JavaScript Media Library- Jarred

In this assignment we were tasked with using a javascript media or audio library on a web page. For this I chose to add a video to my hamburger fan page. I used the video.js media library. This was not too challenging to implement. I was able to use sample code from the video.js website. The code that I used was as follows:

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 8.29.36 PM

The biggest Challenge was getting the video to be positioned properly on the webpage.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 8.24.45 PM


Saphya – $(document).NOTready….

Screenshot (406)

I found jQuery harder than plain JavaScript. With JavaScript I was drawing comparisons between its syntax and that of Python and C, but here with jQuery, I didn’t know what to compare it to. I found the tutorials difficult, and CodeAcademy frustrating in its instruction.

Screenshot (406)Screenshot (408)

I thought the setting of the variables like $paragraph = $(‘this element’) was difficult to implement if you don’t remember how differently the order in which .after()  and .remove() work, for example.

Screenshot (414)Screenshot (416)

I also didn’t like how jQuery checks for input. The $(‘input[name=checkListItem]’).val(); looked like it would be hard to remember with time. However, I can see how one can get used to it with practice.

Also, I just think that CodeAcademy might be super glitchy.

Screenshot (418)Screenshot (419)

I enjoyed the jQuery UI and alre      ady have ideas to implement that in portfolio site.

Codecademy JQuery

After completing the Javascript course it didn’t take me much time to finish JQuery. I think the biggest problem I had was with the syntax for JQuery. However, after practicing for a few times in the course, I was able to get the hang of it!


jQuery Codacademy Complete

I just finished the Codacademy jQuery course. The last lesson was refreshingly easy, considering how befuddled I was in the last lesson of the Javascript course. I enjoyed the easy editing with jQuery UI and simply changing the effect from .effect(“explode”) to .effect(“slide”) for instance. Although I’m still getting used to defining speed with milliseconds, the rest of the course was relatively straight-forward and easy to grasp.

jQuery Complete