Week5 – Rolling Ball + Photogrammetry

For the photogrammetry I tried several other objects, but they all seem to be hard to recognize by the photo scan software. It might because of the lighting conditions indoor also the objects I chose  did not have enough details. Finally I found a phone on the wall and it works.


I also modified the mesh a little bit in blender, and reduced the polygon count as well.

photo-phone photo-phone2

This is how it looks in my rolling ball unity scene.


NOC – Week5 Bubbles, Shirley

It is much harder than I thought to create these blobby bubbles. Basically each bubble has 20 particles next to each other and connected with a line. Each particle will give its neighbors attraction and repulsion to the rest. And in this way they can balance as a circle. I tried to modify the numbers for thousands of times and finally I got this.

NOC – Week5 Inspiration, Shirley

My inspiration for this assignment is from soda. The program will simulate the bubbles inside a glass of soda. It is pretty simple, but I’d like to make it as realistic as possible.

For each particle,

  1. it will grow from a small size to large.
  2. it will move from the bottom to top.
  3. when it is moving, it will collide with others or merge with other particles as a larger one.
  4. when it moves to the top, it will stay for a while and pop in the end.

NOC – Week4 Planet, Shirley

Since we were creating planets, I played a little bit with gravity and collision besides resistance. I made two type of planets which one is earth and the other is ocean. For earth type planet, it has a gravity that can constantly attract the particles, and allow the particles to bounce and stay at its surface. For ocean type planets, it is just water so it can slow down the particles by applying the resistance when they are passing through.


Capstone Progress, Shirley (Greenspan)

Interactive Project

On the current stage I am working on the interaction. So far these are done:

Paper plane modeling & rigging

The time I spent on the model and the rig is much longer than I thought. As I was actually folding a plane using armature in blender, faces are easily clipping into each other. So I had to be extremely careful with the weights and the position of each vertex.



Plane mouse control moving 

Basically the plane will fly to where the player points at.


WebCam texture mapping

I had a lot of issues on the UV map when importing the model to Unity, but finally they are all fixed.


testing the script with the built-in webcam.


The texture maps nicely that the model in the game looks almost the same as the real one.

In progress

  • Kinect unity communication
  • Paper plane animation

Ideally these all should be done by the end of this week. Will conduct a series of play test after that.

Research Paper

For my research I would like to look back into how the design on game controllers were made in the past, and provide a picture of the growing process of input methods from controllers to modern input methods such as motion tracking. And to reveal the potential of new technologies as input method that enhances game engagement and enjoyment according to different game scenarios.

The current sources I have are several scholar works on the history traditional controllers, and journals about analysis on using natural controllers/motion tracking/etc vs traditional controllers and how they affect gameplay in video games. I’m still reading and gathering other sources.

[Popcorn Session] CSS Animation

download files




Stylie http://jeremyckahn.github.io/stylie/

Gradient Generator http://www.cssmatic.com/gradient-generator

CSSynth http://bennettfeely.com/cssynth/

Ceaser https://matthewlein.com/ceaser/


Animate.css https://daneden.github.io/animate.css/

CSShake http://elrumordelaluz.github.io/csshake/

Hover.css http://ianlunn.github.io/Hover/

Effeckt.css https://h5bp.github.io/Effeckt.css/


Source Code




AR Week2, Print Media – Shirley

For this assignment, I was looking for a marker that is naturally around us and can be easily found.  So I chose the exit sign as my target. I took a picture of the exit sign and made a small animation in Photoshop. When the user point the camera to the exit sign, they will find the little man become alive.

The marker



The animation overlay



test code 437159