Sonic Environments|Asiya Gubaydullina| Final Project Proposal

For the final project, I was choosing between the ideas of the promise or nightmare database, breathing helmet or a soundwalk through the murder scene. I am taking the class called Staging Fright, so I was considering combining those two final installations, however, at this point, I am not sure anymore.

Right now, I am more settled on the idea of doing a soundwalk through a murder scene. I watch a lot of horror shows and thrillers and that’s something I am genuinely interested in. I want a listener to feel disgusted but at the same time fascinated and attracted to the story. The same feelings I have when I watch American Horror Story or Penny Dreadful or MTV’s Scream. I do have a lot of murder ideas in mind since in addition to watching the shows, I very much enjoy detective and horror novels. One in particular, Ill Will by Dan Chaol where he talks about a man who was released from prison after twenty years for being convicted of the murder of his adoptive parents, aunt, and uncle as a part of a satanic ritual. Like, he killed them as a sacrifice. Therefore, I would like to recreate something similar. I am not sure if I settle on the idea of satanic ritual/false conviction theme yet but I definitely want to make a horror soundwalk.

An initial research would involve exploring different crime scenes of famous serial killers as well as forensic resources. As an example, walking through a crime scene article posted on Forensic Outreach. Also, there is a great piece Scenes of Scenes of Subjection: Women’s Voices Narrating Black Death that narrates the black deaths incidents. The author of the article claims that the fact of “knowing” about it changes as the listeners put themselves into the victim’s shoes and “feel” it instead. I think that’s something very cool and I would love to recreate it.

Here is the link to the Tumblr blog we were required to create:

Final project proposal

I have had many small and separate ideas about drinking and getting drunk for this project, but it really takes me a long time to think of how to put them together. I thought of making it to be a compilation of people’s drinking stories, or making it to be a fictional story that portrays the experience of a person from his starting drinking to being slightly drunk, to being drunk but with consciousness, to getting drunk without consciousness, to reaching his drinking limitation, and finally to falling asleep.

In consideration of the quality of the interview I was afraid that the former one may not be that interesting, so I decided to do the latter idea. I firstly searched online about the experiences people had when getting drunk, and surprisingly I found some really interesting experiences. “Later, she buried her face on the bar counter, kicking away her high-heeled shoes. She said with her eyes remote and determined, ‘You should own a piece of sea, no matter dirty or clean, you have to own a piece of sea.'” “We are all kelps. We are supposed to be menial kelps.” “My head was splitting, as if I could feel the contents in the skull. Intermittent headache, restless, no strength, feeling as if lying on the needles.” One of my friends keeps saying how much she likes us when she gets drunk. Another friend of mine keeps complaining about not having a girlfriend when he get drunk. So after drinking, people may show their real thoughts and inner worlds, and some of these may be joyful and colorful, while some of these dull and upset. What I want to show in this project are not only different people’s stories. I would like to filter and combine those stories to create a fictional character, and use sounds and maybe some visual effects to indicate what he feels, what he senses and how these change following the process of his drinking.


Final Project Proposal: “New Year 2015” (Chen)

For this project I had many different ideas but finally decided upon one.

I want to create a site-specific audio-visual installation about 2014 Shanghai stampede. So the site or place in that project is Crowd.

On December 31, 2014, during  New Year’s celebration on the Bund in Shanghai, a deadly stampede happened and at least 36 people died, and 47 were injured.  I was not in Shanghai at that time but when I heard about what happened I was terrified and I still feel the same even after few yeas.

I think about it all the time when I stand in the big crowd in Shanghai and still cannot imagine how horrifying would it be to be a part of the stampede. But crowd can be sent to stampede really easily: “A peaceful crowd can quickly turn into a senseless panicked heaving mass in which rational behavior by any single individual becomes nearly impossible. What’s worse is that the stampede can be triggered while there is no actual danger. Under certain situations, a crowd that has grown to a big and tight enough size and density  reaches a critical state at which the slightest twitch is sufficient to send it into a stampede”. I imagine that in this kind of circumstances it is hard to keep calm and behave rationally as panic arises not only inside you but outside all around. It’s impossible to imagine yourself in these conditions and predict own behavior, but i believe we should try to do that, because stampede is a big danger. In CNN article witnesses shares his opinion on the cause of this stampede: “He blamed what happened on overcrowding, people’s lack of awareness of how to protect themselves, and on heavy traffic that blocked ambulances from getting to the scene sooner”. People should know how to prepare themselves for this terrible situation and learn how to behave rationally. Panic often occurs to something unknown and as we practice fire drills in case of fire, we should practice feeling of crowd in case of stampede.

I’m still thinking how my installation will look like but for now I imagine it as a small booth in the size of photo booth, maybe a little bit bigger. I will put headphones in the middle of the booth. If I would be able to take pictures of the crowd, I will put these pictures on all the walls, even on the  ceiling. Floor will be covered with many fake printed dollar bills laying around (“Xinhua cited one unidentified witness as saying that people started scrambling after coupons that looked like dollar bills were thrown from the third floor of a building. Pictures posted online showed the slips of paper were a similar size, shape and colour as US currency, but emblazoned with the logo of M18, a nightclub, and stamped ‘New Year 2015′”)

As for sound, I think I will use binocular mics to record the sounds of the crowd in shanghai. I will also record some voices that will be distinct in the “crowd” sound based on witnesses experiences that I found in the news. Many of these witnesses while talking about their experiences  put huge emphasize on the sounds that were surrounding them:

“I was surrounded by the sounds of girls crying and shouting for help with their last strain of effort, and of people fighting and throwing curses at each other,” said Zuo, who works in the media sector.

“I also had someone grabbing my hair from the back, struggling and breathing heavily,” Zuo said. “A girl in front of me held me desperately and said, ‘Help me, help me, please. I can’t make it anymore.’ There was also a girl completely motionless underneath.”

I’m also thinking about using not self-recorded sounds, for example, sounds of actual stampede, Chinese new year celebrations, fireworks.

I will also research about the sounds that cause panic, and if I will find something relevant, I will incorporate them as well.



Final Project Ideas [Sonic Env]

I was touched by Janet Cardiff’s Sound walk in Century Park, therefore, I plan to do some similar for my final project. As a Shanghainese, I really want to show audiences some sounds about Shanghai, I mean making a sound guide map of Shanghai. However, when I go back to the maps of Shanghai and find Shanghai is still too big for me to signify by sound pieces. Hence, what I decide to do is recording and displaying the sound along the both side of huangpu river.

1.sound of metro station 2. The Clock sound  3. people on the Bund 4 (may be) interview people on the roads or outside landmarks.

Sonic Environment final project idea

Foley documentary on different religious practices in Shanghai both old or new

  1. Learn to create foley sound for the sounds that I could not capture on the documentary film.
  2. I want to explore the Muslim Market in Shanghai.
  3. I want to present religious practice between male and female.
  4. I will also go the Buddhism Temples to recored. Sounds like lighting incense will be foleyed.
  5. Will do research on other religious practices in Shanghai.


Final Project Idea

Class date: April 10th, 2017

Instructor: Ann Chen

This time we have to make a site-specific sound project. Being interested in the keywords such as “visual interpretation of sound”, “fiction”, and “abstract”, I want to make a fictional piece that portrays a person’s mental space when drinking and after getting drunk. Aside from using sounds and music pieces to describe this world, I also want to attach a video to this. I may use shapes or lines, and different colors, and of course the images will move and change according to the sound and the person’s mood and thoughts.

Week 9: Final Project Proposal


After reading the instruction carefully, I think the requirement for the final project is quite flexible. I think I am more interesting in doing narrative sound walk or sound mapping; however it is a bit time consuming. Since this project is a site-specific project, I am thinking about recording sounds at a place I am very familiar with and then make stories out of that place or maybe just talk about something that had happened at that place. I also want to make my final project more of a visual kind instead of only listening so I am thinking about making the whole story into an animation with the narrative sound walk feeling.

Research and Inspiration:

I really like dramas that start with an interesting narration with very cool sound effects surrounding the audiences. Especially in some horror movies, when sounds are the key to make audiences scared and relax. Therefore, I thought about creating and collecting cool sounds that are useful to my final project and then at the end maybe combine the sounds and pictures together to make something that can actually catch audiences’ attention. For example, Professor Chen showed us several examples of animations that created based on people’s appearance, characteristics and dialogues. I personally really like this one:  .

Week 9: Final Project Proposal

Student Name: Sam Jianghao HU.

The rough idea I had about the final project is a sound installation in stairways. I’m thinking of having several speakers placed on different parts of the stair, and when a person/the audience passes by certain parts of the stair, the sound will be triggered. And this might require incorporation with sensors. The sound clips from the speakers will be pre-recorded sound about activities in the stairway (for example, footsteps, door opening/closing, people talking, etc.). All sounds will be recorded at exactly where they are going to be played, so that when people hear sounds from speakers, they would “mistakenly” think the activities in recordings were actually going on.

The idea of this project is to create a creepy atmosphere in the stairway, as is demonstrated in some horror movies. Ideally, when audiences walk into this installation, they would hear people walking around or whispering without seeing anything. They would also hear people giving them instructions like “Look Back”, “Go Forward”, or something like that–the aim is to give audience a sense of spirits and ghosts.

I got some inspiration from haunted houses, where there are horror sound effects playing continuously, and a sound installation in Shanghai Urban Development Museum, where, when you walk into different areas that show Shanghai from different eras, you will hear different sound. I’ll keep researching on other similar sound work to finalize my idea.

SonicEnvironments: OutlineofFinal – (Ann)

Class Date: April 10, 2017

Instructor: Professor Ann

Outline of Final Project


The project is supposed to be site-specific but we’re given some freedom with regards to our choice of place and style. Amongst other things, the instructions said that it could be ephemeral and abstract and I felt particularly drawn towards this concept. I would like it to be if not a mental space, then a psychologically charged location. I want to focus more on texture and less on content; to make it more musical or poetic and less explicit, and to create perhaps a soundwalk into the subconscious.

Research and inspirations:

My biggest limitation has been that I don’t yet know how to do the things I’d want to do; I need to do more research on DAW-how to’s and to practice in order to feel more comfortable Reaper and other DAWs in general.
I recently found this album and it’s not only given me some ideas but more importantly it’s helped me identify the structure, the how to, that I’d been looking for when producing sonic environments: filmic, evocative, musical, and almost hypnotic…

Final Project Idea – Future Lujiazui

Since I first heard Hildegard Westerkamp’s Into the Labyrinth, I wanted to do something similar. For my final project I really wanted to create something similar, giving a sense of a place or a feeling with sounds and I also aim to make my piece quite experimental with editing. If possible I want to try the binaural mic, if not then play around with planning a lot.

So I was listening to other artists’ similar works and I found one that I especially like, Ilhan Mimaroglu.  I find his works extremely weird but strong as he uses individual sounds to create kind of a musical piece. I want to do something similar, an abstract piece that does not really tell a story but more like gives you a feeling. The feeling I have chosen is fear and shame since I want to make this piece about pollution. I want to make it really bad so and this way make people think about pollution and that we should all do something against it. I would add 3-4 photoshopped pictures of lujiazui. I want to put garbage and factory chimneys in the background of the pictures. So all in al the whole piece would be about pollution and the future’s lujiazui. I will collect a lot of individual sounds around the city that represent pollution. I already have a lot of recordings of me stepping on garbage and I will collect a lot more of those, to create a kind of musical piece that is a little abstract and does not really sound good. But with the pictures I think it will be easy to understand that the piece is about the lujiazui of the future, full of garbage and smoke.

Really important that I don’t want to include any human sounds. I want to make it feel like there are no humans in the future. I would include a lot of machine sounds instead.

I know, the topic is a bit too dark but I find it important to create art projects on things that matter for all of us. I still need to work on the idea and I think I will start collecting sounds first and then given what I have I will shape my idea I think.