Bingling Du’s Photogrammetry

My photogrammetry is a book on the green ground.2



Generally the texture is not well enough, mainly due to the green light on the environment. The interesting thing is that the ground’s shape is well presented in the model. The whole model looks like a wax-made toy though.

Week 4: Photogrammetry

When it first came to Photogrammetry, I was trying to augment the Meowspace, but then I talked to AJ and realized that photogrammetry involves a much more extensive setup process including manual white balance and proper lighting to allow for a high Aperture. I ended up trying to photogram a chair (photos were too dark though), a coffee mug (which I think was too small and ended up only getting the floor), and Guillermo’s hand. I shot Guillermo’s hand in the green room, hence the faint green outlining and shadows shown above. Although the hand was more successful in achieving detailing, I decided to wake up early and photograph the wall outside my dorm. The lighting ended up casting a beautiful shadow. I focused on the middle pillar, but ended up collecting even more of the back walls too. I plan on hopefully finding one unique spot in Shanghai and augmenting it in its entirety either for VR purposes or at least to keep as a nice memory of the place.

Rules for photogrammetry (for future reference):

  • Auto focus
  • Set white balance
  • AF 9-13
  • ISO high as needed to see edges in the photo
  • find space that allows for full 360° range if possible, avoid blur for everything including background
  • Make sure equal height and distance when surrounding object

Game Design Document – Baaria and Rewant

Attached are the link to our game design document:

Baaria and I had an incredibly time brainstorming for this game and are super excited to work on it and make this experience happen. We first began with the expectation for this game and were initially trying to make something like a harry potter game/ assassins. From there, we kept adding things we were excited to see in our game and discussed the potential story line and character sketch. Although the only experience I have with Unity is through the use of Roll-a-ball tutorial, I am psyched to work on this game development!

Photogrammetry – Feiyues

For my photogrammetry assignment I created a 3D model of my FeiYue shoes. I took over a 100 photos using IMA’s professional camera and ended up using 70+ of those photos on agisoft to 3D model the shoes. I used medium settings for model generation and around 100,000 polygon limit. Although the software said it would ideally take only 20-30 minutes to generate a model, it actually .took more than an hour and a half to complete it. To be honest, I had an incredibly time generating this model but was very frustrated with duration of the process. Attached is the link to it:

Photogrammetry and Roll-a-Ball Documentation

I first started the photogrammetry by trying to do the cute little pink dumpling key chain that yiying lu gave out. but this totally didn’t work. I had so many images that didn’t really match up with each other in exposure, and the background was a bit to busy. After trying to align the photos in agisoft for awhile. AJ helped me understand what to do. So I retook the photos and did the Starbucks coffee cup instead. The entire cup did not turn out perfectly, but the coffee sleeve itself turned out really really great. Here is a shot of it in sketchfab, though the quality was seriously downgraded when it was put in there. (

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 4.13.11 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 4.13.03 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 4.12.55 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 4.12.48 PM

Roll a Ball went pretty well too. I had a hard time uploading it to my phone, but other than that, it was relatively simple. I will need to work on my c#.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 4.17.59 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 4.17.38 PM

Photogrammetry [Ale]

When photogrammetry was first introduced to us it seemed like black magic to me. I couldn’t believe that by taking a couple of pictures you could actually get a pretty accurate 3D model of almost any object.

For my photogrammetry project I decided to scan the emergency exit sign you can find in a lot of buildings around Shanghai.

The first step was taking the pictures of the exit sign. I took around 25 pictures of the exit sign from different angles. When the alignment finished, I was really worried since I could only see the outline of my object in the point cloud and it didn’t seem very detailed overall.


My exit sign after aligning the photos I took.

The good thing is that after building the dense point cloud things started to look up. The exit sign actually looked like an exit sign then.


Exit sign after creating a dense point cloud.

My exit sign looked even better after building a mesh and adding a texture to it.


Exit sign after building mesh and texture.

Finally, I uploaded the final product to Sketchfab.


Week5 – Rolling Ball + Photogrammetry

For the photogrammetry I tried several other objects, but they all seem to be hard to recognize by the photo scan software. It might because of the lighting conditions indoor also the objects I chose  did not have enough details. Finally I found a phone on the wall and it works.


I also modified the mesh a little bit in blender, and reduced the polygon count as well.

photo-phone photo-phone2

This is how it looks in my rolling ball unity scene.


Week 3: Augmenting the Equipment Room – Dave, Reine, Tyler, Diana, & Mattel

For our story, we developed an entire conspiracy story to follow up our final scene. We then wanted to augment fear in our scene, but also questions and confusion. The story, at first glance, is allowed to not make sense. This is what fosters an environment for conspiracy and uncertainty. Below is a storyboard of the story leading up to the scene in the equipment room.

FullSizeRender 68

With this, we decided to include our assets, including pngs of blood to place on the floor and boxes, and include cat objects from Unity to hang in the air over a dead body.

FullSizeRender 95

We took a high res shot of peering into the equipment room, so the audience almost stumbles on the scene.


We took our resources and entered the green space. We took OBS and Chrome Keyed out the green to replace it with the high res photo of the equipment room, and positioned our student body on the floor. The photo was taken with roughly the same room lighting as in the green room, so the person actually pretty accurately fit the scene. We then took a png of blood and placed it on a box. Unfortunately, because the blood splatter was a png, we struggled with positioning it on a surface without it looking out of place as  a dimensional asset.

Finally, we took cat objects found online, placed them in unity, added green planes to remove the background of the cat, and positioned it so it was dangling from the ceiling. Within Unity, we used a light source and the added green planes to create shadows for the cats on the floor that we could add into the final shot. The green planes were then also Chrome Keyed out.

We made roughly 10 more cats to all hang from the ceiling, then added the assets into the scene to hang over the dead body.


After this process, the hope is to continue working to adding assets in a seamless manner to truly create an augmented reality that the audience isn’t immediately aware of.

Week 3/4 Augmented Exit Sign Dude – Daniela, Alejandra, Maggie, Shawn

Our team decided to augment Alejandra’s exit sign. At first we thought of continuing her idea of refugees and donating to UNHCR, however, we thought that this topic would be too serious and it would not exactly follow the prompt of making something unreal seem real. So we brainstormed and decided on having the exit sign dude walk past the door into another door, and when opened, he is on the edge of a cliff.

When it came to actually using the green screen, we realized that it might be hard to do it on a first person view with a youtube video as a background. So we instead found a picture of a cliff and had myself be the “actress”. I essentially walk on the cliff and fall off. We still haven’t decided what to do with what happens to me after I fall. We also found a problem of not perfectly lining up with the picture, so maybe marking the floor to know where I should walk and when to “jump off” the cliff would make this look more realistic.

OBS was quite simple. We used Chroma Key and Crop to put me on the edge of the cliff. It was quite annoying at first since the camera wasn’t cooperating with us, but we eventually got it to work after quitting and restarting OBS a few times. I think we have a lot more work to do, but it was fun playing around with the green screen.

Scene 1:

Exit dude runs past the sign’s door and opens another door (made by Maggie)

Scene 2:

Daniela/exit dude walks on the cliff and falls off.