Video Game and Simulation

The recent discussions on the classes made me reconsider the connection between game and simulation and what are the roles that they could play in real life.

Video game and stimulation shares similarity in the sense that they are all the extension of the real life. Video game, in most of the case, is the variants of real-life activities. They are either imitation of what people enjoy doing, such as sport and adventures, or imaginary worlds where people can exceed the physical constraints. Yet, even in those imaginary worlds, the players still has to follow some of the basic physical laws or fundamental values. On the other hand, stimulation is reproducing real life. They are essentially both the digital version of the physical world with the different focus: entertainment or accuracy. Therefore, it raises the question that if it possible to create a digital system that has the same features as real life but also entertaining, and more important, it is capable of help solving real issues in the world. Moreover, the further question that if simulations could be integrated with themicrosoft-hololens-minecraft real world, so as to beautify the physical world by making some part of it become attractive and even addictive games. Instead of a piece of code in computers, stimulation could create a virtual reality on the real physical world, with vivid graph, sound and tactile sensations. In the video about the game addiction, it is proved that while children encounter lots of discouragement and failure in schools and family, they tend to look for achievement from video games, which is an important cause of game addiction. A well-designed simulation game may be able to solve the problem.

Jane McGoing, a game designer, once discussed the possibility of using the game to solve real issues in a TED Talk called Gaming can make a better world. She thinks there are several factors that make game so attractive: Urgent Optimization, Blissful Productivity, Epic meaning and Tight Social Fabric. Urgent Optimization means the challenges in video games are designed according to players’ level, which give gamers a reasonable hope for success. Blissful Productivity means that as people are happier playing games, they are also more productive. Epic meaning refers to gamers loving to be attached to awe-inspiring missions to human planetary-scale stories. Tight Social Fabric refers to the fact that people feels better about each other after playing games. This explains why so many children are addicted to games, especially when their parents do not know how to develop the relation between children and family. However, what if, in the future, the family life is formatted into a game and people could get +1 on their skill if their actions are favorable to the relation with other family members.  The advantages of games are that it is well-designed by experts, gives players clear goals about what is the riabckat2ght thing to do, and people could switch between games to choose the one they like most. Games could play the similar role of good textbooks for teachers. Even if the some teachers don’t know how
to structure their courses, the textbooks offer solutions and ensure the qualify of educations. In term of educations, parents have poorer knowledge than teachers. 
When parents do not know how to educate their kids, games know! Moreover, different from educational video games in a screen, simulated virtual reality games are directly related to the issues. Players are guided make correct actions the time they face issues, instead of learning in front of computers, then practicing in real life! 

Achieving this goal has high requirement on professional education knowledge and game designing skills. However, it would be a new and revolutionary form of education!




Two Types of Creativity


Above is a picture of MX5. Meizu, a Chinese phone company, unveiled it this year. It’s similar appearance as iPhone 6 brings its lots of sarcasm. Even its user interface has the similar structure as ios system — apps are all showed on the desktop, and by sliding upward shows the running applications.

This is not the first time Meizu being criticized as an Apple copycat. 17m6kbrg2dxjjjpgIts first phone, M8, was forced by Apple to halt sale and production due to the roughly resemble appearance to iPhone 3G. At that time, Apple was aggressively augmenting its influence in Chinese market and made lots of effort to protect its intellectual property, although Meizu CEO denied this fact. He pointed out that M8 was four-day earlier announced than iPhone 3G, and the design was published one year ago.  

However, despite of the intellectual right issues, M8 still established a strong reputation in Chinese consumers. It was given the name “the King of Domestic Phones” at the time due to its excellent performance compared to the price. This feature  of high price performance ratio is inherited by the following Meizu phones. Meizu raises the idea of “quality for young“, meaning their products are designed for young people who cannot afford expensive phones. The prices of its products ranges from less than one thousand to two thousand RMB, which are lower than iPhones and most of Samsung phones, while their components, like cpu and cameras are significantly better than the phones in the same price range. I have brought a M2 at the price of 599 RMB and from my personal experience, it offers the same user experience as my previous Samsung Note, with a long standby time.

“Once a term used to suggest something cheap and inferior, shanzhai now suggests to many a certain Chinese cleverness and ingenuity. Shangzhai culture is ‘from the grass roots and for the grass roots'”(Imitation is the sincerest Form of Rebellion in China). Through its sucessful performance, Meizu brand recognition has seen steady improvement. It is now considered as a competitve rital to Xiaomi. Both of them are famous for the high price performance ratio and in recent competitions, Meizu usually outweighed Xiaomi.

The reason underlie Meizu achievement is that it meets the special demand of Chinese consumers and thus distinguish itself from Apple and Samsung. Instead of expensive smartphones with fancy functions that are not often used in daily lifes, Meizu offers best experience with regards to the most often used functions, like surfing online or taking pictures, eliminates the unnecessary ones, and cut off the prices as a result. “The advent of maker technology is shifting product demand from large corporations to your next door neighbor”.(Shanzhai Digest) In this senes, Meizu is a maker, rather than a copycat. Besides borrowing the design from apple, it is adding something new to their phone — idea of ‘quality for young’, which is special demand for Chinese consumers. And in turn, it is also forcing other big companies to lower their prices. The large corporations are good at bringing new technology into the industry, as Apple introduces fingerprint and 3D touches. Smaller companies, more related to consumers in their regions, sometimes will come up with creative ways to use this technology. Because their technology could not compete with big brands, they are motived to find more creative method to fit the demand. Therefore, the large corporations and newly-established, smaller companies have distinct contribution to the development of the industry. Xiaomi and Meizu both take this path, creatively using the existed technology to satisify consumers, whileas Apple and Samsung, for the sake of attracting more consumers globally, keep introducing new technology to smartphone industry.


Liangchen Ye

A few weeks ago, a name, Liangchen Ye(叶良辰), suddenly becomes a hit on most of Chinese Social Media. Netizens use this name to make jokes, pictures and even emoji.b84605950a7b02083c65e25964d9f2d3562cc89f

This name is actually from a few screenshots of a chatting history, in which a boy, called himself Liangchen Ye, was blackmailing a girl, who is a dorm monitor, to reduce the cleaning work for his girlfriend. What makes these screenshots popular is the way this boy talked. He kept saying the words like, “Liangchen will greatly appreciate your work”, “Liangchen have one hundred ways to make you unable to stay in your university”, “just remember, I am Liangchen Ye,” which is an arrogant and wired way of speaking and can only be found in normal online fantasy novel. Moreover, LiangChen Ye is not his real name, but the typical name that the hero of fantasy novel will have. Very soon, he was fresh searched and his QQ account and pictures were posted out.



Someone even created an entry for him in Baidu Baike(Chinese Version of Wiki) and list him together with Junpeng Jia. In some sense, he has become the representative of people who are very arrogant, narcissistic.

In the previous reading, one author raised the idea that Chinese Netizen are using sarcasm as a weapon to spread their thoughts. The similar situation can also be discovered in this case. After the screenshot was posted online, few people stood out and criticized Liangchen Ye. Instead, the funny pictures and phrases about him immediately started to spread. Sarcasm becomes the new form of criticism. By imitating his pattern of speaking, people are criticizing, on the one hand, his unreasonable behaviors. On the other hand, they are also criticizing the unreasonable plot in many fantasy novel, where the heroes talk arrogantly and could suddenly become the most powerful people for no reason.

However, no matter how illy Liangchen Ye behaves, fresh searching him and publishing his pictures infringe his privacy, and is actual humiliation to this young boy. On Sept.28th, a Weibo account,叶i良l辰y, comes in public sight. It owener is verified to be Liangchen Ye himself. And through weibo, he made apology for previous behavior and speech, although still kept his weird speaking pattern and name, Liangchen. However, it is impossible to stop netizen from make fun of the term Liangchen Ye, for it already became the new hot internet word and the fancy substitution of “arrogance”. People who do not know the story behind this are using it, which again shows the power of sarcasm. It is interesting, funny, easy to understand and can be applied to all kind of situation.



Essay of interaction by Lewis

I think the basic meaning of interaction is that several objects can communicate with each other. It is just like chats between peoples. A speaker can say some words and a listener can understand and make a proper reply. Then the speaker also understands listener’s reply and replies to his reply. By such a way can the communication go on. Analogous to communication, interaction between human and computer should be in a way that computers and people are both speakers and listeners, and input and output are the method they speak.

If we analyze the factors prompting a communication, they may be that the goals of speakers can be achieved, like transferring or collecting a piece of information; the process should be easy to carry on and comfortable; the reaction of listener should be proper. Hence in terms of interactions between people and computers, software and applications should have multiple powerful functions, which must be helpful for users. If a software or application is game, it must be interesting and attracting. Secondly, people should be able to control them easily. This is a hot spot now. People can input their orders through touching, gestures or words instead of typing a long string of code. I think this is also the most important part of our courses. The goals of most projects are to enable users to input a certain order in most comfortable and natural way. Furthermore, in order to make the interacting process comfortable, the interface must beautiful and concise. So users can quickly understand what they are supposed to do. Thirdly, computer should have right react to users’ input. Just like listeners should make some signals to show they are listening. People should be able to know that computers have received their inputs and are working on them. Moreover, computers should output in a right way. Siri is a good example. When users ask a question, it not only offers answers, but also tries to be humorous.

The advantages of interaction are that both sides can be involves in the process and they can better understand each other so that the user experience would be attractive and smart. Nowadays, more and more people recognize this and many things, which we think are “dead” before, are enabled to interact with people, like sculptures and books.

One good interaction that I experienced is the touch pad on our laptop. At the beginning, it is used to alter mouse and has two buttons for left key and right key, which is very hard to press down. At that time, it is really difficult to use. If we want to scroll down on a page, we must use one hand to press the button and the other to move on touch pad. The method to control by multiple fingers solves this problem and greatly improves the user experience of touchpad. Now we can scroll down with two fingers and click mouse just by tap. This is extremely helpful for Mac users because OX has functions to switch between, like multiple desks, dashboard, Mission Control. This is very difficult to swift between them only by mouse. Now I feel like it is more easy to use touch pad than mouse to use MAC and that is also why Apple designs a new kind of mouse with touch pad on it.

Lewis’s Lab Project of Week 11

This time I try the AI to draw a rabbit but it turns out to be very difficult. AI is much more complex than the painting tools we usually use, like Sketchpad.  To draw the simplest line, I need to adjust three or four parameters. Finally,  what I draw is just a stiff rabbit with  tattoo and enamel……


but, I use photoshop to give it a eventful life~







Lab of “class” of Week 9 of Lewis an Anny

The following is Anny’s and my lab project of trying to use class and array in Processing. But we forgot to post  after the class.

We design a rudimentary game of Winnie the Pooh jumping over obstacles. Here is our code.

Wini w1;
Obstacle o1,o2;
Obstacle[] two;
int a;
float b;
boolean start ;
void setup() {
size(600, 200);
w1= new Wini();
o1 = new Obstacle();
o2 = new Obstacle();
Obstacle[] two = {o1,o2};
start =false;

void draw() {
line(0, 195, width, 195);

void keyPressed() {

void flow () {
if ( == width/2) {
start = true;
} else if ( == width/2) {
if (start) {
// println(,;

class Obstacle {
PVector size, place;
int h;
float speed;
Obstacle() {
speed = 1;
void initialize(){
h = int (random(20, 50));
size = new PVector( random(30, 80), h);
place = new PVector( width, height-h);

void move () {
rect(place.x, place.y, size.x, size.y);
place.x -= speed;

class Wini {
PImage shape;
PVector location;
PVector bearSize;
float a=1.5;
float v1=15;
float v2=6;
float a2 =1;
boolean jump, fall, right, left, stop1, stop2;
float end;
Wini() {
shape = loadImage(“a.png”);
bearSize= new PVector(79, 100);
location = new PVector(0, height/2 );

void make() {
image(shape, location.x, location.y, bearSize.x, bearSize.y);
if ( jump == true ) {
location.y -= v1;
v1 -= a;
if (v1 == 0) {
jump = false;
fall = true;
} else if (fall == true && location.y <height/2) {
if (stop1) {
location.y = bearSize.y +5;
} else if ( stop2) {
location.y = bearSize.y +5;
} else if ( stop1== false|| stop2== false) {
v1 +=a;
location.y += v1;
if (location.y >= height/2) {
location.y = height/2;
fall = false;
println(“A”, location.y);
if (left) {
location.x -= v2;
if ( v2 == 0) {
left = false;
v2 = 6;
if (location.x <= 0) {
location.x= 0;
} else if (right) {
location.x += v2;
if ( v2 == 0) {
right = false;
v2 = 6;
if (location.x >= width- bearSize.x) {
location.x= width- bearSize.x;
void move() {
if (key == CODED) {
if (keyCode == LEFT) {
left = true;
} else if (keyCode == RIGHT) {
right = true;
} else if ( keyCode== UP) {
jump = true;

void overcome() {
if ((location.x >= bearSize.x && location.x <= o1.size.x)&& location.y >= bearSize.y+ 5) {
stop1 = true;
} else if (location.x >= o1.size.x) {
stop1 = false;

if ((location.x >= bearSize.x && location.x <= o2.size.x)&& location.y >= bearSize.y+ 5) {
stop2 = true;
} else if (location.x >= o2.size.x) {
stop2 = false;

this a short video illustrating how it works.