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Breaking Stress, Buddy

#VR Game #FPS #ReducePressure

Nowadays more and more teenagers have troubles with mental health problems because of the pressure. They don’t have a clear mind how they could solve the problem in a correct way, so some of them chose to give up their lives; some of them tried to escape the real world by getting caught in net, alcohol, even drugs. With an immature mind, there are lots of tragedies happened around the world, everyday, every seconds. Youngster really need a positive way to get rid of the stress. According to my research, body exercise is one of the best way to reduce annoyance. I wanted to make an interesting game which can also guide people work out (wave arms) to regain their good state.

The player will be placed in a magic room with dramatic environment design. By taking different weapons, the player will be asked to wipe out all the cute monsters who coming from the tube during limited time. Virtual Reality is the key part of the whole project, which bring an immersive, 360 degree world to people. The “rage” room gives teenagers a place to relax themselves.


Mold Exercise


In today’s class we learned how to use mold to copy little objects.

Thanks for the guidance of professor, all is well on the little monster!

Comparing to use 3D print to copy same thing, there are lots of advantages on using mold. It is easier, faster and the most important point is that the model is high quality, and you can even diy the color of the material!

It is very useful to build our model in this way!

VR/AR Prediction

1.VR Games become main stream, game companies keep spending more money on developing VR applications.


2. In China, Tencent purchases the largest VR game company, keeping strengthen its game industry. Alibaba, Baidu and Neteast set up research community for sharing latest achievements about VR/AR applications.


3.The average price of VR headset refreshes the lowest records. With the development of VR area, more and more people accept the immersive experience. Right now, you even can get a VR headset with 70RMB in Shenzhen.


4.AndriodVR and VROS, who will lead the next generation? Since 2010, Apple and Google launched their VR operation system, which means a new battleground is officially on the stage.

Week 11: Final Project Idea

According to the final project instruction, the whole work is running around a key word “uncanny”. From my point of view, here uncanny can be understood as different meannings, for example, it could be “scared to people”, or “looks wired but entirely funny”, even like “the way to play with the toy is strange”. Generally, the toy should be unique and cool.


After researching and thinking over and over again, I decided to make a “scary rag doll” called “double face”. The uncanny point is that the front face side looks normal and cute, but the back side is another face with scary eyes and unpredictable smile.


  1. My target users definitely are not naive kids
  2. Teenagers who like uncanny stuff
  3. Halloween Gifts to make fun of your good friends

Final Project rough ideas

For the final Project #2: Site-Specific Video Installation, I would like to choose option 2.

  • Option 2: Propose a site-specific video installation. This can be made alone or in collaboration. There is no time limit. It doesn’t not necessarily have to be on campus, but preferably somewhere close that we can walk to or visit. If you are thinking of doing something off-campus, please come talk to me beforehand.

I plan to work individually and the workplace would be in the school on 9th floor. I temporarily decided to make the video sculpture to show people the relationships between Two-dimensional animation and people, and I would build a fake TV as the mirror. I am considering to use projection and VJ softwares because it looks cool and the image is changeable under the control of VDMX.

Class exercise-taking apart cash gun

At the end of the class, professor gave us some toys and our mission is to take all of them apart l! Generally, the popurse  is to see the inside structure of the toy!

Chen Ba and me got a black cash gun, and after taking off its “cloth” we found that there is only one motor inside! I bought the same one last year with 60rmb !  Oh no

below are some pictures of the distroy process:


Field trip in New York_Martin

I spent a week in NY during the spring break. Thank for the recommendation of Ann, I chose two museums from the suggestion list: MoMA, and New Museum.

Below are some of the pictures I took during the tour.

(I have no idea why some photos are not straight even though I already edited them)

There are lots of artworks representing different ideas, and the image effects are totally  different. Some of the artwork look simple but it seems like the picture is delivering you some guidances to let us think the meaning behind it, some of the work are painted with passionate colors and fill all the elements to your eyes. This valuable experience definitely brought me some inspirations, and when I faced to the artwork, I was thinking how to show audience things in a similar way. I think I will be braver to use more colors, and more dramatic images when I edit my videos in the future.