Dear Data Shanghai–Ann(Candy)

This is a map that I made to note down my feelings in different weather in Shanghai during the last week. It provided information of how strong the wind is and how is the weather and also my feelings. My inspiration comes from the complaints about the rainy days I heard in the past week(It really rains a lot).

To directly present myself, I drew 7 little characters, representing myself in the seven days. They all have similar outfit for this is not my focus. The weather is straight forward: with five days raining , one day with clouds and one day in the sun. The wind on the other hand is shown through the character’s hair and the angle of the umbrella she is holding. I made the umbrella yellow so that the map looks better. It seldom keeps rainy for so long time in Februry in Shanghai. For me I do not feel so comfortable when it rains since my shoes would get wet and it would be sultry even indoor. I drew some black dots ahead of the 5 characters in the rain to express my resigned feelings, and of course the dots keeping accumulating. On the last two days on my map which sun starts to come out. There grows a little plant on the head of the girl to represent her happiness. It feel like a cute and efficient way to map my feeling in this way.

Nature of Code: Week 1 assignment–Moon(Candy)

Documented by: Candy Bi

Project name: Drawing Board

Professor: Moon

Date: 2/19/2019

final(video version)

For this assignment, I started without an idea of what I want to do, rather I choose to experiment to see what I could get.

I start with a red background with some moving rectangles. I make the background transparent so that the three reactangles could leave trails.

I then draw a white ellipse that would move according to mouse:


For some improvments I use the “mouseIsPressed” to create the effect that only when user clicked there would be the white circle:


I suddenly came up with the idea to make th white circle a bouncing ball that would bounce whenever it touches the three rectangles. It turned out a failure.

I then shift to the idea of playing around with lines and this is what I got:


For better visual effect, I made the other side of the lines ramdom in a certain range ( inside the big rectangle the three black moving rectangles formed). It somehow gives the feeling of modern arts:


Week 12: Response to A History of Internet Art–Candy(Chen)

This passage covers the emergence and development of the Internet art. It is quite interesting to see how much it has grown over the times, with just basic components like domain name to complex interactions. What I found very interesting is that the name of it is a “software glitch”, which make me think of those art works I encounter before. Art works might be reinterpreted by audience as something beyond its original purpose, yet this is also what makes art more interesting. Another point I found intriguing is those problems that may occur when internet art gradually converged with daily life. That its own success may threat itself in the way that it may lose its “freewheeling and antiestablishment spirit”. A big challenge for artists may be to reach a balance between the two.

Final Project Proposal–Candy(Chen)


A Concept

Around two months ago, a photographer wrote a true story on Sina Twitter about one of his clients. The girl, who asked the photographer for wedding photography on September 9th,unfortunately lost her boyfriend even before she heard his proposal in person. They were at that time having a cold war. Only when she received his wedding ring (ordered earlier online) on September 8th through mail surprisingly did she go check his Sina Twitter account and find his letter of apology and plan to propose. The letter was still the top post on his home page. She eventually went on the honeymoon trip arranged by him said in the “letter” by herself, and took the wedding photography herself. The cause of death was not told, yet this story aroused people’s awareness of cherishing one another when they still could.

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Response to Hackers and Painters–Candy(Chen)

I have never thought of hackers as relating to painters before, however when I try to look into the concept carefully, the relationship the author claims between hackers and painters actually does make a point. Hackers, rather than scientists that follows mathematic rules strictly, are makers just like painters. I really like the way the author put programming language, that it “is for thinking of programs, not for expressing programs you’ve already thought of”. What matters here is that you learn by doing it. The author is trying to point out a common problem exists in the current system that big firms tend to understand hackers as scientists which somewhat restricts hackers from creating things they really like. Good coding may not survive when free trials for love are restricted. That “when you damp oscillations, you lose the high points as well as the low”.

Such understanding of hackers as painters is completely new to me, yet I do feel very much related. I used to paint a lot when I am in high school. Though I may not label myself as painter, I do experience the time when I am instructed to paint in the exactly same way as everyone else in the class. Painting only becomes a pleasure when I can paint what I want in the way I thought would be the most suitable. Indeed, there are basic rules both for coding and painting, but certain degree of freedom ought to be allowed for good products. Only then could my dream of making my love my job be realized.

Response to Computers, Pencils, and Brushes–Candy(Chen)

Computers, pencils and brushes put forward a question that people have been arguing for a long time: whether those computer-technology-based arts could be called arts? One thing unquestionable is that these technologies have stirred up dramatic changes in the field of arts. While reading the article, I recalled once I saw a talent show that one senior from Peking University singing a song that is written by the program he wrote. He explained that the computer actually did tons of creating among which he picked this piece to perform. This strikes me a lot at first yet later makes more sense to me when I realize that the computer is not creating based on its understanding but rather calculating all the possibilities. For now, it is still human beings picking among to perform. However, It is very likely that with improvements in technology, the computer could pick itself with some sorts of choosing rules built inside. Yet for me, I would never consider such creations as arts even they are far beyond human abilities.

Ideas is the crucial part in arts creating. I always believed that what makes arts so amazing is the mind of creator: his thoughts, his feelings and his perspectives. Such parts just seems impossible for computers. However, I would not go to the extremes and argue that computer did no help to arts. I fully agree that technology makes it much easier for artists to express their thoughts, but the cultivation of the sense of arts could only be gained through hand work. And computers could never grow beyond “pencils and brushes”.

Audio Project – Skye Gao, Zane Fadul,Candy Bi(Chen)

Team members: Candy Bi & Sinead Alexander

Documented by: Candy Bi

Project name: Robota

Project link:

Professor: Chen

Date: 11/19/2018


For this video project, we decided to do a stop motion about a robot. We want to tell a sad story about an old robot that used to have a crank to move and got its last chance to move when it is charged by the user. The whole project is basically a video of his last explore in a room. The interaction part is a at the very beginning and user has to click the charger to charge the robot.

We wanted to point to the question that people rarely thought about–the ralationship between human beings and robots they make. Those creatures that seem to have life is somehow sad and not alive.

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