VR Titles, Olesia Ermilova

So, for the first one, I’ve decided to post about one of the pioneers in VR space traveling. This is called ” Lucid Space Dreams”. The idea is quite simple: you get to drift in space, stargaze and solve problems in the astronaut form. You get to explore an alien planet, appreciate mesmerising and previously undiscovered scenery. I love this video because you can watch it in 360 plus it utilises Oculus which to my  mind is the best headset. I’d loooove to play this game much more as I think it’s extremely immersive. Plus, I’ve been into lucid dreams for a while now and the idea of playing a VR lucid dream game excites me because this way I can compare my one experiences in lucid dreams with the ones in the game.


Top 9 Virtual Reality Space Travel Experiences

The second one is related to my other obsession- Rick and Morty.  There is a new game coming called “Rick and Morty’s Virtual Rick-ality” for PlayStation VR. I think this game is gonna be great because while playing this game you’ll be able to investigate diverse dimensions in space and time. Plus, you get to learn more about physics and science stuff. Not to mention the fact that IT’S RICK AND MORTY. VR, gaming, my favourite cartoon series…all combined they will make a thrilling game! Plus, it will be easily accessible through Steam.


Week 1, Olesia Ermilova. What makes my favourite game immersive?

My favourite game ever is a 2001 horror game created by EA Los Angeles and co-authored by Clive Barker. As I’ve jut found out, it was made in Unreal Engine! What a surprise! Moreover, I think the quality is amazing for the year 2001 because games at that time used to be pixelated and even 2D sometimes. The game follows the adventures of 1920s Irish adventurer Patrick Galloway as he investigates the mysterious paranormal happenings at the estate of his friend Jeremiah Covenant. In 1923,  Patrick Galloway receives an urgent letter from his friend Jeremiah Covenant. Jeremiah, well aware of Galloway’s reputation for dealing with occult matters, is asking him to help investigate the curse that has befallen on his family. He is hoping that Patrick could put an end to the horrors that are still making his life miserable. Even though his whole family is dead, butlers and him still often see his dead sister walking around the mansion, and the ghost of his brother is still haunting the rooms of the house. Jeremiah Covenant is the eldest of five children. As children, the Covenants found a strange occult book in their father’s library and performed a ritual. This brought evil forces upon the family. After reaching adulthood, the Covenants fell one by one into madness and then death, eventually leaving Jeremiah as the only survivor. The power of the curse, however, has turned all family members into pure evil; they have been haunting Jeremiah, so that’s why he is asking Patrick to stop an end to it.

Through the Covenants’ journals and Galloway’s own memories, the player learns more about the nature of the curse and the creature behind it. Throughout the game, Patrick learns new paranormal tricks, he finds new weapons, he encounters new kinds of monsters and evil creatures. He can read the journal, run freely( just like in GTA), upgrade his magic powers through magic crystals he may find in the mansion and its neighbourhood. Patrick travels back in time, he goes to several parallel worlds, he goes to catacombs.

To my mind, this is one of the best game ever even though it was not that popular at the time because there is a storyline behind it. Because the creators invited a writer Clive Barker to help them make the game more interesting and interactive. So, upon starting to play, you realise how many mysteries you need to solve, how many secret pathways are in that enormous mansion, and how many more worlds you need to travel to unveil the mysteries. As I played this game as a kid, I was so terrified all the time that I couldn’t play it myself unless someone else was in the room. To my mind, the game is well-planned and structured because you never know what is going to happen next and you don’t even know sometimes what is being asked of you, so you just wander in space and randomly open doors that may lead to the right place. More often these doors just lead to even more troubles  such as monsters, skeletons and other evil beings that try to put you down. What I also like about this game is that you are forced to acquire different types of weapons and magic powers to kill certain enemies. For instance, to kill a skeleton way faster, you need to have a special charm Invoke. For other monsters, Ectoplasm and Skull Storm would be the best match. Also, what makes this game even more immersive is its soundtrack and the predominant color palette that makes the game super creepy. Plus, in the beginning, you can select the level of horror you want to deal with: Easy, Medium, Nightmare. This game is one of its kind because it combines horror, adventure, quest and survival at the same time. The game also progresses with time as you upgrade you mana and skills. Another thing that creeped me out, is the paintings on the walls that were the copies of the real paintings of the 15th-16th centuries.

Overall, this game used to scared the shit out of me because of the so many unpredictabilities. Plus, you always had to think and decide what is better to run or to hide, to pick one weapon or another, to knock on one door or another. This is the best game ever.

Professor Naimark, VR/AR, Olesia Ermilova, Comments on the “16 Lessons for a VR-First Future”

The first thought I had after reading even the title of the article was “OMG, I NEEED TO READ THAT BOOK”. No, seriously, from what I’ve seen in the teaser and read in this article, this is a magnificent example of a sci-fi book that actually speaks to everyone.

To my mind, the greatest take-away from the article with which I totally agree is the fact that the virtual schools will become the norm as well as remote working in the VR environment. We already see many people successfully doing their jobs without unnecessary commute to the work place and back. To my mind, right now mankind spends so much time on rather irrelevant things such as going to work, cooking, going shopping etc. It’s all great for leisure but on a greater scale these actions will become obsolete. Even nowadays people get education online, take online courses and gain knowledge without sitting in a stuffy classroom listening to a boring lecturer. I’m a huge supporter of evolution and inevitable progress. So, thinking logically, the future generation will definitely be much better off by studying in the VR space.

The prospect I least agree with is the one that speaks about gaming and how everyone will become a gamer. To some extent-yes, maybe. People may play for some time and have casual sex with sexy virtual characters but after some time it will all fade away to let more significant aspects of life to jump right in. At least I hope that the future generations will broaden the horizon even more and will not become lazy, unambitious apes that only need food delivered. I certainly believe and hope that people will use the VR space more wisely and with a greater purpose.

My Final Animation Documentation, Olesia

  1. The Title of my movie is pretty simple- My Cat Fiji.

2. Here is the link to it on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNpmjQcmH1M

3. Basically, this is just a short introduction into my cat’s daily routine. In the movie, he pees, plays with my dad, twice, and cleans himself. I just wanted to create a short animated version of my lovely cat.

4. There were no collaborators and no external media resources were used. All the sounds in my animation are taken from the real videos of my cat.

5. Here is the link to my mood board: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/lol-animator

6. Initially, I had a completely different idea as I wanted to create a story of my life +dancing with Beyonce. But after careful consideration and some trial and errors I decided to create an animation about my cat. However, I wanted to include more actions to the film but due to limited time and troubles in my personal life aka breaking up with my boyfriend I had to stick to what I had had at that time. Anyways, I’m pretty satisfied with the final result and the only problem I see is concern with frame size and pixelation. But these problems don’t bother me so much. The development went really smoothly- once I got what techniques I wanted to use, the whole process was easy and just required a lot of time and perseverance. I just wish I had included a part where my cat dances, this would have been hilarious. But there is not subjunctive mood in real life, so moving on.

7. I used all Adobe Software: Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects and Animate. Most of the work was done in Animate and After Effects. I’m really glad I had a chance to work more with Adobe software because it will be extremely useful for my future career.

8. Again, I’ve learnt a good deal of after effects and animate skills. These two will be extremely beneficial for my work as I intend to work either on television or in film industry, focusing on post-production and editing. So, I’m really happy I took this course.

Thanks to the best professor I’ve ever had. I’ll continue learning 3D animation in NY next Fall.Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 8.17.22 PM


What I like, Olesia

I still can’t get over https://twitter.com/internetofshit. I can’t really pinpoint one project. All of them are hilarious which  I like very much. I’m not sure they are incorporating microcontrollers but I wish I could create something like that for the final. Something stupid and funny. Hopefully, I can come up with something.

Animatic, Olesia

I just started drawing the animation and I don’t like it. I’m trying to figure out what textures I’ll add in After Effects and how….Right now I want to start off with a drawn animation, then move on to video that will be transformed into an animation( I forgot the term). In the final part, there is gonna be pixilation of me dancing along with them. Right now I just made a photoshop still of me  and Beyonce.


Here is the link: