Main File.

Programming design:

Title: Interact to Expose.                                           Title: Programming the wild.


Title: Pilgrimage and brainstorming.                          Title: Warm smell of tea.



Film and Animation

《竹石——立根原在破岩中》(bamboo of the stone)



Design with hardware: 

Title: 3D model water wheel liquid trash can prototype


Title: under the night light



art of violence

What is it: a social art for woman’s committee to encourage people to speak up about their experience of violence.

Background context: 35% of women had suffered intimate relationship violence. In China, there is tradition of “家丑不可外扬“,women who suffered from violence fail to protect their rights. It created more negative effects for the next generations. And there had been instances of women who suffer the violence of so many times and in the end kill their husbands. I believe that speaking up is the first step and this piece of art allow the women who explode the fact to feel that she is not alone.

How to speak up: Take the user input and leave a scar in the corresponding are.

A future development of the project will be able to get the user input from the QR code, and show each update version of the based on each input.


Midterm programing design. message of justice.

message of justice.

suggested logo designed for Parliament of the World’s Religions.

link to p5 editor:

Give attribute to Daniel Shiffman, for his Pendulum class. Give attribute to Mateo Juvera, for helping me design the envelop icon.

My solution of the system design lays in the change of flowers every time loop through it. And every one who participate in the program of the Parliament of the world’s religions can have their own logo of tree with different flowers. 

Exhibition Next. document on technical component.

Document the needed element for an exhibition piece.

Exhibition Next. Final.


project appearance, digital and nature.

interactive element.

One week to grow the nature part of the project.


An animation with nature soundtrack.

Serial communication:

import processing.serial.*;
Movie myMovie;
Serial myPort;
int bamboo=0;


void setup() {
//size(800, 600);

myMovie = new Movie(this, “bamboooo.mp4”);


String portName = Serial.list()[5];
myPort = new Serial(this, portName, 9600);

void draw() {
if (bamboo==1) {
image(myMovie, width/2, height/2,width,height);;
} else {
void movieEvent(Movie m) {;
//image(img, 0, 0);

//void draw () {

// tint(255, 20);
// if (val =< 10) {
// movieEvent(Movie myMovie);
// }
// else if (val> 10) {


// }


void serialEvent() {
// read the serial buffer:
while (myPort.available() >0) {
//String myString = myPort.readStringUntil(‘\n’);
// if you got any bytes other than the linefeed:
//myString = trim(myString); // to remove empty value
bamboo = int(; //;

//void movieEvent(Movie m) {




int sensorPin = A0;
int sensorValue = 0;
int cmd=0;

void setup() {
void loop() {
// read the value from the sensor:
sensorValue = analogRead(sensorPin);
Serial.print(sensorValue );


hardware: moisture sensor, Arduino, projector, laptop.


plants say NO. Museum.

Designer: Xiuai

Prof. Cici

Exhibition Next.

Title of museum: Plants say no.


Plants say no is an exhibition to show case of how plants are mistreated for human interests. In the fast pacing life, the biological existence of plant is being neglected. In the fast pacing life, we fail to take plants as another form of live companying us on earth, rather we use them for our utilities and excuse. And today, plants say no. They say no when we hang lights on them for decoration, for they have no time to rest at night; and they say no when we use them for our marketing excuse. Plants Say No aim to provide a space where people can see the story told by plants and interact with plants.


To take the public out of the trap of materialized perception of plants, that plants are used for human’s interests. Help people to regain the respect for the biological existence of plants, and thus to appreciate their nature aesthetic, and let the plants live in peace.

Museum Floor Plant:

The museum take the shape of a seed. In the middle of the seed there will be a pool with fresh water, and the water is for the plants in the exhibition. On the ceiling will constructed lights that is suitable for plants to live. The design of the museum is also aim at respecting the plants even when they are bing displayed as art project. Ticket free for students. for non-students the ticket is 100 Kuai.


Artist invited: Azuma Makoto. Born and raised in the countryside of Japan where nature was ubiquitous. Some of his work:


Azuma had exhibition to explore what became of plants when they lost their links to gravity and life in a foreign frontier. In the museum of Plant Say No, he could further share his art and research on plants’ reactions being used as a foreign being other than plant in fast pacing life.

Project so far:

night plant:

marketing plant:

midterm proposal

This is the main logo for the Parliament of the World’s Religions. Here is the mission “Parliament of the World’s Religions was created to cultivate harmony among the world’s religious and spiritual communities and foster their engagement with the world and its guiding institutions in order to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world.” Under it, there are several programs:


Each program has its own logo. However, there are several issues:

1. each individual logo lacks a connection with the main logo. I can’t tell it’s a program under Parliament of the World’s Religion.

2. And also, under each logo their is an inconsistent background.

3. it’s hard to see the variation between some logos for the programs.


The midterm redesign will focus on connecting individual logo with main logo, and create a background with consistent style. 1. I will take one element from the main logo, which is the curly leafy element, and make it as an object. 2. The elements will form a letter or a symbol for that program. 3. The leaves will have random color so that each participant in the program can have it’s individual logo.

Women’s Dignity Program.


The Next Generation Program:

Justice Program:


reading response to curator and artists

Here is my understanding of the reading:

  1. At the beginning it said that exhibition is the medium, and “exhibition seek to appear as beautiful, natural, true, and legitimate, while absenting the ideological forced behind it.”
  2. And “Exhibition design is a toll for curatorial practice”.
  3. There are two arguments about the roles of curator: one is that the role of curator is limited to its job description—“its administrative, managerial, and facilitatory aspects”, while another one argued that in this world of arts with all kind of forms and topics, the role of curator is important in “determining a conceptual framework”, and thus the processing of curating “open up a space where individual works of art gather new meaning and values by virtue of their regrouping for public consumption”.
  4. From here follows examples of curatorial models that can form their own praxis.
  5. Given the fact the curation is a  key component within the discourse of art, their are people who are unwilling to accept the provision by curator. For those who accept, it allow the creative curation processing to achieve the mediation of artistic values.