Week 10: Final Project Proposal (Moon)

Documented by: Moon

Partner: Quoey

Project Name: Dreamsea


Almost everyone makes dreams. However, what if a little fish has his dream as well? Since we are curious about how it would be, we are going to create a fish’s dreamland in the sea, and we call it “dreamsea”.


We want to make an undersea adventure of a fish, which is fancy and magic where he may encounter a mermaid or other creatures that do not really exist or do not really live undersea. The fish will be swimming forward all the time the user will be able to feel the world in the fish’s dreamsea.

Media and Interaction:

We are going to use images and audios. Images will be mainly produced by ourselves and audios may be searched online. When the user moves the mouse, the fish will move with it. So, the user can control his direction. Also, on the way that the fish moves, there will be other creatures that the fish will interact with them in different ways. One way that we have already thought of is that when the fish’s body touches the coral, there will be tiny little bright spots spreading in a certain shape, or maybe some plankton spread out.

Week 10: Response to Rachel Greene (Moon)

In the article “Web Work, A History of Internet Art”, Rachel Greene discusses a quite popular topic for today——net art, which I think, is also the significance of the existence of our school’s major “Interactive Media Art”.

By reading this article, I feel like I am really lucky to be born in this 21st century. Because now the internet is such well-developed that our life almost depends on it. I have heard the story that the computer that was first invented occupied a whole room. As time goes by and the technology develops, the computer becomes smaller and thinner. Also, the internet is getting more and more mature.

At the same time, from my perspective, what I feel really relieved is that even though there are more and more technical elements in our life, we are not forgetting about the branch of art in our life. There are more and more works with art elements, for example, I have been to exhibitions which are based on world-famous paintings, and add some technical adaptations to it, making it sometimes a little bit weird, but mostly really creative.

I would like to appeal to the public that net art is a great term to say because it combines net and art together. In this way, we can develop computer as well as art. How amazing!

Week 10: Response to “Computers, Pencils, and Brushes” (Moon)

In the article “Computers, Pencils, and Brushes”, Paul Rand talks about the relation between the computer with art and design, the topic of which is quite similar to Paul Graham’s lecture. I think this reveals that this topic is quite important to the future development of both related fielts——art and computer.

From my perspective, art and computer are somehow promoting each other’s development. Since a computer work without any art elements can be really precise but inevitably boring. At the same time, an art work can be really aesthetic and intriguing, but without a function, it might just be a “painting” without some more extra value which will make the work even more useful.

Meanwhile, as I also mentioned in the last post, creativity is an important element of both the two topics. We respect when things are originally beautiful. However, we will be surprised when things that were once never thought of are created by people, either for computer or art.

As a result, what make things shine is creativity. With computer AND art, the works are going to be remembered deeply in the audience’s hearts.

Week 8: Interactive Video Project Proposal (Moon)

Group members: Gabi, Moon, Quoey

Idea: We are going to create a detective story. For example, someone destroyed the important poster on the wall but the public safety has found several suspects and cannot tell who did it. The only thing they can make sure is that the suspects are all telling the truth, but they may hide something. So the user needs to see suspects’ narrations which are in the form of videos to find important clues so that we can find out that person who did it. There will be three to four suspects and the user can click them to see their narration. After making the final conclusion, the user will be told whether he or she is right. If the user fails, he or she can try it again. And if the user succeeds, he or she can see the complete story and all the clues that support it will be emphasized again.

(This is a post sharing with other collaborators which was posted by my partner on 21 March.)

Week 8: Video Project Storyboard (Moon)

Partners: Gabi and Quoey

Our storyboard lays out the foundation of our mystery. We start off with a student walking into the bathroom and finding the dead body. The screen then breaks to darkness and the title of our project, and then to the 5 suspects. The user from there will be able to click on the suspects and hear their narrations as well as conflicts with the victim– the user will go on to try and figure out the killer. This storyboard is the setup for the rest of our story that will be continued.

And we have five suspects in total.

First is Linlin who is shy and was Tom’s classmate in Science class. She liked Tom but was refused by him directly. Here is her narration: I’m Linlin. I’m…eh…I was in the same section with Tom in Science class. On the 17th, I studied in the AB for the whole day. Yes, I was on 2nd floor. And I went to the bathroom several times. [anxious] But I didn’t notice anything! Maybe the door was locked then, but I’m not sure. [calm down, more nervous] I haven’t talked to Tom for a long time, you know, because of some personal affairs…He was arrogant sometimes and just ignored others’ feelings. But I felt he wouldn’t choose to…do so. I’m sorry… But I have no clues. [lower voice] He had bad relationships with many people…I mean, I really don’t know anything…

Second is Victor: I’m Victor, Tom’s tutor. I’m really sorry to hear about his death. He was a good guy, although sometimes a little impulsive. Quarrel? Oh…it was not that serious. I did have a slight issue with Tom. It was about his unreasonable bad feedback on me…I mean, I didn’t really care about the feedback, it just upset me that he was so particularly offensive towards me. On the 17th, I was busy with some other stuff. No big deal. I just lost something. I was too busy to remember little things recently. And I did not see Tom that day. I just stayed on the 10th floor. Witness? Oh, yes, I have. Daniel saw me on the 10th floor that day, or maybe you can see the monitor.

Third is Daniel: I’m Daniel. I’m so sorry about Tom’s death. He was really an excellent star on the football field…Yes, to be honest, I was jealous of him. But I had to admit after he replaced me as striker, our team got much better…And he was very nice to me. On the 17th, I was in the AB. Midterms sucked and I was writing an essay. Oh…yes, I saw Victor on the 10th floor. He seemed to be looking for something. I had an appointment with Professor Moon. I wanted to make up for a class I missed. I stayed there for a while and continued to write my essay afterwards. I took the 10:00PM  bus back to the dorm.


Fourth is Justin: I’m Justin. I was Tom’s roommate. Sad to hear about Tom…On the 17th, I went to the AB in the morning and stayed for half of the day. I had lunch at noon from the halal noodle in the cafeteria. And I also saw Daniel in the cafeteria. But I just sat alone. After lunch, I went back to the dorm…In the evening, Tom didn’t come back to our room. But I thought he might be partying somewhere, as he usually did. So, I did not care much about it. Anyway, you know, it’s better to avoid being around him for long period of time. We fight often about our different living habits and styles…

The last one is Moon: I’m Moon. I teach Science here at NYU Shanghai. Tom was clever but maybe a little impatient…We had a little dispute in class, but it’s meaningless to mention it now…poor kid. [sob] On the 17th, I came to the campus to get some work done and meet with some students. I had my iced coffee as usual, and then met with Daniel and Linlin in the morning… I wish I had met up with Tom that day too. Maybe things would be different then… I also saw Victor on the 10thfloor, but he seemed busy. So, I didn’t bother making conversation with him. After finishing my work, I went home.

So basically we’re going to shoot the scenes according to their narrations. And there are some details in every narration which will be underlined with the user’s interaction. And we are still in process and it may be modified later.

(This is a post sharing with other collaborators which was posted by my partner on 22 March.)

Week 8: Response to Walter Benjamin (Moon)

In the article, Benjamin mentions a point that I am really interested in. That is, his comparison between camera and painting. And this topic is also one of my favorite topics to study on. From my point of view, camera and painting have their root difference, which is that camera is recording things while painting is actually recreating things. And I think this is also one of the reasons that Benjamin thinks painting has more sense of “authenticity”.

Also, Benjamin mentions an important tip that painting contains the works’ space as well as time, whereas camera only carries its space. I was a little bit confused about this because I personally think a picture itself, for example, its color saturation, luminous efficacy or so, already includes its time inside of it.