Individual Project by Sara Bruszt

Winter Wonderland involves two major rooms and three room-like spaces. The user is stuck in the ice room and has to face the scary snowmen. The sound is spatial so whenever the user is close to a snowman will hear a different sound. In the meantime when the user looks down can have a look into the room of Christmas where Santa keeps the presents. However the user cannot get to this room because they don’t believe in Santa 🙁 . When the user goes close to the hole can hear louder music. I also spent significant time on creating the snow so I hope you will enjoy my little winter wonderland!

link to the zipped project: ( let me know if any issues opening it )

Final Documentation for “Vampires” (Material to be added after the show)


Title: Vampires

Names and team roles:


Kadallah -editor of interview and medical channel, programmer of the TV , interviewer


Sara – editor and writer of history channel, editor of music channel, camera operator


Names of people in the film :


Kelly Chen

Adan Kohnhorst

Voiceover: Mira Malmosi



The Vampire Masquerade | Waltz


Neil Young – Vampire Blues

Mia Lan – Vampire

Annie Lennox – love song for a vampire

Bram Stoker’s Dracula Original Soundtrack

Sesame street- Count Song


Archival, found footage


Ebsco host online archive :


Artstore online library :


Films cited:

Interview with the Vampire

True Blood


Dracula (2002)



Experience vampire universe through 4 TV channels.




Vampires as the title suggest is a documentary installation about vampires. There are four channels playing on a television. The first one is History Channel where one can learn about the history of vampires and how their concept came to being in different cultures and how the concept of vampires we know today developed through centuries.

The second channel is a channel that displays 2 of our best interviews with people in Shanghai and their experiences as “vampires” in their lives. On this channel the term “vampire” is a metaphor to certain parts of human identity that makes the person feel different from others.

The next channel is a “medical channel” where the viewer can learn about people who suffer from an illness called porphyria which is a disorder that affects the production of “heme” that is a part of hemoglobin.The effects of these diseases, if left untreated, can be devastating.The malfunctions in the body’s chemistry cause the skin to be extraordinarily sensitive to sunlight, with a result that exposure to even mild sunlight can disfigure the skin, cause the nose and fingers to fall off, and make the lips and gums so taut that the teeth, although no larger than ordinary, look like they are jutting out in a menacing, animal-like manner. Some of these people consider themselves vampires. On this channel one can learn more about their lives.


The last channel is out MTV Music Channel, maybe the most simple of all. One can enjoy songs of the vampire universe here.


Tech/Materials: television, table, extension cord


Transition #death #goldfish #seatedsofinallyicanbelazy #meditation #amazing #iwishitwasacat

point 10

Official summary: Transition’ is an award winning seated virtual reality experience based on the music of Kettel & Secede – ‘Canned Forever’, created by Mike von Rotz and Joost Jordens during their final year at the Utrecht University of the Arts. A metaphor for death, Transition takes you on a journey from one world into the next.

Personal review: Really beautiful, simple work. You are sitting in a boat and a dog accompanies you on your journey. I found that it was a clear metaphor for death. It did not feel sad, just felt peaceful. This piece is also really great for relaxation. It feels like a dream and I had great sense of presence. I think it was really great that there was no interaction since it made everything more simple, gave me more space to think. It is a really great art piece and I wanna see things like this more!

Henry #socuteImgonnadie #forkids #foradults #foreveryone #hedgehog #babyyyy

Official summary:

It’s Henry’s birthday, but where are his friends? Narrated by Elijah Wood and developed with former creative talent behind Brave and Toy Story 3Henry is an Emmy award-winning VR film that takes you inside the home of a lonesome but lovable hedgehog whose birthday wish changes everything.

Personal review:

This piece is so cute! I absolutely loved it and felt like I was a kid again. In terms of story it’s nothing special, a hedgehog is looking for friends, in a way telling that it’s hard to accept difference, hard to be a hedgehog. In terms of visuals it is just so amazing, I felt like I was in there, I felt like I was so small. What I also really liked is the way they used spatial audio. WATCH IT! SO CUTE , really amazing.

Dear Angelica #animelike #nicedrawings #bereadytocry #usualsomeonediesstory #sad #RIP

Point 7

Official summary : From Emmy Award winning Oculus Story Studio comes Dear Angelica, a journey through the magical and dreamlike ways we remember our loved ones. Entirely painted by hand inside of VR, Dear Angelica plays out in a series of memories that unfold around you. An immersive, illustrative short story starring Geena Davis and Mae Whitman.

Personal review: I personally did not enjoy this piece too much since I did not like the anime like animations. I found the colors disturbing and not beautiful at all. I really appreciate the hard work that was put into it, I imagine how long it took to make. I also really appreciate the story but I feel I only liked it because it was really sad. I girl loosing her mom is always a good choice for movie makers since the viewer will instantly feel empathy. I think it was nothing special. I gave it a 7 because you cannot give lower points for a sad story like this and I really appreciate the hard work that was put into it!

In the Eyes of the Animals #bugs #frogs #owls #similartonotesonblindness #sounds!!! #wildlife

10 points

Official summary:

In the Eyes of the Animal allows you to explore the forest through the eyes of four woodland species, it is an artistic interpretation of how animals view the world and their living environment. Developed by creative studio Marshmallow Laser Feast – who delight in exploring the line between virtual and real-world experiences. In The Eyes of the Animal was created using UAV’s, lidar scans and bespoke 360° cameras. This has helped shape the point cloud aesthetic and ghostly architecture we view in the computer generated environment. The visual experience is also complimented by a meditative binaural soundscape using audio recordings from forests in the UK. This mobile experience brings you on an episodic journey as the story of the animal food chain unfolds over four chapters introducing the species, their visions and their worlds.
 Personal review: I found this piece really similar to Notes on Blindness and thus I gave it a 10 since it was just beautiful. You can explore the forest with the eyes of a mosquito, dragonfly, frog and owl. The piece heavily relies on sound which I love and some minimal visuals in the form of light points. My favorite one was Frog. The only thing that I felt was weird is the height of eye. I felt like I was dragged down in unreal engine so it kind of killed my sense of presence but otherwise I find this piece really amazing and worth watching. Beautiful work.

Tilt Brush #googleisthebest #coolstuff #drawmeashinyrainbow #basic #google #draw

point : 6

official summary:

Tilt Brush lets you paint in 3D space with virtual reality. 
Your room is your canvas. Your palette is your imagination. The possibilities are endless.

Personal review: Tilt Brush is beautiful but I got bored of it very quickly. I get it, it’s fun to draw stuff around yourself but as I lack drawing skills I could not really enjoy this. I was drawing lines but just like in paper, I was really not talented so I honestly just closed it really quickly. The interaction is very easy and I think Tilt Brush can be really fun for kids and for those who enjoy drawing!

Giant #war #greatdesign #drama #remindsmeofladolcevita #beautiful #sad

Official Summary : In “Giant,” creator Milica Zec draws upon her experience growing up in war-torn Serbia.

Trapped in their basement inside an active war zone, two parents struggle to distract their young daughter by inventing a fantastical tale as bomb blasts draw closer.

What you are about to see is inspired by real events.

Personal review: Finally I got to watch Giant and I have nothing more to add. It’s one of the most beautiful short experiences I had, reminded me of the move La Dolce Vita. I liked that the experience was short and hence really effective. Also I have to add that the user has to have some knowledge of the war happened in Serbia. I knew a lot as I went there not so long after the war as a kid and I saw those bombed buildings. The experience made me remember this view and I got really sad. It’s a beautiful piece. TO be honest I only payed attention on the environment because we talked about it so much in class, otherwise I would not have taken a look at them as I was focusing on the people.

I gave it a 10


InMind VR 2 #whydotheyrobthebanktho #pressandgo #decisionmaking #littleboring #funforkids #inmymind

Official summary (long) : InMind 2 is an action/arcade VR game with a bit of decision making strategy and neuroscience of the human brain.

You’ll take part in the process of one teenager named John becoming an adult, and help shape John’s future self, while experiencing an exciting journey inside the unusual micro world of the carefully recreated human brain. Remember that in this world even one small molecule can change a person’s destiny!

The game places emphasis on the chemistry behind human emotion, greatly inspired by the Pixar/Disney movie “Inside Out” and (more scientifically) Lövheim’s theory of emotions. On the gameplay side, we take the best from our experiences developing the games InMind and InCell, to create an innovative and eye-catching VR experience.

It is well known by scientists that emotions are nothing other than hormones affecting the human body — and especially the brain. You’ll take part in the process of one teenager named John becoming an adult, and help shape John’s future self, while experiencing an exciting journey inside the human brain. During this crucial time, John will face several key moments, and his reaction to these moments may lead to forming new interests and relations. Help John on his way towards his destiny… His future is in your hands!

Personal review: I thought this game was fun but I found it a little bit boring. You have to get neurons in the boy’s brain in order to create new emotions and progress in the game. I didn’t really saw the point of this. It felt like the story of decision making is a little bit unrelated.Also, I haven’t had biology class since high school so I don’t know much about the functions of neurons anymore but I thought this game might be fun for those who have a better understanding of the brain and its functions.

Overall I gave it a 5.