Week11: Interactive Video Project (Chen)


  1. Overview of the video project

Our video project is mainly about a story of a man/woman’s life by showing their actions on a table in different life stages. We have used many interactive features in the web page to help people get more engaged in the life presented to them and have a better personal point of view

Out link for the website is:


  1. Work division

Harry: Video Editing (introduction video, general video), audio editing, web design (main homepage), Video

Miki: Web design (beginning page, main homepage), Video Editing (Rough cut), drawing

Ian: Video and audio editing (main video elements)

  1. Working process
  • Story Ideas brainstorming and Storyboard Drawing (Apr. 1th – Apr. 9th)

We got the idea of using table as at tool to reveal a people’s life from a video on the Youtube call “Mirror”, which uses a mirror as a way to reflect the passage of time and the age of the character. We try to create a similar one by using a different tool. And the biggest challenge we have thought about at that time is the transition between different life stages.baby2


  • Video shooting and resources collecting (Apr. 10th – Apr. 21st)

However, during the video shooting process, we find that there are so many others things to concern with even we shoot video indoors. The main problem is the light and the audio. We can not guarantee the sufficient lightning and a rather quitter place where the recorder can only record desirable voices. We conducted video shooting two times. And by the time we finish our shooting, we have found out that the transition is actually very hard to be made to move smoothly and the story is actually a little boring for the audience without good transition.

  • Video Editing, Audio Editing, Web Design (Apr. 21st – Apr. 27th)

During the web design and video editing part, we try our best to add interactive features and interesting voiceover in our video to make it more personal and engaging. We use Tascam to record two versions of video depending on your gender.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 5.32.27 AM

(drop-drag features)

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 5.32.17 AM

(gender choose features)

  1. Personal Contribution
  • At first, I help enrich and complete the storyboard based on the idea raised up by Miki. I have come up with ideas about several transitions between different life stages.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 5.31.17 AM

(Introduction Video)

  • Also, I am in charge of part of video shooting during our second video shooting process, and I also help record some of the voiceovers of the video by using Tascam with Miki.
  • When it comes to the video editing part, with the cooperation of my team members, we have brought up with the basic structure of the web. Also, I came up with the idea of editing an introduction video at the very beginning to attract the audience and create certain atmosphere. Besides, I also help combine different video clips edited by Ian to make sure the white balance and transition goes on smoothly (I edit video by using both Adobe Premier and Final Cut Pro X)

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 6.12.46 AM

(Drag and drop function)

  • I am also in charge of designing the main home page, the biggest challenge of the page is the “drag-drop” function we want to use. Thanks to Jiwon’s and Miki’s help, I finally add “drag-drop” in our website successfully.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 5.32.27 AM

  1. Reflection

I think this video project is the most rewarding one since I have successfully get engaged in every process of making an interactive online video: video and audio shooting and editing as well as the web design. I thought I have made a breakthrough in the web design part by studying the “drag and drop” function with staff. I also believe our video project is a project combining all the things we have learned: web design, audio, video, pictures.

Admittedly, there are still something to be improved. The first is that we need a more scientific arrangement of times rather than work overnight before the deadline. We should make a clear plan at first instead of letting procrastination control us. Another thing is about learning Adobe products such as premier. Though it’s not that user friendly compared to Final Cut Pro, but I think I can learn more about the software by exploring more times on the potential of it rather do simply cut and paste. All in all, time management is very important in doing every project, and help every group member has a better time management is also crucial.


week 12: Video Project – Life On The Table – Miki

Life On The Table

This is the link to our video project, Miki, Harry, Ian production.

  • Description of project:

Our video story is inspired by the idea of using the first person narrative, telling the story of a person’s life, with a certain level of freedom so that the audience can project themselves on the main character.


This video is interactive in the way that it allows the user to choose the gender in the beginning, so that he/she can watch almost the same story with a little bit variation. also, we allow the audience to get a little taste of every little bit of the story, so that they will get the feeling of finally seeing the bigger picture at the end. Moreover, they are able to see the cleverness of the transition.

  • Discussion of our process and how the project works

The idea of the video is discussed for a long time amongst ourselves. After watching a lot of videos online, we decided that we are going to refer to the video, “le miroire”, and tell a story from a set angle, but with movement and variation that tells a bigger story.

In the storyboarding stage, we discussed together what to prepare for each scene, how is the transition(this is especially important in our initial idea).

this is a picture of the storyboard:


after spring break, we started the shooting. The shooting seems easy, because it took place in one place only. However, it is also extremely difficult, because we have to really make the transition for each scene seamless. For the first time shooting, we messed up with a lot of things. But we didn’t realize until we started to review and edit. The problem with white balance(at first we used auto balance), the transition, are very flawed. So we ended up doing everything again.

The other major change in our idea is after the rough cut session. We found all the feedbacks very helpful, because we realized two points: first, our editing is not good, especially with the sound. second, our interactivity is not enough, because the way we present the video, made it look very simple, there is less story to it. Therefore, we decided to challenge ourselves, and add more features to the interactivity, and we added more voiceover and background music to enrich the storyline.

As for the work distribution, it is almost even. Miki is good at drawing, so she used drawing board to create storyboard, and the images used for the website. She also did some video editing, participated in the video shooting, did the website with Harry, and the audio recording. Harry is mostly in charge of the video editing, audio editing work. He also created half of the website. Ian participated in the video shooting, did a lot of editing and audio editing work.


Post-mortem on whether or not the project met your goals


In general, we are very surprised with what we had with the result. the fact that we can do audio, video, editing ,and webpage in such a short amount of time is very tiring, and that really made us realize that the biggest mistake we had is that we were too confident with our video, that we didn’t really ask for advice in the first place. That lack of the third person judgement made us realize our flaws very late.

If I could do it next time,I would definitely get peer review earlier, do a simple demo to show the idea, and start revising as early as possible. that will create more room for improvement.

Great thanks to everyone who gave us your feedback, and Professor Ann and Jiwon for giving us help in video editing and coding support.

Video Project (blt277) (CHEN)

The video project was something that I was really excited about, I’m really passionate about film and having studied it in the past it felt even better to get back into the motions once again.

For the story/base of the project, I thought of the idea of filming each of my teammate’s different Spring Break experiences, all of which were all drastically different from one another. I went to the Philippines with my friends with the intentions of a wild and crazy beach type spring break, Maike went to Beijing to visit old friends and participate in a Home-Stay program, while Ying volunteered in Hunan Province as part of the Dean Service Scholars. We ended up making a rough storyboard and planning out the series of events that we could potentially do to create a timeline once all the footage was collected.

The idea behind the project was to give the user the opportunity to experience what each spring break trip was like and with the variety that we had, we wanted to cater to as many different intentions/personalities as much as possible. The group collectively decided to take as much video as they wanted in each location but it wasn’t delineated as to how long or what type of shots were going to be taken. This freedom of choice was given to the film-maker so they can decide exactly how others will view their trip. A perspective that was as authentic and original as possible was my intention.

For me, I knew that I didn’t want to create a montage-like video, every travel video has a montage which I don’t necessarily think is bad but my goal was to capture as many authentic moments as I could. Conversation starters or ones that won’t fade so quickly in one’s memory, that was the dream. So my intentions were to get moments of bliss, moments that will make you go ahh, and moments that will make you think or act out in a certain way.

During the production process, I filmed primarily with my iphone camera as bringing a DSLR on boats or on the water was risky and felt cumbersome. I also used an older underwater camera to get footage underwater(which proved difficult later on).  I filmed when it felt like it was right to film, moments that I wanted to capture or remember for life were times that I took out my phone and filmed. Because I used my phone most of my time was then used during the post-production process to try and eliminate as much wind noise, color correct, and reduce grainy-ness as much as possible. Audio in terms of voice overs was captured using the VRP7 App and was later cleaned up in Final Cut.

Because I used my phone I had to make my footage look as best as possible during the post-production process to try and eliminate as much wind noise, color correct(brightening and adjusting colors, white balance), and reduce grainy-ness as much as possible. I used Final Cut Pro to Edit instead of Premiere only because I felt more comfortable with it, but I hope to use Premiere more in the near future.

The collected data was then placed in a website that gave our users the option to choose wich Spring Breaker they wanted to go with and what kind of actions they do next. Their decisions will influence which video plays and each video is supplemented by buttons with our faces on them that “speak” when hovered over. We wanted to make it a bit more cheeky and cute that just using regular buttons. It was also more visually appealing this way and made it more personal which was our biggest critique during the pre-presentation phase. We really had to own up to the idea of “This is my trip and this is how I experienced it. Now, this is what you’re going to see.” We weren’t selling/marketing you a trip, but we were telling you about it like modern day storytellers.

I had fun fliming the project and working with it, the hardest part was recovering footage from the old underwater camera and making the dimensions work. The team overall also could’ve had better communication in terms of what kind of footage was filmed if we wanted it to be more cohesive and the divying up of tasks could have also been improved. Otherwise, the project was completed thouroughly and resulted in a final product that I am proud of.


Week 11: Video Project Documentation (Chen)

Group members: Maike, Ying, Ben

1) Description of the project and the link

Our video project is a choose-your-own-adventure style spring break, where the user can decide whether to join Ben for a luxury trip to the Philippines, Ying for a volunteer trip in Hunan, or me for a homestay in Beijing. The user can make several decisions – where to go, what to eat – and get a personal glimpse of each of our spring break trips. Each trip has its own unique style.

2) Description of process and how the project works

We started out by storyboarding the different plot lines and footage we wanted to take. When we each departed on our own spring break adventures, we filmed different aspects of day-to-day life and then organized (and edited) these assets. We also recorded audio for the voice overs over each button. In the end, we tried to give each storyline a different aesthetic feel and mood that we felt authentically portrayed our experiences.

3) Post-Mortem on whether or not the project met your goals

Overall, I am satisfied with our project – I think our goal was to make a website that focused on the videos and allowed the user an opportunity to choose their own adventure. If we had more time, I definitely would have liked to incorporate some collages on the background of my own adventures, to make it even more personal, and maybe even provide photographs and drawings to compliment the videos. I also would have recorded and edited higher quality audio clips.

Week 10 Video Project(Szetela)


Varying Perceptions on News

Group Member:Brian;Claudia; Wujie;Xiong Chen


Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 12.20.46 AM

The above is the link to our group’s video project. Our final project actually has little to do with what we first thought to do. At first, we were trying to make a video project to imply that people has their own opinion on certain things, and we were considering each of us featuring on one topic and interview people’s ideas on that topic. Later, after discussed with Professor Tim, we were suggested it would be too many ideas for just one project. And thanks to Professor Tim, who helped us to reach a point where all of our ideas is somehow related, that is media.

So we settle on the idea about NEWS. It is just something everyone know. It seems quite normal but not quite the case. We are thinking about different media, their impact and how people think of them. In our ear, media has played such a huge role that it could make the right thing wrong and vice verses. And we asked people questions like:

1. What does ‘news’ mean to you?

2. What do you consider criteria for something to be considered to be news?

3. What genre of news do you prefer?

4.What is a news story that has interested you lately?

5.Do you think your most used news source tries to impose a certain perspective onto you?

6.Do you think there is any such thing as unbiased news?

And for the jobs. I am in charge of the web design and the css coding. Wujie is responsible for the html and js. Brian did most all of the photoshop that we need and the cutting of the videos. Claudia cut half of the videos and record 1/3 or half of the videos. We went together to record half of the video at the starting point just to test if our ideas would work or not.

As for the project itself, we gave our users many options. By clicking the buttons along left side, they get to choose the person they want to hear opinions from. By clicking the buttons along the right side, they get to choose what question they want to hear about. The process wasn’t that smooth for me, because my work could only done with other member who is in charge of video editing. Some member might come into a situation when she finds all the files disappeared, and it was somewhat stressful for me to waiting for her work. Progress is that I get to know more about styling and css. I really appreciate Wujie, who taught me a lot about the coding which I am not good at. And also Brian, who is so kindly to help finding all the images to fulfil my expectations for the web design. Places to prove would be to work with people that are self-motivated or else it’s sometimes even impossible to get in touch with your group member, and that just causes problem.


Week11 Video Project(Chen)

Group members: Illénna, Joy, Diamond

1) Description of the project and the link

Our video project is the stop-motion video, which means it is done in the most “primitive” way. We combined over 2thousand pictures together to create this 3-minute-long video. The main characters are designed in pixel style and the backgrounds are selected from low perspective photographies. In this way, we hope to create a sense of humor and interest. The main story is about the battle around the cow. After drinking the milk the bold man feels strong and wants the cow. Thus the conflict is raised.

My team members have already uploaded the link.

2) Description of process and how the project works

In this project, my main job is to draw the figures, doing the storyline(I shall say it is a really simple story) and assist in doing photoshop and iMovie(most of the photoshop and iMovie parts is done by Illénna). I think we split the work really successful and are really efficient in doing the project.

In my part, I did quite a lot job drawing the figures, separating their actions into different parts so that when combined together it will seem more fluent


3) Post-Mortem on whether or not the project met your goals

Our project basically meets our expectation. I didn’t feel like quite weird when watching our video. However, an old problem should still be raised: we are too optimistic about the amount of work. In our plan, there are much more contents and I’ve also drawn a lot of other scenes, however, it is only after starting to editing and doing mixing of the pictures and audios did I realize that this is actually the most boring and longest part. Again really thanks to the Illénna, she devotes a lot of time in doing this “repetition” work and taught me a lot about photoshops and iMovie.


Week 11 : Our Video Project(Chen)

This is the link to our video project:

This video is completed by Mars, Ronan and Sofia.

What is it?

This video is based on a story about taking Trump to get Yi dian dian milk tea. And we used adobe premier to edit the video and used javascript make the video interactive. In the story, the user will choose different answers to Trump’s question. And he will have different reactions accordingly. We created a box, printed four of his pictures where he has different faces. When he hears different answers, he will show different faces to the users.

How did we create it?

At first, we printed four pictures and glued them to a box. Mars used a pole to attach to the box so that we can hang it as we filmed. After that, we filmed this four different faces separately and used them as the reaction. Secondly, we walked to the milk tea store while filming. During this process, Mars also found some interesting elements that can be put into the video, such as the life party. Thirdly, we edited the video and came up wit the script. While thinking up the questions and answers, we referred to several famous quotes from Trump. However, we don’t want to make this film political. So we changed the quotes into something that can be related to the milk tea in order to make it fun. As for the voice over, Mars found an app which can generate Trump’s voice. We typed in the script and put inside the video. Javascript was used to achieve the interactive choices. Mars originally wanted to use Eko studio but later found out that it required us to upload a lot of video materials, which can be a waste of time.

Challenges that we met:

Firstly, we changed our main character in the video. In our original storyboard, our main character is the cat. However, later we found out that it’s really hard to find a real cat and to operate with it. Therefore, Sofia came up with the idea to shoot with a picture of Trump. Secondly, because it was windy on the way when we were shooting, so it was hard to control the pole and the box. Thirdly, when coming up with the idea, we need to be very careful so that the conversation won’t become an attack. When it comes to editing, we at first didn’t know how to make the video become the background of the website. However, luckily, Mars found the solution online.

Lessons that we have learned:

At first, consider carefully whether the idea is doable so that we won’t waste time on something that we are not sure of. It will be harder if the feature of the video is living. Secondly, we should learn how to divide the whole work into different parts in order to make the cooperation more efficient. As for the coding, save and check your work periodically so that you won’t waste time on finding out what’s wrong or even losing your whole work. Thirdly, choose the right d=time and place to film the video. If there is lots of background noise, we may need to use some professional recording equipment. Finally, learn to use background music, which can be very helpful create different emotions and tones of your video.



Week 11 Video Project:I want your cow

Group: Illénna, Diamond (MengDe Dai), Joy (Yue Yu)

We originally wanted to created Stop-motion Picture drawn by hand, but through discussion later we realized that it’d be too much of work and not the best way to present the effect we want. Later on we changed our plan, and thus created pixel-art stop-motion video clips.
Diamond focused on creating images and sound effects, I focused on photoshopping and creating videos, Joy focused on Web design and coding.
The story line is a musketeer who found out that the milk a cowboy gave him had special powers to make him strong, which made the musketeer force the cowboy to give him the cows.
The website starts off with a short clip of introduction, then the site turns to an interaction page—the visitors can play the role as the musketeer to chose which weapon or effect he wants to use to fight the cowboy. Only if the visitor has defeated the cowboy, the web will jump to the end page, where the last video clip is presented.
We created more than 2000 images to create a total length of 3:05. Sadly, there were images that weren’t used at last since we wanted to make it the best and delicate.