Week 6: My experience visiting the Maker Carnival in Shanghai

This weekend I had a privilege to visit the maker carnival in Shanghai. During the visit, I saw different innovative projects which were made by several groups of people: kids, students, individuals, business enterprises, and schools.

Despite the fact that the fair was more commercial oriented, I was still able to learn more about Chinese innovation. It was interesting to observe that most of the products at the exhibition were made out of 3D printing, laser cutting, and Arduino technology.

Drones’ competition. The players had to remotely control their drones as they rode across several obstacles.

A laser-cut interesting game. It is powered by an electric motor which facilitates the movement of the balls.

A giant keyboard to help people with disability. I think it could be more helpful it was covered with fabrics or the entire design is made of fabrics so as to make it flexible and more interactive to the users.


Several 3D printed designs

It is common to see paintings which are made of paints or pencil, but this time I saw one which is made of fabrics. Fabrics with different color patterns were sewed/glued on a canvas in order to make a very descriptive and attractive paint which is shown below.

I think the maker carnival is a good way to inspire innovation among designers. It may also be used by designers as a platform to exchange ideas among themselves. Since there are currently no maker carnivals in my country, I would like to find some way on how I may initiate something similar in order to attract more people, especially youths, to participate in the design and technology fields.