Museum Proposal

The Museum of Uncomfortable Lingerie



The museum of uncomfortable lingerie is a pop-up museum exhibited in busy shopping malls and streets around the world, starting its tour from major european cities such as london and berlin

the museum of uncomfortable lingerie highlights the fact that while male underwear is in almost every case designed to provide comfort, female underwear is not.


the mission of the museum of uncomfortable lingerie is to empower women, who are each beautiful on their own way and do not need to shape their bodies with something uncomfortable

the feminist pop up museum’s mission is to tell the story of lingerie, and call for change



here are some of my sketches for how the site would look like exhibited in shopping malls and shopping streets around the world


Admission to the museum is free of charge but every person has to apply for a ticket that they can get on arrival. Everyones’s ticket is for a certain time. This is to make sure the museum space is not full. At once 10-15 people inside are the most ideal .


ticket design



Totebags – they can be purchased on the site. From the income, the exhibition will support feminist organizations.


Exhibits :

For the prototype, I designed 2 posters but  for the museum I would like to invite feminist artists to exhibit a few of their work as well. For example the artist, Zoe Buckman who designed the “Every Curve Art Installation” in Los Angeles. Some of her work :



My work:



For the prototype I designed a female body and want to encourage the visitors to design/ sketch their own ideal underwear. The can take this home as a memory and reminder of what the pop-up museum is trying to achieve, create conversation about why female underwear has to be “sexy” and uncomfortable.

There will be markers placed at the exhibit.


How people are interacting with my exhibition.


Exhibition Reading

“As well as being linguistic or semiotic, exhibitions are spatial” , to me this sentence means that it is very important how we design the space of an exhibition, where art pieces have a relation to each other. The design of the space has meaning and importance , just like the art pieces themselves.

” the exhibition is not a form of self-portrait, a curator’s courting of the gaze” which means in a way that the curator is also an artist, who expresses him or herself in the design of the exhibition by the way he or she choses the art pieces in relation to each other

“critical engagement with the potentialities of curating as a space for exploration” to mea means that the exhibition has to be a space to explore for the users




Interactive “chair” – Exhibition: Next

For this project I designed a VR environment using Unreal Engine. The experience is simple. The user sits on a physical chair and puts on the htc vive vr headset. Then the user is brought to a room where they can view a Kandinsky painting in a whole new light. The wall and the floor is covered by water and there are several shiny balls to make the experience more extra. I was inspired by a really cool exhibition I visited a few months ago in Berlin, called Monet to Kandinsky.

My goal with this project is to show paintings in a new world , in a way they have never been seen before. I call this project the new viewing experience. The sound also adds to the experience with it’s melancholic feeling. I wonder, do we perceive paintings differently in different environments? In the future this project can be improved into more rooms with different lighting and atmosphere .

The process: I really wanted to create a VR museum as I have been seeing that a lot of museums have different types of online 360 tours etc. and I got really interested in what new ways museums can show their exhibits. I have been to a lot of fine art museums lately in Berlin, and I notice that people are not that eager to see “just” paintings anymore, they need more than that. To some extent I see this as really sad but I also see opportunity and new ways of designing exhibits with technology.



Writing Piece- Exhibition Next

About 100 years ago, in 2018, the person who lived in this room was in her early twenties, European student, so-called expat (waiguoren or laowai) in Shanghai, China.

the room

In the room, most of the space is occupied by a queen size bed. People in 2018 often had enough space and the luxury to sleep alone in a bed enough for two people. The bed is covered by several pillows and grey colored sheets that the person used to cover herself and prevent getting cold at night. Next to the bed there is a white bedside table with a set of drawers. This piece of furniture is not very functional, it is used to place a phone there which also served as an alarm to wake the person up in the morning.


The bed

On the other side there is a white closet that serves as storage for clothes and shoes. People in 2018 used to own several different types of outfits and pieces of clothing. It was also common to buy new clothes every now and then to follow the so-called “fashion” , the idea that one should express themselves through the style of clothes they chose to wear.

the closet


place things on it such as an overpriced espresso machine. Waiguoren in Shanghai, especially those of European origins, valued good espresso so much, they were ready to spend huge amounts on coffee. 100 years ago, good coffee was not easy to find in Shanghai. This machine was red and quite large. Next to the machine there is an IKEA lamp, one more thing the waiguoren girl loved because not like most lamps in China, this one provided warm, yellow light instead of the usual cold, white lights.

There are two other strange machines in the room. One is to clean the air and one to dehumidify. The European girl hated the humid weather in Shanghai, so he chose to make the air in her room dry. The air purifier was need because the air quality in Shanghai 100 years ago was quite bad and she was scared of any related health issues.


Exhibition Next – New research idea – Museum of Underwear/Lingerie

I just came up with this idea today during class time. I have noticed that women tend to wear different lingerie in different countries, cultures. I would like to do some research on this topic. In my personal opinion wearing lingerie is a hidden fashion, it can’t be seen on the streets but I think certain styles are typical to certain places. I am interested what their underwear means to women, do they make them feel more comfortable in their skin? I would like to interview women about their underwear preferences and research how lingerie can represent culture, sexuality and fashion.

Week 1. – Exhibition Next – research idea

One of my ideas was a “pill museum” , not because it is a very interesting topic but because I think pills look really cute and I would like to focus on the design of my museum instead of what I actually exhibit. I would like to have this museum in form of an installation, mobile app or website.


The other idea is a museum of extinct bird sounds. This would also be an installation where people can listen to bird sounds. I would research in archives and either try to find the sounds or recreate them. I would also create a website or mobile app and design ticketing as well.

Individual Project by Sara Bruszt

Winter Wonderland involves two major rooms and three room-like spaces. The user is stuck in the ice room and has to face the scary snowmen. The sound is spatial so whenever the user is close to a snowman will hear a different sound. In the meantime when the user looks down can have a look into the room of Christmas where Santa keeps the presents. However the user cannot get to this room because they don’t believe in Santa 🙁 . When the user goes close to the hole can hear louder music. I also spent significant time on creating the snow so I hope you will enjoy my little winter wonderland!

link to the zipped project: ( let me know if any issues opening it )

Final Documentation for “Vampires” (Material to be added after the show)


Title: Vampires

Names and team roles:


Kadallah -editor of interview and medical channel, programmer of the TV , interviewer


Sara – editor and writer of history channel, editor of music channel, camera operator


Names of people in the film :


Kelly Chen

Adan Kohnhorst

Voiceover: Mira Malmosi



The Vampire Masquerade | Waltz


Neil Young – Vampire Blues

Mia Lan – Vampire

Annie Lennox – love song for a vampire

Bram Stoker’s Dracula Original Soundtrack

Sesame street- Count Song


Archival, found footage


Ebsco host online archive :


Artstore online library :


Films cited:

Interview with the Vampire

True Blood


Dracula (2002)



Experience vampire universe through 4 TV channels.




Vampires as the title suggest is a documentary installation about vampires. There are four channels playing on a television. The first one is History Channel where one can learn about the history of vampires and how their concept came to being in different cultures and how the concept of vampires we know today developed through centuries.

The second channel is a channel that displays 2 of our best interviews with people in Shanghai and their experiences as “vampires” in their lives. On this channel the term “vampire” is a metaphor to certain parts of human identity that makes the person feel different from others.

The next channel is a “medical channel” where the viewer can learn about people who suffer from an illness called porphyria which is a disorder that affects the production of “heme” that is a part of hemoglobin.The effects of these diseases, if left untreated, can be devastating.The malfunctions in the body’s chemistry cause the skin to be extraordinarily sensitive to sunlight, with a result that exposure to even mild sunlight can disfigure the skin, cause the nose and fingers to fall off, and make the lips and gums so taut that the teeth, although no larger than ordinary, look like they are jutting out in a menacing, animal-like manner. Some of these people consider themselves vampires. On this channel one can learn more about their lives.


The last channel is out MTV Music Channel, maybe the most simple of all. One can enjoy songs of the vampire universe here.


Tech/Materials: television, table, extension cord