Final Project Essay (Sean)


Just like my midterm project, my final project will also base on environmental protection and recycling of waste. I was inspired by the guest speakers from the “new workshop.” I was impressed by the fact that they had done a project on the recycling of plastics. The recycled plastics that are selected by the two girls from streets to streets are made into useful faith products, beautiful and environmentally friendly. After class, I also did a lot of investigations and found that now facing the problem of waste plastic recycling has become a major ecological problem, and more and more people are finally aware of the importance of recycling plastic recycling. At present, only 2% of plastics are recycled, which means that nearly a third of the waste plastic has entered the ecological environment, 14% for incineration or energy recovery, and 40% of the plastic has been used as garbage in the garbage. If we can recycle plastics as much as we can in the life and even more rubbish instead of producing more rubbish, our country also the whole environment will have sustainable development and a better place for our children.

Rough Thoughts:

In the middle term project, I mainly used processing to make a small game of garbage sorting and recycling, to awaken people’s awareness of garbage recycling. I am still willing to make a play for this project at the end of the period, but combine processing and Arduino to make only a more interactive mini-game. In my opinion, the most critical part of interaction is the “communication” section, in other words, the exchange and refresh of information between users and machines or applications. The game is the most interactive and easy way. The purpose of interaction is not only to provide users with a simple tool but also to create a partnership that can talk to you, so users and devices can adjust themselves to cooperate with each other. In this way, users not only use machines or applications, but they are also affected by them. Using this, the mini-games I made can deliver and share information about environmental protection and waste classification to people. To do this, I will use more iconic icons and more realistic scenarios to build the game. I prefer to use devices which can recognize the shape of the player’s human body and project it on the screen to form an animation, which can make the player more involved. I plan to use the player’s body movements to complete the game’s actions, which is to eliminate garbage icons to achieve the garbage classification.



Human limbs are different four points, representing different categories. The speed of the icons is different. The final player will reach a certain target score will appear special animation rewards.
I hope that through this game, people’s awareness of environmental protection can be aroused. At the same time, it can also help modern people to stand up and move their bodies and maintain their health.

Recitation 8 – Drawing Machines(Patricia)


Today we will be creating drawing machines by using an H-bridge to control stepper motors attached to mechanical arms.

Here are materials we used today:

  • 1 42STH33-0404AC stepper motor
  • 1 SN75440NE ic chip
  • 1 power jack
  • 12 VDC power supply
  • 1 potentiometer (from your kit)
  • 1 Arduino and USB cable (from your kit)
  • Laser-cut and 3D printed mechanisms
  • A pen that fits the laser-cut mechanisms
  • Arduino Kit


Step 1: Build the following circuit








Step 2: Use examples to control the motor, using the function map() in order to match the movement of the knob with the rotation of the motor.

Step 3: Collecting the parts.

Step 3:  Work with my partner!



And we finally made it!



Video Art: Final Project Rough Ideas(Patricia Feng)

1. Group Member:
Findlay  Black from video art and Julia Myers from HEO。
We made our group last Friday and finally settle down our topic today meanwhile we had a brainstorm the whole afternoon our final project. Now, we have a rough idea and going to work with it.
Findlay was trying to make videos about animal torturing but I and Julia just met about the project and we came up with another potential idea to pursue. We were thinking of maybe creating some sort of performance themed around the Just Dance game that gets glitchy and artistic as the performance goes on. For example, maybe 3 or 4 dancers start in sync with a just dance type video but as the video starts to glitch and be overlaid with different videos the dancers start dancing around the stage and doing their own thing. To involve music performance, we could potentially have arcade-style dancing squares on the floor that can further glitch and control the music, and let the audience figure out that the dancers are controlling what happens to the videos and music. It’s just one idea, but we also were curious about how we can combine Findlay
‘s thoughts for the animal brutality one, and what kind of Video and performance we are planning to make.I talked to Sean about the performance and he said there are limitations on messy materials, ie probably no fake blood or red paint. Also, any thoughts for ways to involve music performance or instruments?


Links about inspiration projects( about the  visual effects)

Group Research Assignment(Patricia)

Our group focus on the historical Chinese Toys. My part is to study Chinese Barbie Doll.

As The reading we have has said that:

Play is the germ that grew to make us human.

Heaven take pity on those few of us who try to take play seriously. It’s hard to do. Play, by definition, is something that is not serious..”

Huizinga stated clearly that he is a cultural theory of play, not a biological theory. My theory, in contrast, is fundamentally biological, though it is also cultural, because, in matters of human behavior, biology and culture are inextricably entwined. “

Play as a basis for art, music, literature, theoretical science, religion, and all that we call “higher culture.”

by Play Makes Us Human I: A Ludic Theory of Human Nature

Here is my research about Beijing Silk Woman

Beijing Silk Woman is one of my favorite and most valuable toy,  which is a peculiar kind of traditional folk art in Beijing. They are mainly made into human forms by the handicrafts made of silk, with a history of over one thousand years.

It is closely related to handicrafts skills for cloth toys, such as “pins and needles” and “color bars”. They are based on the stories of the ancient women in Chinese folk tales and the national dance figures. Painted, costumes, props, and headdress, etc. More than a dozen of the processes of fine handmade to make it a lifelike three-dimensional human form. Not only their faces and hands are made of silk, it goes from head to toe, from inside to outside are made of selected first-classed silk and yarn,  hence here comes the name “silk woman”.

So it has a high appreciation and collection value. The lead wire is for the skeleton, cotton wool is for the flesh, silk yarn is for the skin, real silk is for the hair.

In 2001, Kan Yue-Sai considered this issue and launched the first complete brand of Chinese doll in the true sense of the word: Yu-Sai Doll, which opened a special counter in the shopping malls and toy cities across the country. In addition, TV commercials and media campaigns were very popular. The quality of the Yu-Sai doll is very good and the look is very special. However, her disadvantage is that she looks rather traditional and mature and is not a “big-eyed, high-nose doll” that Chinese children like. This is why children are born with dolls What? Of course, thanks to the Barbie doll decades of brand influence.


Yu-Sai doll’s body and Barbie was the same at the time, most of the Barbie dolls were mixed with the 1966 and 1999 prime-body mold, Yu-Sai doll’s body and 1966-like Barbie stature belonged to the big chest, thin waist, long legs The body. So the costumes of the Yu-Sai and Barbie dolls can be universal, maybe the idea of Yu-Sai-Wan was very good at that time. “Children can wear Barbie clothes to the Yu-Sai Dolls,” but this also presents another problem because Barbie’s clothes Obviously more modern, more bright and stylish, but also more Barbie gorgeous makeup, and appearance of Yue Sai dolls, obviously more suitable for traditional Chinese clothing and national costumes. After all, Barbie’s brand is very mature. Her customer base in the world is 1-80 years old. Even adults have many collectors. The image of Barbie is deeply rooted. Children buy Barbie dolls. If they take Barbie, To Yu-Sai doll’s counter, she may not hesitate to say “This is not a Barbie, I want Barbie!” This is because the Yu Si baby is too young, the image and the Barbie or the result of overlap. The following figure is the most attention of Yue Sisi dolls representative style: Qian jin Red

Barbie is also the strength of this brand is that she already had her own Asian dolls, launched many times the Chinese princess, from the Qin Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, her interpretation of the culture and consumer demand, and Understand China even more than the Chinese. Strong packaging design and production quality, it can be said that if Barbie to concentrate on and do Chinese dolls, she can occupy Chinese market. So Yue-Sai gradually fades out of the market is also an imaginary thing.


Later, the appearance of a Ker doll was more successful than that of a plumage, and her image and Barbie were completely different. Obviously, it was an undeveloped young girl, not a girl who was raised like a Barbie The market is also very clear, mainly minors, dolls and Barbie from head to head, height, body are completely different. But can a child brand stand the world over for more than 50 years, as Barbie did, and we are talking too soon?
The exact title should be why Barbie dolls in Europe and the United States popular.April 2011 Shanghai Barbie flagship store closed announced its withdrawal from the Chinese market.

Barbie in contrast to the failure of China:

Barbie has lived in Europe and the United States for more than 50 years the list of little girl’s wish list, she is not only a toy but also one of the symbols of American culture. She is big-minded and brave, has her own career, has been given an independent and confident image, She has inspired countless European and American little girls to dream of creating a better life like Barbie. With 50 years of innumerable children’s growth, Barbie has become a collective imprint and an emotional dependence. Barbie is a dream, an object of worship and a representative of women. Like the male option, as a historical doll, part of the high price of Barbie is represented by the collection value and cultural added value. However, Barbie lacks the emotional history and cultural foundation in China, and even no collectible market, while the Chinese consumers are Extremely price-sensitive, such high prices lead consumers to think cost-effective, instead of buying other emerging alternatives.

Barbie true brand image is not implanted in the hearts of Chinese consumers, in the minds of the vast majority of Chinese consumers, the Barbie doll is just an angel face devil body love shopping hot girl, and only. And because of the different tastes of toys, compared to Barbie dolls, Chinese consumers prefer Moe cute Japanese toys from Japan.

Continued to adapt to the times and innovation is also an important reason to maintain brand prosperity, the Barbie doll has been in line with the changing role of women lead the trend. Barbie is a well-deserved fashion “thousands of face girl.”

Each year Mattel to produce about 150 Barbie dolls, of which 120 are new models, Barbie dolls through these models not only prolongs the product lifecycle but also to make Barbie dolls become a record of social changes in the United States, so that the brand Always with women together. At many universities in the United States, Barbie has even become a specialized course to discuss issues such as female psychology, roles, male-female relations, and female-society interaction through the Barbie phenomenon.

More research:

Why Barbie is a real doll of an investment

Video Art: Archive Project (Patricia)

Duration: 00:04:29

Title: Farewell

Source: Youtube, Tengxun, bilibili

Found Footage: 








Nothing can tie us together
I like the seaman’s love
After a hot kiss, I hurried away

I have to go
I feel bad.But I’m always hard to get——–Neruda



Cologne said that

parting was for the sake of gathering.
After his people went outside, they did not agree with that. Most of the time is more important than the separation in order to meet the reasons, these reasons are often looked too vulgar to be endured. When we break up, say goodbye a few times, not back, how slow the footsteps are, the farewell. Life is so short that it can not always be with the most intimate person, whatever it is, it is sad. But it has at least one point too, you still have to accept the parting, and together is a very romantic excuse for a long company, at a brief parting, even if the final will be the trials of a long journey back to each other. So say goodbye when you leave, take your bags, give each other a hug, say goodbye, and feel free to go on the road, pursue the life you want, and look forward to the joy of reunion. When I’m sad, let the emotion come, as long as it does not affect the normal work and life, it is not a must to solve the matter, long time slowly also light.And I think that as long as there is a person’s ability to be happy and sad, then life is not too boring.I often say to myself, it’s okay to be outside.As long as it is not dead, there will be a chance to reunite.

Mr. Lin Yutang wrote in “paranoia”, “you go, I won’t see you; you, no matter how much wind and rain, I will pick you up.”Until later, I realized the problem that we were so sad, really because of the departure of the other party?The word of separation, is often considered to be sad, until a “parting is again the beginning”, let a person in any point I hope, how many people under the slogan of parting and there are many people straight from the heart, by the bye to talk to the mood, do not know from what time, the memory becomes pure no angry, you always say “he is gone, I can’t stand this parting, but don’t forget the true meaning of parting, that he did not return on schedule.

Video Art: Week 8_Ian Cheng Response (Patricia)

In the video, Cheng demonstrated that part of his video game project was about the study of the reactions and reactions of ancient humans in some cases. Letting art have enough space and time to make it become a real art and make it special, which makes it easier for people to see themselves as another role in the scene, giving people a sense of visual equality, which can make the immersive experience better.

As Cheng said in an interview, one of his explorations in the video is about the relationship between technology and human beings. How technology interacts with human beings and how it affects human society.

Philip K. Dick said, “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” Likewise, a truth is that which causally occurs even if you have no metric, name, or context to value it. As it said on the website of Cheng’s work, I really appreciate these words:

“The opposite of a truth isn’t a falsity, it’s an ideal. An ideal is a frozen state of perfection– how the mess of reality should be for us. It prescribes a precise past and future that the present should aspire to reach and hold onto. Human existence is nothing if defined, organized, and stabilized by ideals – names, titles, forms, heavens, hells, rituals, statuses, morals, myths, eras, scripts, models, supermodels, objects, laws, lingo. Crucially, an ideal can only exist through the consent and shared the history of a community of humans. Ideals are the crude barometers from which we give status to every piece of reality’s mess: authentic, real, fake, imitation, miracle, imperfect, precious, natural. When a community stops believing in an ideal, the ideal becomes worthless noise, but the reality is still there.”

He traced to thousands of years ago, studying and observing them in a purely emotional way. When it comes to artificial intelligence, people tend to pay more attention to neural networks, but they rarely think of studying ancient humans. Ian’s use of space is also very thought-provoking. Ordinary video game projects are usually projected on the screen, but Ian enlarges his video project to a large space, and people can walk around and feel it.

The additional link:

Video Art: Archive Product Update(Patricia)

I’d like to dig deep in “Farewell” to the topic of lovers.

Here is where my inspiration from:

The works of Lover, 1988 do not require any artistic knowledge or any aesthetic experience. As long as one person truly loves a person, as long as he still believes in the friendship between people, the power of this work exists.
In 1988, the men and women who decided to break up were dressed in red and one in blue. They started from the two ends of the Great Wall of China and headed toward each other. On one side is Jiayuguan, while on the other side is Shanhaiguan; on the other side is the Gobi and on the other side is the ocean. The two people set out on their own and made an appointment in the middle of the Great Wall. They did not know exactly where and where they met. The two men began to walk separately. The process of hikers took 90 days. With the exception of the local guides, they were alone. I could not imagine what they had thought during their three months alone. Walking alone for 90 days, what are the two people’s feelings along the way, they all recalled what the past was beautiful, what works they created together, what the future should be like; Ray was not feeling a trace of their own derailment, whether Marina was walking again In his loneliness, he decided to forgive Ulay. We are not known as outsiders. They walked alone for three months. Whether they are thinking of each other. Is it the moment you are expecting to meet? However, the rules of the game have been set. The moment the two met each other on the Great Wall, they declared their formal breakup. So, in the 90 days that I walked alone, did they want to meet or did not want to meet? The people’s mind is very complicated. I think everyone who really loved should understand this mood.
90 days later, they met in the middle of the Great Wall to meet and excitedly embraced, kissed, and congratulated each other. Then they chilled out. In the end, formally broke up. Not to meet Marina After many years of interviews, the day she broke up with Ulay was also the day she left China. Her guide on the Great Wall told her that she had just learned that she was pregnant. Marina is very happy for her and feels this is a magical thing. There is something destined to end, and there are some new life and miracles that are destined to begin. The following is Marina’s description of this performance art. I feel that there is no suitable language to translate these simple and heavy words, so copy it out and let everyone feel it.” Ulay and I end our relations with this project. The concept is to approach Each other from the two ends of the great Wall of China begins in the Gobi Desert and begin at the Yellow Sea; we meet halfway in between each walked 2000 kilometers to say good-bye.Duration: 90 days. Last meeting on June 3, 1988.

Here are found footage I got for now:

 And I am still doing research about this and would add more footage to it.

Here is the plan:

Farewell to classic movie classics (disassociated)

—– Lost love thirty-three days

Say goodbye to lovers
Breaking up (hateful)
Funny video farewell
Farewell in the video game
Farewell to the derailment of the satellite
Rocket launch detached farewell
Farewell to NBA basketball star
Farewell of leaves and trees, a farewell of flowers and branches
Farewell to kindergarten kids and parents
Farewell to the battlefield
Farewell to wandering away from home
Resigned too
death? (Elephant)

And here is the concept I have for now but going to make a choice and settle down on one.

Farewell is never unilateral. It ends with a relationship.
Must cherish goodbye (Han Han movies)
You can go further if you know how to let go
Feel of loss

Recitation 7– Guest Talk(Patricia)

Speaker: Eduardo Alarcon

hacker: cyber criminal; the group of people that bring technology to another level(using resources around);

hackerspace: the first hackerspace in China (新车间)

inside hackerspace: computers, stuff, technology, space, ideas, community

a community is the most important source for the hackerspace.

the community is consistent no matter where space moves.

Xinchejian is a volunteer-run non-profit  organization

projects: urban farming, plastic recycling, robot building, programming, helicopter simulator


IIOT: the industrial internet of things

IFTTT: a service that allows you connect different online services.

Speaker: Andy Garcia:

-DIY vertical hydroponic system

plant mint, basil, week 6 is time for mojito.

a system that combines fish, and the plant, the plant could provide nutrition to the fish.

-opening: Personal food computer is a project by MIT to control and collect data about plant growth environment. 无土栽培

a simplified version of this food computer, order materials in Taobao, digital fabrication.

heaters, humidity sensor.

micro-grins, grow fast, very nutritive, the roots is only in the water, without soil

takeaway: start with simple ideas and then add more variables, and then intricate with your projects.

Speaker: Andrea and Adele

Precious plastic shanghai: is a social enterprise highly committed to preserving the environment by creating awareness about plastic waste in China.

random results: necklace, cup carpet, earrings,

making recycling fun creative, and rewarding

the bike that actually transforms the strength to cut the plastic.

This speech gave me a lot of inspiration to my midterm project. And I made my decision that I will use my knowledge to do something meaningful and good to our society also.

Assignment 6: Karakuri Paper Toy( Patricia)



This week our class Karakuri paper toys from our “textbook”, which is an amazing book with any detailed instructions for us to make a fantastic paper toy.





  I chose the peach taro model. I am not familiar with the mythology of the Japanese folk of taro, but I did some research online, which is a little boy who is given a couple from heaven to childless. He came out of a peach, and the couple tried to cut the peach. This is a surprise in which the toy perfectly captures the features of taro.







It is a tedious task to delete every part of the file because there is not too much error space. There is a goal in every corner and corner of the paper.






Cutting it wrong can lead to a toy that doesn’t work. I took the whole class for most of the time to cut out the toys.





I folded the clippings from the instructions on the book and the lines on the paper. There are three main components – the peach, the boy and the ax.






The sticky toys took some time, but the instructions were quite clear and self-evident. I had to put a coin on every side of the peach to weigh, and a little sticky.





After drying, the ax opened the peach on the paper and revealed a little boy! I am planning to give it to my boyfriend as a gift because it is just too cute!





Toy Design Midterm Project : Love of Flamingo (Patricia)

Midterm Project

—-Love of Flamingo



Discriptiona and Concept:

For this midterm project of Toy Design class, I am making a toy as a gift for my best friend in NYU Shanghai —-  Fiona, who is a sophomore from Beijing. We have known each other for a year and will always spend time together studying and eating. As what we can see in the interview, she is “ Hard-working & Lethargic & Careless & Loving animals”.

And by accident, I learned that she was in favor of the bohemian style, which actually can also be detected by her clothes.

At the end of the interview, it was surprised that she mentioned it that she thought my phone case is pretty and especially the flamingo!

So finally I decided to follow my original idea to make a Flamingo bolster which has a perfect shape and also a fancy one without the color pink.



1.Picking Proper Materials

Picking a piece of right cloth is the most important step for me because the flannel style is with lots of complicated but beautiful patterns. Lucky for me, I am a  blanket lover who has 5 different kinds of blankets in my home and I am about to throw one or two away for their old ages. I chose one from my mother’s which has been used for 8 years. It is also a recycling and reusing.

2. Sketches & Clipping

Then I made little prototyping of my toy. Afterward, I used a piece of newspaper to draw the real sketch because the toy is going to be too big for normal paper.  

And I tried different shapes of the bird’s head.

I finally chose the third one because it has the best shape for people’s neck.


I also made it legs and two pockets as its wings.


When I am about to cut the blanket, there is one detail I made on purpose which helped me a lot. I used a flowerlike pattern to be the eyes of the bird. After measuring those things,

Now let’s cut them!

3. sewing

I used the sewing machine and something available in the lab.

This sewing step takes me 3 days for I always sewing the line to a wrong direction or the cloth would be twisted together. I have to admit this kind of job really needs patience and care. Going slowly when sewing saves more time than doing that fast but taking apart later for its bad quality.


4. padding

I used two different kinds of cotton to pad it since the Flamingo’s body and neck have different features which are that the neck should be harder for its shape but the main body as a pillow should be softer.

5. Final Version: 


Pockets for her stuff ( for her carelessness)










A good thing to relax with like an arm and also is a pillow for desk sleeping.

Big and Soft Enough!


Reflections on this project:

I learned so much and improved a lot while doing this project in hand sewing and using the sewing machine. Just one thing to keep in mind which is do it carefully enough and slowly. It takes more time and effort to take it apart and make it again.

And after the presentation, I received some good suggestions like to add a ban to it just like a bag so that it will be easier to carry with her.

What I might improve in the future is that I would like to make it more personal which men=ans give more personal personalities and characters. To put more connections between this gift and my user.

Hope she will like it and it can keep her a company when she feels lonely!