My thinking about Synesthesia (from Alvin Mao)

After reading the materials, I feel that I haven’t found too much synesthesia yet. However, I suddenly find some synesthesia, which, in fact, most of us can feel in our daily life. Our lives have always been unconsciously intertwined with our feelings.

Let’s start with literature, which I think is the most mature. When we say ‘icy words’, we associate touching and hearing. When we ‘smile sweetly’, we interweave sight and taste. Literature is one of the most basic forms of culture because people need to record things. As soon as the words appeared and were used to record the sensations of the various organs, synesthesia was more or less adopted.

Another example is color and mood. People think of blue when they are depressed, red when they are in high spirits, and green when they are jealous and resentful. Although there is not much connection, but different colors give people a very different feeling, which is also a sense of synesthesia.