that would follow the user but by the time I learned how to do that I was making too much progress with the simple character blueprint that I had been using. So, my next step would be to make an AI follow the user, so once it hits the user, the game ends and the score appears on the screen.


I have created several modes for this game as well as widgets for the scoring system. The user can shoot at the panel “quit” which stops the game. As soon as the user hits “quit”, the final score appears on the screen and the game ends immediately.

Upon hitting the zombie, the score automatically updates on the screen in front of the user.

These are the main features of the game that I wanted to learn how to use.


Zombies come one by one. There is blood on the walls as well as spooky red lights.

For further development, I want to make the lights flicker and go on and off from time to time.


To be honest, I didn’t spend too much time on the layout of the environment. I get it how all the textured are made for UE4 (thanks to Blender), so I mostly focused on the technical side of the game. For me it was mostly about the actual process of learning father than putting all the thingsI find online into the game.

So, I relatively quickly created the room, the textures for the walls, the blood stains and the zombies. Once I got this done, I moved on to the functionality, precisely, the biggest challenge was creating my own VR pawn that would trace the actual motion HTC controller, hit the target, have a visual representation (aka smoke) once the user hits the target. I also attached a line trace to the gun so that it is easier for the user to shoot. As of now, the gun acts weird sometimes because of the calibration. I will have to take a closer look at it in the future.

After the VR pawn was done, I moved on to the widgets, linking the shooting to the score update screen, making the game stop one the user hits “quit”. These things took me the longest time.


-Unreal Engine 4

– Blender (for the zombies)

– Photoshop (for the textures and blood stains)

-HTC Vive


As I have said before, the improvements I will definitely  implement are the AI following the user, the flickering lights, the sound attached to the gunshot, move rooms for running around and hiding. Also, I would like to add another level to this basic game, so that when the user escapes the zombies on this level, he might go to another level and continue shooting other evil creatures.

Marina and Olesia Final Game Design Document, Presentation +Videos




This is a VR environment trying to simulate experience where the user travels to space. Through meditative music and relaxation we want the user to feel like he or she is being pulled out of their bodies into the universe. Once the user is transported to the universe, he or she can start to explore the planets, the space, the asteroids, he can pick up the bat and smash the asteroids, fly in space and teleport to any point in the space.

SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE: Unreal Engine 4, Photoshop, Blender, HTC Vive.


  • User is standing throughout the experience. He can freely walk if he wants to move in the VR world this way
  • Initial darkness and spatial music is on.
  • The spatial sound gradually increases into disorienting sounds and vibrations
  • The user is first inside a dark room which leads to a tunnel .
  • The user is then transported into the tunnel and taken to space.
  • Upon landing in space the user can gaze at the planets and start interacting with the environment, destroying rocks, moving things around, etc.
  • The longer the user is in space, the universe becomes darker and it’s harder to move.
  • There is almost no gravity, so the user has to be quick in his actions  because otherwise all the asteroids and the bat will be far away in space.
  • The user can choose to play with the bat, play with the asteroids, fly around the planets, stargaze, teleport, jump. With the use of motion controllers the users can pick up any objects, throw them or grab them. Also, with the help of motion controllers the user can teleport and fly in any direction whatsoever.


Initially, we wanted to create a combination of an astral projection and space traveling but we realised that these two things cannot really be mixed in a comprehensive way, so we decided to create a tunnel with disorienting sounds that will lead you to the space. We want the user to be able to experience spacewalking, low gravity and a bit of disorientation. The word that hopefully describes our project is “mesmerising”.


We are using two different soundtracks for two different levels. The first level has more relaxing background sound whereas the second level has more spacial and acoustical sound. First, we wanted to leave the space level without any sounds because there are no sounds in space but then we changed our minds and put a very deep, profound soundtrack.


Our initial plan for the project and the final result are somewhat the same. The only difference is that we did not put any emphasis on the astral projection part and just simplified it to a tunnel with disorienting sounds. We are pretty satisfied with the outcome since we have spent around 45 hours or more. As of right now, we are hoping to further improve it and add a more succinct concept.


We definitely need to work on the concept behind the experience. Add a backstory and more interactions, or even simply narrow it down to just one little thing and focus on it. Either a tunnel or the space.




In the document, just click on the video previews and it will automatically take you to the google drive that contains the videos.CIW

3 VR experiences I am most excited about, Olesia, Week 7

Top one experience  for me is a BBC’s VR spacewalk game. I wrote about it before in my proposal for the new VR titles. After proposing it, we actually downloaded it for the Oculus and I finally tried it myself. It exceeded all my expectations probably because of its high resolution, highly immersive interface and exciting story. I literally tried walking in an astronaut’s shoes and this is a very remarkable experience for me. I will never be able to go to outter space and VR helped with something that would be impossible otherwise. It excites me how much we can explore with VR!

The second game in VR that I regard as one of the best is Resident Evil 7 for PlayStation. I had tried this game before on PC, and because of my addiction to horror games I couldn’t help playing this game again but in VR. Not only was it super horrifying but also highly immersive which made it even worse. I could only play it with someone by my side and never alone. When I was a kid, I thought that nothing could ever scare me more than a horror game on PC but I was wrong until I tried VR.

The third most compelling experience in VR was made by my friend last year. She created an environment in which you sit on the top of the skyscraper, stargaze, walk along the edge of the roof and simply look at the beauties of the scenery. It was all very well-animated which made the environment even more attractive. Also, the fact that it was made by a friend of mine convinced me to embark on “the path of VR” because I had seen with my own eyes how many cool things you get to create once you master the tools.

4 Reviews of Current VT Titles, Olesia Ermilova

LOST, Oculus

Wonderful animation. I feel it ends a bit too soon, but it’s well made. Fun to watch.Even though this was short, this was a stunning masterpiece! The story is great, the visuals are great.

Transition, Oculus

A pretty decent story. Comes across a bit boring at some points. Definitely going for that bizarre vibe. Very relaxing and soothing.  The music is well-made and appropriated for the experience.

Google Earth VR, Oculus and Vive

Astonishingly beautiful! I still cannot believe I can easily walk around the  famous spots that would otherwise I would not be able to visit. Very immersive and enjoyable!

Resident Evil 7, Sony Play Station

I know this game from my childhood. As a kid, I always played it with my friends because it was just too much for me. Even when I played alone, I called someone on the phone just to talk and distract from the creepiness of the game. Even today, when I play the game with the VR headset on, I need someone to be nearby. Otherwise, I just go nuts. Very scary, especially with the VR headset on.


Week 5: 2 more VR titles


I am a huge fan of this movie because it  has long been one of the most stunning and fully-developed sci-fi films. But after doing some research yesterday, I realised there is a VR experience created to let people put themselves in the skin of the major and do all those breathtaking jumps and tricks. Overall, the experience lets you understand what it’s like to be the Major. 

BBC’s Home: A VR Spacewalk

Inspired by real-life training, this experience lets the user experience his first ever spacewalk in first person, float in space, communicate with other astronauts. I’m currently working  on my own model of the Universe in Unreal engine, so after watching the trailer of this VR experience I realised how much I want to improve my own universe and add more details and interaction to it. Moreover, I guess this would be one of the most exciting and interesting VR experiences for common people who have never been to space. For this experience, you either need HTC Vive or Oculus.


Olesia and Marina’s progress on the project

So, as of today, Marina and I built the first level of the experience. We have a sequence with amazing sounds, a tunnel  with lights and disorienting visuals through wich the user will go. The first level will last approximately one minute, more or less. Then, once the time is up the user will be  transported to the next level with the Earth, the asteroids, the space and the planets.

Right now, I have created the spanning Earth, the randomly moving and rotating asteroids and the spacebox. Our next step is to create two planets on which you can land and explore. Interactivity will be implemented through different tasks associated with each particular planet. For instance, on one planet, we want the user to be able to set any object on fire just buy touching it whilst on another planet the user will be able to make things float in space by just looking at them.

As for the sound, there is going to be a mixture of different sounds on the first tunnel level and then only a white noise sound in space because there is no sounds in cosmos. Hence, there is really no need for us to draw a sound map because it is just going to be two soundtracks. But we may add the sounds of fire or rain to the planets.

VR Titles, Olesia Ermilova

So, for the first one, I’ve decided to post about one of the pioneers in VR space traveling. This is called ” Lucid Space Dreams”. The idea is quite simple: you get to drift in space, stargaze and solve problems in the astronaut form. You get to explore an alien planet, appreciate mesmerising and previously undiscovered scenery. I love this video because you can watch it in 360 plus it utilises Oculus which to my  mind is the best headset. I’d loooove to play this game much more as I think it’s extremely immersive. Plus, I’ve been into lucid dreams for a while now and the idea of playing a VR lucid dream game excites me because this way I can compare my one experiences in lucid dreams with the ones in the game.


Top 9 Virtual Reality Space Travel Experiences

The second one is related to my other obsession- Rick and Morty.  There is a new game coming called “Rick and Morty’s Virtual Rick-ality” for PlayStation VR. I think this game is gonna be great because while playing this game you’ll be able to investigate diverse dimensions in space and time. Plus, you get to learn more about physics and science stuff. Not to mention the fact that IT’S RICK AND MORTY. VR, gaming, my favourite cartoon series…all combined they will make a thrilling game! Plus, it will be easily accessible through Steam.


Week 1, Olesia Ermilova. What makes my favourite game immersive?

My favourite game ever is a 2001 horror game created by EA Los Angeles and co-authored by Clive Barker. As I’ve jut found out, it was made in Unreal Engine! What a surprise! Moreover, I think the quality is amazing for the year 2001 because games at that time used to be pixelated and even 2D sometimes. The game follows the adventures of 1920s Irish adventurer Patrick Galloway as he investigates the mysterious paranormal happenings at the estate of his friend Jeremiah Covenant. In 1923,  Patrick Galloway receives an urgent letter from his friend Jeremiah Covenant. Jeremiah, well aware of Galloway’s reputation for dealing with occult matters, is asking him to help investigate the curse that has befallen on his family. He is hoping that Patrick could put an end to the horrors that are still making his life miserable. Even though his whole family is dead, butlers and him still often see his dead sister walking around the mansion, and the ghost of his brother is still haunting the rooms of the house. Jeremiah Covenant is the eldest of five children. As children, the Covenants found a strange occult book in their father’s library and performed a ritual. This brought evil forces upon the family. After reaching adulthood, the Covenants fell one by one into madness and then death, eventually leaving Jeremiah as the only survivor. The power of the curse, however, has turned all family members into pure evil; they have been haunting Jeremiah, so that’s why he is asking Patrick to stop an end to it.

Through the Covenants’ journals and Galloway’s own memories, the player learns more about the nature of the curse and the creature behind it. Throughout the game, Patrick learns new paranormal tricks, he finds new weapons, he encounters new kinds of monsters and evil creatures. He can read the journal, run freely( just like in GTA), upgrade his magic powers through magic crystals he may find in the mansion and its neighbourhood. Patrick travels back in time, he goes to several parallel worlds, he goes to catacombs.

To my mind, this is one of the best game ever even though it was not that popular at the time because there is a storyline behind it. Because the creators invited a writer Clive Barker to help them make the game more interesting and interactive. So, upon starting to play, you realise how many mysteries you need to solve, how many secret pathways are in that enormous mansion, and how many more worlds you need to travel to unveil the mysteries. As I played this game as a kid, I was so terrified all the time that I couldn’t play it myself unless someone else was in the room. To my mind, the game is well-planned and structured because you never know what is going to happen next and you don’t even know sometimes what is being asked of you, so you just wander in space and randomly open doors that may lead to the right place. More often these doors just lead to even more troubles  such as monsters, skeletons and other evil beings that try to put you down. What I also like about this game is that you are forced to acquire different types of weapons and magic powers to kill certain enemies. For instance, to kill a skeleton way faster, you need to have a special charm Invoke. For other monsters, Ectoplasm and Skull Storm would be the best match. Also, what makes this game even more immersive is its soundtrack and the predominant color palette that makes the game super creepy. Plus, in the beginning, you can select the level of horror you want to deal with: Easy, Medium, Nightmare. This game is one of its kind because it combines horror, adventure, quest and survival at the same time. The game also progresses with time as you upgrade you mana and skills. Another thing that creeped me out, is the paintings on the walls that were the copies of the real paintings of the 15th-16th centuries.

Overall, this game used to scared the shit out of me because of the so many unpredictabilities. Plus, you always had to think and decide what is better to run or to hide, to pick one weapon or another, to knock on one door or another. This is the best game ever.

Professor Naimark, VR/AR, Olesia Ermilova, Comments on the “16 Lessons for a VR-First Future”

The first thought I had after reading even the title of the article was “OMG, I NEEED TO READ THAT BOOK”. No, seriously, from what I’ve seen in the teaser and read in this article, this is a magnificent example of a sci-fi book that actually speaks to everyone.

To my mind, the greatest take-away from the article with which I totally agree is the fact that the virtual schools will become the norm as well as remote working in the VR environment. We already see many people successfully doing their jobs without unnecessary commute to the work place and back. To my mind, right now mankind spends so much time on rather irrelevant things such as going to work, cooking, going shopping etc. It’s all great for leisure but on a greater scale these actions will become obsolete. Even nowadays people get education online, take online courses and gain knowledge without sitting in a stuffy classroom listening to a boring lecturer. I’m a huge supporter of evolution and inevitable progress. So, thinking logically, the future generation will definitely be much better off by studying in the VR space.

The prospect I least agree with is the one that speaks about gaming and how everyone will become a gamer. To some extent-yes, maybe. People may play for some time and have casual sex with sexy virtual characters but after some time it will all fade away to let more significant aspects of life to jump right in. At least I hope that the future generations will broaden the horizon even more and will not become lazy, unambitious apes that only need food delivered. I certainly believe and hope that people will use the VR space more wisely and with a greater purpose.