Midterm Project Proposal, Olesia Ermilova

For the midterm project, I have decided to go with something that I use almost everyday to get inspired, find new books to read and generally feel happier. *Drum roll*- it is Tumblr.

For those of you who do not know, Tumblr is a portal to heaven. Ok, jokes aside, it is a website with an infinite amount of images, quotes, animations, videos, blogs and so on and so forth. Tumblr is like a mini version of the Internet in a way. It is a social network, a platform for sharing your thoughts (aka Twitter), a place for your artwork. Tumblr is what you use when you need to get some inspiration.

Notwithstanding Tumblr’s amazing goal, its logo is utterly, absurdly BORING!!! Take a look at this UGLINESS: these are the main logos that are used in the mobile version and the desktop version of the website. In my humble opinion, these logos are extremely boring and unrepresentative of Tumblr’s eternal greatness. It is as boring as the Twitter’s logo, but, at least, in Twitter’s case, it is justifiable as Twitter is only used for “typography”, thought sharing and general bla-bla-bla; it is not as multipurpose as Tumblr. Hence, in Tumblr’s case, its logo does not really reflect anything the portal offers.






To give more context, this is what Tumblr ACTUALLY looks like. It is millions of things: it’s about cosmos, love, quotes from books, people’s feelings, psychology, human emotion, art, the creation of artwork of ANY sort. Whatever you want to share with the world, you can. In a way, it is a repository of mankind’s inner world:



As you can see, Tumblr is so much more than just a white girl’s place to whine about boys (some people think Tumblr is about that), which it might be for you, if you want it to be. However, I think the logo should be MUCH more colorful, deep, and profound in a way that instantly lets the user know he is entering the world of infinite opportunities for self-expression.

I want to create a dynamic logo system that does a better job of representing the profoundness of Tumblr as well as partially preserves the already existing aesthetics of the current one. By using the techniques that we learnt in class, I want to attempt creating something that is both aesthetically pleasing and representative of the portal.

P.S I might use the cosmos and rave neon themes in my design.

PDS | Week 6 | Logo Idea

For the midterm/logo project, I wanted to redesign a pre-existing logo. I searched through my laptop and phone trying to find a company I already know. I found the company christianaudio. Their site “offers more than 7,500 audiobooks, lectures, interviews and more from over 55 Christian publishers, ministries and organizations. Many ministries provide exclusive or free content on christianaudio.com that is not available anywhere else.” But their logo looks likes this:

The green leaf doesn’t accurately represent their company. If you just saw the green leaf – like on their app – then its easy to think it belongs to a different company.

The green leaf reminds me (and a few of my classmates) of ancestry.com, other genealogy companies, or environmental companies. I can understand a bit of why they might’ve picked the leaf in the first place. Their mission statement includes: “The mission of christianaudio.com is to be one of the most trusted places on the Internet for the refreshment and growth of the soul.” They use the word growth. Leaves have become a well-known symbol for growth and/or new life, and nature is easily paired with refreshment. However, for this company, I had to look up their mission statement to understand the logo. I think a redesign would help potential customers understand faster who the company is when looking at the just the logo.

The current idea I am entertaining is keeping the same green color and using symbols people would associate with audiobooks (whether just “audio” or “books” or the combined word “audiobooks”) and infusing that with a Christian aspect. I’d like to specifically work with christianaudio’s categories of audiobooks as my three variations. The three I want to work with are: Business and Finances; Family and Relationships; and Womens Interest.


Midterm Proposal: Dynamic Logo for Nature – PDS Week 6

Instructor: Rune Madsen | Student: Susan

I am interning at Nature Publishing Group under SpringerNature, and I would like to design a series of dynamic logo for its academic journal. The complete list can be found below:

On top of that, this list is increasing every year. The title of each journal is in consistent font, and colored in harmony with background picture.

Each journal has its theme color, as shown on the website.

As clear as the titles are, the journals lack a consistent visual representation as many other scientific publication. As the pioneer in this field, prestige Nature will further lead its way with a visual identification in this era of Internet. I will restricted my targeted journal to only nature series journal (as below) for this midterm. If it goes well, I would expand the system to other journals in the future.

A dynamic logo form will also fit any newly emerged journal. The style can be further applied to journal poster in conference and its peripheral products.

Grist Logo Exploration

Grist is an NYC based startup that came to us looking for help with branding/marketing. Their current website and sales pitch leave a lot to be desired, however, the versatility of their application provides a good opportunity to explore the potential for dynamic content that adjusts to their use case. Some example use cases: CRM, Inventory management, Payroll, HR, Project status.

Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ZXO-oPllEIno9c_wnAxKG5ymN5CwU1DeLz5-LpXjhLk/edit?usp=sharing

PDS – Midterm idea – Arshaun

For my midterm project I want to create a design system for the brand Yonex. Yonex started as a badminton racket company and I guess that the shapes within the logo represent badminton birdies.

Image result for yonex logo Image result for yonex logo

Now they also produce tennis products but their logo based on badminton has stayed stagnant. The logo has no direct meaning for their tennis products.

I think it would be fun to try and solve systematically a dynamic design that can still stand for Yonex as a whole but be changeable for each of the rackets sport industries they may want to go into.

Logo Design for Fitness World

For the midterm, I’d like to design a dynamic logo for a Danish fitness center, Fitness World, for their marketing activities/educational programs in collaboration with local high schools. The variations will be used for the unique theme of each event, such as nutrition, fat losing, and muscle building. The logo can be printed in their posters, handouts, branded gifts, and so on.

This fitness center uses black and my favorite shade of green for branding, which I will maintain throughout my logo design, but I will get rid of the abbreviation “FW” and probably work on one single letter “F” representing the fitness purpose.



Midterm Logo Design

New Entity:

I am going to create logos for a dance crew called Kumakidz. This is an urban dance crew. I talked to the leader of this crew today, and he told me he is looking for new logos.

This is their original logo:

People can’t tell that they are a dance crew from this logo. Instead, it’s more like a logo for a children clothes brand. Therefore, I hope to create a new logo that can show their dance style and identity, which is hip-hop style and also naughty. I am considering making three logos for web pages, T-shirt and masks or creating different logos for different people in the crew.





The identity I choose is a dance company called SINOSTAGE. They have three studios: SINOSTAGE Original, SINOSTAGE x Quickstyle, and SINOSTAGE x KINJAZ. The first one is their own dance studio. The second one has collaboration with a Norwegian crew called QuickCrew. And the third one has collaboration with another crew called KINJAZ.

SINOSTAGE, Quickstyle and KINJAZ all have their own logos. For the studio, they just put their logos together, like:

SINOSTAGE is a large company, so I think there’s a need to create three separate logos for studios. I am going to design a SINOSTAGE studio logo, and then create another two logos for two collaboration studios.

PDS midterm challenge: Taco Bell // Konrad Krawczyk

The design challenge I picked is to create a logo for Taco Bell that is fun, colorful and representative of their products.

The bell stays, but will be accompanied by a less generic font. Color variations will be intrododuced, as well as generative systems for promotional materials. Ideally, the systems will use Mexican-inspired patterns, which will require a brief cultural survey for sensitivity reasons.

Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1zPuFhZ28GHwAzCYxKeEaxIB0muL1H8ngmgx9X7yZ498/edit?usp=sharing

PDS Midterm Proposal – Hongyi (Rudy) Liu

//I know this looks really nerdy but please pretend it’s not

I’m thinking about creating logos for Machine Learning – as a course/subject of study.

Why would I even do that? Does it need a logo? Yes. People who don’t know CS or data science probably will think machine learning is making robots or something else. Making a logo of machine learning actually illustrates the content of it at the briefest and most intelligible.


Where will you need the logo? When a professor shows the slides in class they can appear at the very beginning or at the corner of every page – the logos will be of a system and each of them will have some variation.

Also imagine on Coursera, when you look at some course you only see the logo and the instructor. If the logo for machine learning is a robot/human head with a lot of “data” absorbed that could be misleading or scare you away.

In addition, when the CS&DS dept. is holding a series of events this logo can defitinitely appear on the poster. And T-shirts (nerds)! Laptop stickers!

screenshot captured on Coursera.

Machine Learning generally is divided into 3 types, namely regression, classification and recommendation. Each type contains numerous models/solving methods and actually a lot of them can be visualized as data plots or charts. To make this illustration more logo-like, I’ll make the data points displayed more iconized, as colorful squares, triangles, etc.

The aim is to make a “model” that can fit various types of machine learning models (this is actually very hard so I’ll try as much as I can), while at the same time make both programmers and lay people get a sense of what that expresses.

midterm proposal

This is the main logo for the Parliament of the World’s Religions. Here is the mission “Parliament of the World’s Religions was created to cultivate harmony among the world’s religious and spiritual communities and foster their engagement with the world and its guiding institutions in order to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world.” Under it, there are several programs:


Each program has its own logo. However, there are several issues:

1. each individual logo lacks a connection with the main logo. I can’t tell it’s a program under Parliament of the World’s Religion.

2. And also, under each logo their is an inconsistent background.

3. it’s hard to see the variation between some logos for the programs.


The midterm redesign will focus on connecting individual logo with main logo, and create a background with consistent style. 1. I will take one element from the main logo, which is the curly leafy element, and make it as an object. 2. The elements will form a letter or a symbol for that program. 3. The leaves will have random color so that each participant in the program can have it’s individual logo.

Women’s Dignity Program.


The Next Generation Program:

Justice Program: