PDS / Final

Original problem: “My friend wants print postcards to thank Professors who wrote recommendation letters for her. One of the things she said was it would be nice if she could send something that said it came from Shanghai.”


Wave, Line, Shanghai

She told me she wanted to give it to three different people, so I wanted to give her three different options. I initially wanted to make them very customizable and then figured out that as a designer making something for someone who isn’t one, I had to simplify and give simple options. Therefore, I chose to do preset color schemes or for the Shanghai one, I removed the option customize the scene.

First of all, I realized that a lot of thank you were very abstract, so this wavy design was loosely inspired by the idea of Shanghai and it’s Chinese meaning. It’s very flexible. LINK

After doing a little more research, I realized that there weren’t a lot of options for other languages, and that’s what this design does. There are four fields, and you can adjust accordingly. The main sample below is mine. LINK

And then for my roommate’s very specific request of wanting it to be from Shanghai, I figured out that she wanted something more in line with a travel postcard. This one has a dropdown choice of  sky behind the illustrations that can hopefully help her write.  LINK

PDS / Random

So for my assignment, I wanted to work on this piece that I found on Pinterest. From looking at it, I assumed that it was created by drawing line by line, and the darker parts are where each layer overlapped.

So I thought it would just be noise, but what I figured out what repeating noise 4 times didn’t generate 4 different waves, which was normally possible with random. I spend a while trying to see if it was possible to do it in random and then I figured out that if I just extended it and then translated it, it would be different.

This was the closest that I could get, because the version of this code can get some drastic cuts and it generally has a lot of white gaps in between, but this was also the version that I felt had that smaller falls in the overlap while also creating some of the “circles” in between each line.

Link to code


PDS / Midterm Project

Link to code

So I was looking at Gracie’s Ice Cream and how inconsistent the colors were in their logo. So I cut it down to the different shapes that they had. First up was a circle, and I unfortunately couldn’t get the image function working (something about an a text error) so I’m just using the rectangle to stand as the wordmark for everything.

The first one was a simple icon, which they use for a lot of social media. I then made the triple scoop one that they use a lot in print, which was challenging because I at first had based it in corresponding values and then figured out that I needed to use scale and translate.

Then there was the rectangle shape. There’s one that can be used as a usual store banner, and I just abandoned the red. The second striped one was rethinking the way they use their logo for the freezers, which I had noticed just used the same colors as the logo.

And as abonus, after realizing that they’re focusing on their WeChat mini store, I made an extra pattern that can work as a sale announcement.

Final Project

So, my final project shifted after the feedback in the last session and trying to think about things further as a product. If there’s one thing I know from different readings over the year, people like buying motivational items. So going off of the idea of doing something different like using a circle, I got the idea of making some sort of crystal ball with my favorite piece of advice, “Make a new mistake today.”

I ran into a few key problems. First off, I assumed from the sample that engraving text in acrylic immediately showed some white, but Jingyi explained that it might have been dust from engraving a large portion. In the end, I ended up just covering it with some ink for the words to stand out. Here’s a first sample that shows the difference.

I initially had thought it would be a good idea to make a little slot to make sure it stayed stable in the 3D printed base, but making hollows in 3D printing wasn’t a good idea because the next solid layer will just all over the hollow. I couldn’t even get everything out, but it was tight enough to grip the circle, so I ended up making a new file without the extra square.

Another problem that I encountered was that I wanted the base to have a little more definition, but Rhino just kept crashing on me once things got more complicated, which is a problem I’ve been encountering a lot when I’ve been doing something graphic or processing heavy. So I ended up making something flatter, which was manageable for my computer.

In the end, I don’t know if it can stand upright because there was this extra knot of plastic that happened at the base, and it’s also not even all the way through from the first protective layer that I can’t peel all the way off. It’s not a big problem, as I already knew I wanted it to be on my windowsill, so it can lean against that with no problem.

Assignment 2 and 3

So for assignment 2, we had to create something that represented us, and I got the idea of doing a palm leaf, because I’m from a tropical country. I first drew the thing in Illustrator and them imported it into Rhino, and that was when I realized that it was quite small in certain areas. I had also made it a small file size, and when I tried it for Assignment 3, it didn’t end up printing properly at all.

So for Assignment 3, I thought it would be better to just do a solid to actually make the most out of 3D printing. I decided to just go with a think S, my initial. This one turned out much better, so that was a relief.


PDS / Midterm Proposal

For our midterm, I wanted to tackle Gracie’s Ice Cream, because if there’s something I’ve noticed, there’s a lot of discrepancy with the way they use their logo. For example, in the picture below, the banner and the circle on their doors aren’t exactly harmonious. There’s also the ice cream cooler in the cafeteria with that striped background that doesn’t quite go with everything in this picture either.

So, three use cases:

  • One circular logo that they use for some signs (in this picture and in the second floor cafeteria)
  • A social media icon (their social media and their WeChat app)
  • A rectangular logo that can be used as physical banners

PDS / Type

The assignment was something I had to think about first, because if there’s one thing I wanted to do right, it was legibility. So I chose to just do the word “HI” because it was 4 rectangles.

To use the whole purpose class, I thought about creating the shapes with dots, because I just got refreshed on pointilism the other day, and it’s an amazing effects that really hard to do manually, but it could be done with a computer.

So, it took a while, and I got something. They’re just made with rows and rows of ellipses, which the first picture demonstrates, and the second is with random applied.



But then I played with it further and added another for loop to do some sort of geometric type, but then I just ended up with a rainbow.



All in all, the background changes depending on the starting color, and I’m sure I’ve changed everything that can be edited into vars.

Project Research

LITERATURE AND ART, PERSPECTIVES AND CONTEXTS:                               Readings:

A Strategist’s Guide-helpful in thinking about limiting my scope to a one-time need

Hybrid Assemblage– I don’t really want to do anything hybrid but it was cool to think about how the digital can be married with the old harmoniously, instead of being very obnoxious


Stamp Yo’ Face-they make stamps, but they create a hand-drawn drawing first before having it laser cut, and it felt like a good marriage of two opposite poles–handmade authencity with the precision of digital fabrication. Also, a lot of it were one-off things, which is what digital fabrication is best suited for, according to the reading

haveanicedayy-has laser-cut earrings out of rainbow acrylic, which fascinated me the first time I saw it. Suits the nice-to-have categoy of this object


So I got started thinking about some art supplies I would like to use, and I thought about how I had seen a few examples of people drawing on acrylic boards, but it’s not really such a famous thing that I can find it in a store as easily as a blackboard.

Ideally, I’d like to do all 4 sides to have a nice frame, but depending on the size capabilities of the 3D printers, I could also just do a holder like in the picture.