Final Web project by Xuanyang(Vasudevan)

For the web project, I want to focus on the theme “health”. Because I feel the schedule of the campus life is always disturbed by project deadlines or friends hanging out. The  erratic hours and poor diet is hurting the body of mine and other students. Thus, I made this web to warn people the importance of health and also encourage myself to do so with videos and functions to show the current status.

I start with making a video to explain why health is important. Since I am working on my own, i use the online resources to form a video. I also put a movie cut in it to add humor elements. I made the background music with the remixed music and my voice to explain the topic.

At first, i made a home page with four pics linked to four webs. I linked the first page to the web with the videos. The second page was linked to a web with the body mass index calculator in it. It ask the user to type in current weight and height and will return BMI number with the status, underweight, normal, underweight. The third one was about food calories. I put six photos to represent five different food types and the calorie consumption. I set a calorie number and a flag number to each pics, when the function is called it generates the calorie and use if condition to choose which content to add the calorie to. There is also a var to sum all the calorie numbers and show it on the last pic. The last pic’s function will fresh everything when called. Finally, I used <form> to build a user feedback web. Unfortunately the <mailto> code does not work.

However, this design is just simply a simple website. Suggested in the last class, I put all the webs in one and use the tabs to control my them. I use the function to hide the contents  whose tabs are not selected. So it looks the tabs on the tops are presenting different contents when being clicked, like a button. The trick is that the fourth tab contains nothing, so it looks like closing the window with the content in it. I make the video as the background video, a button is put on every tab content to pause the video.

there are other suggestions, such as making the mouse into an animation. It is a pity I don’t have enough time to achieve them. What I learned from the project is that, when designing a web art, it is unwiser to focus only on the functions of the webs or even the CSS. Simple java code on making animations on the web can make it more interactive to users. Also, if I have time to improve the project, I want to change the background video according to the BMI result calculated on the web. On the whole, I am glad I can add more interactive elements before the deadline and I hope you will enjoy it.

Week12:Response to “Web Work: A History of Internet Art” by Xuanyang(Vasudevan)

In the article, Rachel Greene explored the several steps of the art work of websites according to the history. He mentioned several events of the “NET.ART”, explaining how the early programmers used their intelligence to create those innovative web arts. Based on the quick development of the web technologies, the web art developed very fast. One event inspired me most is that 1996 developers put lots of enthusiasms and effort even when they made a little money on the web. They believed that the new sites would surely be valued by the NET.

What I learned from it is that when developing the websites, one need to have a foresight on it. The trend of the NET should be used to help you forecast the future trends but not just being followed. Once you find the opportunity, you can have a head start. Also, web design and development is a work needs boldness. Keep challenging what already exists is the key to innovation.

Besides, the art of the web work are concerned more on its function rather than the art part. How to make the art inspire the users and catch their eyes while functionally help them would be a problem.

Week 12: Hackers and Painters and Proposal by Xuanyang Wang (Vasudevan)

Hackers and painters are both makers. They are trying to make arts. They will discover new technologies during their creation, but that is different from doing research. I think, in some way, hackers are closer to painters than they are to programmers. They do not have the perfect designation at the beginning. They learn by practicing and examples. Both hackers and painters think of their audience. They have to assume the audience know nothing about their products and think as the audience think. That is the most important thing I learn from this reading, when making things, we have to think of the users to improve the product.

In the second reading, Computers, Pencils and Brushes, the author mentioned about the problem that computers are replacing the manual tools like pencils and brushes. He said that the computer makes people easier to achieve their goal with a sense of accomplishment. I think that the key to solve this problem is learn to control the computer instead of controlled by it. We always seek easier ways to solve problems. However, sometimes, the traditional methods have the effects that can never be replaced. Also, all these complicated new inventions are originated from the old tools. As a result, we should never abandon the manual tools.

For the final project, I want to build a project on smart health consulting. For example, if you type in the height and weight, it will show you how many miles you should run per day. Or give you a healthy diet list for suggestion. Or maybe I will focus on the guidance on working out. I have not decided the details but Health is the theme I want  to work on.

Week 11: Video Project (Vasudevan) by Xuanyang Wang

For the video project, I work with Marisol and Cyndi. WE have changed a lot of plans, story telling, clone video, and we finally decide to make an interview about the U.S. president election.

We prepared six questions:Who did you support?Are you in agreement?How wil this affect?Influence on trump?Racism in the US?Social MEDIA? for the participants. We select 7 of them to keep the balance of the bias.

When taking the video, we met the problem on positioning the camera. In one video, we didn’t notice that we carelessly move the camera, so one participants is partly out of the screen. And when Editing the video, it took us a lot of time and effort to lower the background noise.

For the web page, we decided to use Eko tools. The tools enable us to put buttons on the video screen. We separated the video into one introductions and six questions. We put the introduction on the beginning screen and and set xix buttons linked to each question. The problem is that the video player is set by the Eko tools, so that we cannot design the buttons or the functions on the player. Besides, the internet works really slow when uploading the materials. Thus, we decided to make a backup.

We use java to make six buttons linked to six web pages, each with a video about the questions. The main page is for the introduction video. The functions work actually the same but it looks worse than the Eko project, so we think it might be better to submit the Eko one as our project.


Week9: Walt Benjamin by Young(Vasudevan)

The author introduces the idea of the mechanic reproduction, using the modern technique to reproduce the art in a large scale. He feels that the reproduction takes away the aura of the art. On the other hand, the reproduction of the art also provides the public an easier way to get access to the art. The author concludes that people are becoming more acceptable to those consuming art for pleasure.

Not every people are artists. This article warns that when doing a project, we should take our viewer’s taste into consideration. Sometimes the audience may not understand what you want to show since the idea is in your mind. This reminds me of the success of the marvel movies. You can find a typical style in every movie of marvel, however, it succeeds every time. People love the jokes through the tense fighting. It does not mean humor always works. But, finding audiences’ favor may be the key point of the art industry nowadays.

Week8: Video Project proposal by Xuanyang,Cyndi and Marisol (Vasudevan)

It is lucky to work with my new teammates. For the project, we want to make a music video.

It is about a love story between two college students that bumped into each other in the hallway and then from there on the boy cannot stop thinking about her. The boy is actually an artist and he gets so fascinated by the beauty of the girl and obsessed with it that he gets to the point that he follows her and hides so he can be able to capture her beauty in a painting. The painting becomes a masterpiece but one day it becomes stolen and the thief leaves a note telling the boy that if he wants his painting back they should meet in the accorded place and time. When the artist agrees to meet and gets to the place he first discovers another painting very similar to his but the difference was that instead of the girl, it was a portrait of him. Then he turns around and finds out that the thief was actually his beloved one and she was the one that made his portrait. So there is a scene where it is like a flashback where it shows that in fact the girl had been doing the same thing as him, she had also followed him everywhere and was also in loved with him, making his portrait. So it ends up with a scene where both are together and the camera makes a close-up to the portraits that actually showed how both of them were always looking at each other.

And since it is a music video, we want to make a remix song, maybe one of Madonna’s, as the background music. We think that with different tones remixed we can actually play with the camera effects and not make the video that simple, it would look good with scenes changing according to the rhythm and good video effects.

Besides, based on the story, we have not decide whether it should  be sad or funny or sweet. Neither have we decide the role each of us would play. So there are still a lot to be discussed.

Week 8: Audio Project by Young(Vasudevan)

Xuanyang Wang/Qinfei Zou

Our project was built on the idea of collecting different accent of English speakers and remix them together. It was supposed to be a funny project. But, suggested in the class, we want to record the material by ourselves from NYU students. There comes the problem that most of the students do not have the accent. Thus, we change our plan,  instead we want to collect the different languages and remix them together.

Most of the audio materials are recorded by the device borrowed from the LAB. Then we use the Adobe Audition to polish the voices and put them together. The trick is that when the voices are closely linked, it sounds odd. So we put a second between each sound. And due the monotone of the product, we also add a background music. The BGM is also remixed.

And for the website, we use the examples in the class. We put the country flags of the languages we recorded on the page. Click on it, it will play the separated voices. On the top, the I set a button to control the audio:

function toggle(){

And use a div and innerHTNL to imitate a subtitle board:

vid.controls = false;
vid.addEventListener(“timeupdate”, function() {
var aTime =parseInt(vid.currentTime);
cap.innerHTML = “English”;
}else if((11<aTime)&&(aTime<15)){
cap.innerHTML = “Hungary”;
}else if((16<aTime)&&(aTime<20)){
cap.innerHTML = “French”;
}else if((21<aTime)&&(aTime<25)){
cap.innerHTML = “Portugese”;
}else if((26<aTime)&&(aTime<32)){
cap.innerHTML = “Spanish”;
}else if((33<aTime)&&(aTime<40)){
cap.innerHTML = “Indonesia”;
}else if((41<aTime)&&(aTime<50)){
cap.innerHTML = “Korean”;
}else if((51<aTime)&&(aTime<54)){
cap.innerHTML = “Chinese”;
cap.innerHTML = ” “;

The problem is that, the flag pictures are onloaded, so it appears in the bottom part of the website. But we want to put the player button and the subtitle board in the bottom.

In the project, I experience the way to remix the sounds, which is so exciting. Looking forward to the next project.

Week 8: “The Danger of a Single Story” by Young(Vasudevan)

In the video, Chimamanda Adichie showed us how a “single story” can be dangerous for people to understand things. In my opinion, the single story that she means are the personal ideas resulted from the experience in life and affects from the environment.

She gives the example of her roommate, how she imagine the life in Africa and how she feels about African people, which are all incorrect according to the author. From the video, even when the author pretend to be humor, I can still feel the anger in her eyes. It is rude to understand a thing  in a word or two, or a single story.

When we try to understand or tell something, even if we cannot tell the whole story, we should not limit the story in our opinions. The misunderstanding will cause problems far harmful than you can imagine. Thus, when we create things by remix something very unilateral, we should be awear of the potential problem in it and we better point it out before someone get fooled.

Week 7:Response to “Theft and Artistry” and “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” by Young(Vasudevan)

In the Theft and Artistry, the author talks about the approbation of the culture, which are remixed in the music. The author gives several examples and points out that the artists puts exotic elements into their music to create new style of products, without actually understanding the culture. Thus, the way they want to show such a culture element may go against the intention of the culture. I was intrigued that we should respect the things we remixed from. Although we have the rights to take these gifts as a means to our goal, it does not mean that we can disregard its own value and transform it into whatever we want. Things are different, they should be treated differently.

In Jeff Chang’s can’t stop won’t stop, the author provides a fascinating narrative of the history of the hip hop music. The music become something more than music itself. It is a remix of the music, the history and the culture. And only through understanding these aspects, can people really reach the level and enjoy the music.

On the whole, from the readings for this week, I learned that besides the style of the project, the meaning and ideas behind it are also very important.

Week 6: “On the Rights of Molotov Man” and “The Ecstasy of Influence: A Plagiarism” Response (Vasudevan) by Xuanyang

In Harper’s Magazine article, “On the Rights of Molotov Man“, a photographer and a painter argues about the copyright of one remixing paint from a photo. The article also talk about how the decontextualizing and remixing of the images affect the meanings. Cause the paint remixed from the photo becomes a symbol instead of a picture. This reminds the idea in the last reading that everything is an remix. It is interesting to see things change greatly by adding new elements in it. It inspires me of the way of remix in some way.

In the second reading, the author also talks about the remix of art works. He discussed several cases about artists borrow materials from other art objects and transform into new creations, nowadays, are still considered plagiarism rather than a kind of art. Does the influence has to be visible so that the art can be called art? I do not think so.

Based on the readings for this week, I think the interactive media needs an interactive attitude as well as interactive techniques.