Week 8: Response to “The Danger of a Single Story” (Moon)

This topic is also emphasized during our freshmen’s orientation week. When I first encountered this title, I don’t really know what this mean. But after I watched this TED talk, I was really inspired by the idea that sometimes a single story might lead to a really marginal phenomenon, and such a phenomenon might lead to a completely different idea about an event or a person, which is actually a biased way to see the world.

For a project designer, what we can help is to make the project round, meaning that do our best to prevent others from prejudicing. I know that it is quite hard to achieve this kind of “goal”, but I will try to do this in my future projects.

As a user or an audience, I think that I should not be so absolute on one aspect of one thing, which might lead to a biased point, or rather, a not important point of a work of a project.

Week 7: Response to “Theft And Artistry” (Moon)

I really like this song! And I really like this style of “cultural remix”. And this kind of remix is so smooth that I just paid attention to how pretty the scenes were.

I think this article shows the importance of cultural identification, which is also one of the topics discussed in my English for Academic Purposes class. This is really a topic worth discussing because in the whole world, or even in our school, there are many groups of people and we are all diverse, especially in terms of culture. And we should take a right perspective on others’ culture, meaning that we should respect others culture even if we are not able to get used to them.

More importantly, we should definitely get rid of discrimination. We all know that all men are created equal and no one should have colored glasses on others. I think this is one of the significance of this song, which reveals that different culture can be combined together, making a harmonious and colorful scenery.


Week 6: Response to Jonathan Lethem (Moon)

I really like the very first sentence in the quotes reading that “All mankind is of one author, and is one volume; when one man dies, one chapter is not torn out of the book, but translated into a better language; and every chapter must be so translated…” This sentence is so poetic and beautiful that attracts me.

I think this article is kind of similar to the other one for this week. They both talk about the “plagiarism”. While I think in the field of art, it is quite difficult to define what exactly is the frontier of plagiarism and recreation. For example, there are many pieces of painting can be found some elements copied from some less famous works. Also, there is a saying goes like “There is no absolute originality in the world.” So for me, it is understandable to seek some inspiring elements from other works. And it will be best if there are citations

Week 6: Response to Joy Garnett and Susan Meiselas (Moon)

The first impression of this article to me is those fancy paintings. I really like the painting style!

By reading this article, I resonate with the two authors that sometimes people do have divergent ideas about copyrights. Some might think that a painting or a picture is able to be reused and recreated by taking part of them. Or rather, using some elements in them but make them into a brand new one. However, some might see the above behavior as making inroads of the copyrights of the original publisher.

From my perspective, the above behavior can be tolerated only if the citation is clearly shown to the audience. Even if there is no audience, there should be citation marks as the respect to the original publisher. We should not be to absolute about “copying” because if so, almost every piece of work contains more or less percent of copying from others. But we do need to pay attention to the mark of citing from someone else’ work. Even if it is just an similarity of a formula. It also should be cited. This not only a way to tell others but a way to remind ourselves.

Week 6: Response to “Embrace the Remix” (Moon)

The very first thing that I want to say is that I love this topic! Personally, I am a great fan of music. These years, this new mode of music “remix” is quite on the stage. And I can often see the “(remix)” on the title of the songs. Also, there are some musicians who make the hottest fifty songs in one year and mix them into one piece of music. I have been thinking that these are amazing works.

I really like the idea in the TED talk that everything is a remix. And I understand that some great works, especially in music. I think this phenomenon is kind of understandable. Since one who can select great works before and pick the essence is also a professional person, I think it is because the person knows that what are the cuts that worth using and can be created in a new version.

And I noticed that we have an audio project for next two weeks, I am really looking forward to put this idea into my project.

Week 3: JS Exercise (Moon)


Above is the link to my JS Exercise during the recitation. I changed three details of the website. The first one is that when clicking on the header part of the website, it pops up a new, same website as the original one. The second one is that when clicking on the navigation part, the background color will change to pink. The third one is a little tricky. When clicking on the content part, the inner the context changes to “ALL GONE!!!”.