Midterm Project Proposal, Olesia Ermilova

For the midterm project, I have decided to go with something that I use almost everyday to get inspired, find new books to read and generally feel happier. *Drum roll*- it is Tumblr.

For those of you who do not know, Tumblr is a portal to heaven. Ok, jokes aside, it is a website with an infinite amount of images, quotes, animations, videos, blogs and so on and so forth. Tumblr is like a mini version of the Internet in a way. It is a social network, a platform for sharing your thoughts (aka Twitter), a place for your artwork. Tumblr is what you use when you need to get some inspiration.

Notwithstanding Tumblr’s amazing goal, its logo is utterly, absurdly BORING!!! Take a look at this UGLINESS: these are the main logos that are used in the mobile version and the desktop version of the website. In my humble opinion, these logos are extremely boring and unrepresentative of Tumblr’s eternal greatness. It is as boring as the Twitter’s logo, but, at least, in Twitter’s case, it is justifiable as Twitter is only used for “typography”, thought sharing and general bla-bla-bla; it is not as multipurpose as Tumblr. Hence, in Tumblr’s case, its logo does not really reflect anything the portal offers.






To give more context, this is what Tumblr ACTUALLY looks like. It is millions of things: it’s about cosmos, love, quotes from books, people’s feelings, psychology, human emotion, art, the creation of artwork of ANY sort. Whatever you want to share with the world, you can. In a way, it is a repository of mankind’s inner world:



As you can see, Tumblr is so much more than just a white girl’s place to whine about boys (some people think Tumblr is about that), which it might be for you, if you want it to be. However, I think the logo should be MUCH more colorful, deep, and profound in a way that instantly lets the user know he is entering the world of infinite opportunities for self-expression.

I want to create a dynamic logo system that does a better job of representing the profoundness of Tumblr as well as partially preserves the already existing aesthetics of the current one. By using the techniques that we learnt in class, I want to attempt creating something that is both aesthetically pleasing and representative of the portal.

P.S I might use the cosmos and rave neon themes in my design.

Typography Assignment, Week 5, Olesia


For this assignment, I’ve decided to go with what my team and I came up with last class. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been in love with goofy, roundish fonts. I even tried to change my handwriting in a way that would make it more roundish and less sharp . So, when brainstorming in class, I pitched the idea of creating a font that would take 2 or 3 circles of different radius to create various letters. So, here is the word “cop” that was easily created by using just 5 circles in an array.

The black ellipses are used for displacement that makes the letters more recognizible and readible.

Week 5, Pixel Manipulation, Olesia

For this week’s assignment, I’ve decided to focus on catching up as well as improving my skills.  I spent quite a lot of time trying to TRULY understand the code and everything that was going on there.I took an image of a space scene from the internet and tried to create something with it. What I ended up creating was a simple thing: a bunch of ellipses gradually appear over time taking the shape and color of the original image. I also tried adding some mouse interaction but it didn’t quite work, so I ended up just leaving it at that. I’ll have to ask professor how to do what I had in mind.

Overall, it was quite difficult for me to understand all the logic of the iterations. To be precise, it was easy to make one thing work, but when I tried adding a shooting star it just stopped working for some reason.

I actually tried adding some interaction with the mouse but it all failed(((

Digital Fabrication: Final Project, Olesia Ermilova

Project Title: The Revolutionary iPhone Case.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: For a long time, a lot of my friends’ from NYUSH have been fans of a cool sticker-like cardholder that was distrubuted by Student Life. People have been dying to get one because it is so convenient and easy to use. Hence, I had an idea of creating a phone case that already has a cardholder attached to it. This way, the cardholder part will never fall down or detach from the case. Moreover, since the materials I am going to use are going be super flexible, the case will not only provide room for your card but also protect the phone from damage.


To be honest, I wasn’t particularly inspired by anyone or anything, I just got an idea out of thin air. I’ve always had the cardholder and a couple of time I would lose the cards because they would just slip away. So, I thought why not create my own case that would address this issue and make it easier to carry around.

There is a ton of iPhone cases being 3D modeled every minute out there. I want to use some of techniques I’ve found on SketchFab to create my own. Here is a couple of works I like: 







  1. People will have a better phone case that can be used both for damage prevention and card holding.
  2. Convenience is a significant factor.
  3. Your card will not slip away.
  4. You will not lose the cardholder itself because it’s going to be one piece.
  5. The design is flexible and can be updated to facilitate different people’s tastes.
  6. There is been a lot of similar phone cases that have the same features but most of them were flawed in a serious way, so it would be nice to attempt and fix that.


  • Blender, Rhino.
  • Cura.
  • LulzBot Mini.
  • Vinyl Cutter for the sticker on top


Resin, silicon. Anything that is flexible enough.

I want to first 3D model it in Blender or Rhino, then print it multiple times to find a better scale. Later on, I will design a sticker that will be used on the side of the case.

I’ve already started working on the 3D modeling part. So far so good, it’s going pretty smoothly and easily.

First Assignment, Pop-up me, Olesia Ermilova

This is the link to my presentation on my project:



Here are the initial photos of me, the process that I was going through. As I said during presentation, I had a smooth process as I simply tried to follow professor’s lead and guidelines. The hardest part to model was probably the nose. My mistake was to model it the way I wanted, instead of simply following professor’s suggestions. Once I realised I had to follow the instructions, I quickly polished my model which made it much better and defined.


I still have to model the ears and make the model look more like me as our faces aren’t symmetrical at all. It was also a nice discovery that our faces are COMPLETELY unsymmetrical which makes them more interesting and “deep” I guess. I especially love the way my lips and skull look like. I think it’s really close to my real face and skull structure. I was very happy when I pressed “smooth mode” and saw how almost impeccable the model looked like.

For now, I’m working on the tweaking of the details in order to make the model my genuine copy as well as polishing some inconsistencies that might have occured before.I am trying to finish the ears as well as make my lips look a bit fuller because in real life they are quite different. On a side note, I would say I am super happy about learning a new tool as before I only used Blender. Now I have more tools up in my sleeve which makes me forever grateful!

Here is the link to the 3D model on SketchFab:https://sketchfab.com/models/8c9c1d20a400469f83d4eab4733ca481

Assignment 3, 3D printing, Gudetama, Olesia

For 3D printing assignment, I’ve decided to continue working on Gudetama I was 3D modeling. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Rhino as I am more comfortable with other 3D software such as Maya and Blender. So, inititally, I 3D modeled Gudetama in Blender and once I knew how to do that, I switched to Rhino and repeated the process in Rhino.

I ended up printing 2 of them using flexible material. One of them is super small, 2×2 cm. The second onr is much bigger and feels more solid in hand. They are both white for now, but I’m planning on painting it in yellow as well as adding eyes and mouth. Once it’s done, I’m gonna post another piece showing the polished Gudetama!IMG_3808-2IMG_3808-21

The printing process went super smooth! I followed the slides and tried to slow down and do everything peacefully. This way, everything went ok from the first try. I especially enjoyed seeing my little Gudetama being brought to life! I’ve recorded a short video depicting this process!

Overall, the machine was easy to use, thanks to Marcela’s extensive notes and suggestions. Nick also helped me with the intial process of pre-heating the base and the machine itself. THE TEMPERATURES ARE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!! I’ve learnt that you shouldn’t use any other settings other than what’s been already specified before. If you follow the instructions, it’s going to be easy!

Also, I considered printing another model in plastic but ended up not doing it because Gudetama is flexible, chubby character who doesn’t need to be solid, sharp, and bland. Now I have two pieces that I cannot stop squeezing! It calms me down!

Week 4, Assignment 3, Poster for The Martian, Olesia

For this assignment, we had to create a simple poster for The Martian without any typography. To be honest, that was the first time I knew immediately what I wanted to create without any hesitations or second thoughts.

For my design, I chose to create some stars, a big red planet, and a tiny astronaut representing Matt. I’ve chosen a color pallette for the planet and the stars. Each time you click, a new image is generated. To my mind, these posters represent the theme of the book as well as show the main character and the main setting. I’m happy with the result because I managed to finish this sketch in one sitting- I was THAT inspired!

Here are some of the versions that I liked the most:

And here is the code: https://editor.p5js.org/Olesia/sketches/Hk4uHMUK7


I used her code https://codeburst.io/sunsets-and-shooting-stars-in-p5-js-92244d238e2b

to create a shooting star because I wasn’t quite sure how to get that effect.

Week 4, Assignment 3, Simlple Game, Olesia

For this assignment, we had to create a simple game that would utilize some of the basic principles of programming. To be honest, i’m awful at games and never know what to do or what logic to follow. This time, I just created something EXTREMELY simple: you should click on the asteroid, if you hit it, the speed of its movement increases making it harder to hit it again. The player gets 5 lives that decrease each time the player clicks anywhere other than on the asteroid. Once you’ve used up all your lives, the game stops and you see “Click to Try Again”, once you click, the game restarts.

It’s very simple and I actually em didn’t use any arrays because I didn’t see the point for my purposes.