Long Museum Visit Note

I visit Long Museum features Chinese artist Yang Fudong’s film project (2018): “Dawn Breaking.” Yang moves the whole setting of a movie studio into the museum, in which he planned to spend 30 days filming. Each day the video content will be updated according to the shooting process. The topic is about inside Song dynasty‘s palace. 

It is my first time encountering the actual situation of studio filmmaking. I think it is a bold attempt to de-mystify the process of making film and art. And also eye-opening to see the flow of equipment, scenery settings, and actors/actresses.

The space in the museum is divided by the iron gates:

Which I found a little bit confusing, but the description says these gates are meant to mimic the giant gates in the palace. I personally think they are more similar to a modern Chinese factory, school, or other institutions’ gates. It is more like a symbol of segregation and repression.

Projection of videos is exhibited on the other side of the museum. He utilizes various forms of the projection texture and surface. I do like that he covers a wallpaper in front of the projection surface. The wallpapers employ diverse traditional Chinese patterns, which masks the content that is projected. A floral veil of history and time also has its implication in a Chinese context. 

I am not sure whether the videos are still in production or it is intended, but all of them are silent. But usually, in the same room, there will be a prompt generator displaying lines of Nietzsche’s quotes in both English and Chinese. According to the description, some of them are actually the actors’ lines. So I think by stripping the audio from the video, Yang tries to reassemble the situation of acting, let the audience to process the lines by themselves, act out accordingly. The process in a sense is part of the content. I think the idea is pretty amazing.



The content of the film is visually appealing. I personally really enjoy the juxtaposition of the two scenes, the absurd and serious. The dramatic tension is doubled by the juxtaposition.

Overall, I really enjoy the show and appreciate Yang’s cinematography, installation, some of the projection methods and his thoughts on the experimental filmmaking process. But I do think some of his photography of nude women to some extent are once again objectifying women, which I have questions about.

Findlay Black: Final Project Proposal

The original idea for my project group( Patricia, Julia, and I) was to have a man and a woman, but there voices would be distorted so that the woman sounded like a man and the man sounded like a woman. Then we decided to have them speaking a script/dialogue of a happening of abuse. The script will be the core of the entire project. It will also be spoken like a ‘spoken word’, acting as a base line for the rest of the performance’s elements. The audio would be live manipulated, altering both its pitch, and also playing with delay, in order to blur the line between man and woman, to show that abuse happens to both genders and in all relationships.

We then moved on to an idea that the two people would be pre-recorded, and that video element would be projection mapped at the live show. This is so that we, Patricia and I, can continue that blur between man and woman into the video aspect. As the performance progresses and the audio becomes more distorted, the video will mirror these distortions, such as the picture changing from woman and man, to man and man, or woman and woman. These video effects will also be mirrored in a prerecorded head=on video of each character. We wanted this head on video so that the audience could really connect with the people and see clearly their emotions. In addition to these elements, there will be two dancers that will represent the two people. They will dance during the performance, bringing the words of the script to life.

We also had a second idea for the technical side of the performance. Instead of projection mapping, the two people would be performing in person. they would be sitting across from and looking at each other. Behind each would be a green-screen, and a camera would be live showing them on the screen above the stage. Patrica and I would combine a mixture of pre-done and live manipulation of the video in order to further support the script. In this version, the script is still ‘spoken word’, there are still dancers, and the audio is still live manipulated with pitch and delay.

We are currently settling on a script that best fits our vision. We have about three version at the moment that are in development. We hope to be recording the script with actors by Monday.

Final Project – Video Art (Lillian Korinek)

  • Option 1: Collaborate with a student(s) in the Hyperbolic Electronic Orchestra class on a video/sound performance at the Power Station of Art. This could be pre-prepared, live VJ, found footage, self-created, real, abstract, animated, etc.

Title: Glitch.

Demo Video: https://vimeo.com/264391900

Video with Interaction: Code attached below

What? My final project will consist of a video made of still images played on loop. The video will consist of images from the worst man-made environmental disasters in the last century (a full list of the disasters featured from are listed under references).

Viewers will be able to interact with the video through a specific and relevant medium. The two options are as follows:

  1. A dead plant. When the viewer touches the plant, the glitch button is triggered.
  2. Trash or trash can. When the viewer attempts to pick up the trash the glitch function is triggered.

A glitch audio and visual effect will be triggered when the user interacts with the decided medium. Thus, users can affect and change the video, reflecting on humans irreversible and dynamic effects on the environment.

Are you humans in fact the “glitch” in Earth’s perfect and dynamic system?

Why? I am personally interested in man’s relationship with nature, and the line humanity draws between itself and the Earth. At what point do we consider nature something separate from ourselves? Humanity has had impacted the environment. We continue to pollute and abuse the Earth’s resources  despite the fact we are completely reliant on it and part of it. Is there a ‘glitch’ in humanity’s code that allows us to forget our intrinsic ties to the Earth?

How? The project will be constructed using Processing, Adobe Premiere, archived footage, and the Arduino (to construct the controller). Still images will be collected (a total of 400) from various environmental disasters that have occurred during the last century (a full list below). ‘Glitch Art’ effects (https://creators.vice.com/en_us/article/gvwv7y/8-artists-are-bringing-glitch-art-into-the-real-world) will be produced using Processing, and triggered through an A-B Arduino controller.


Glitch Art: https://www.moma.org/calendar/events/1931

Dead Plant as Input: https://create.arduino.cc/projecthub/vitronics/plant-assistant-bbe3aa?ref=tag&ref_id=plants&offset=25

Environmental Justice Art: https://www.moma.org/calendar/exhibitions/1400

List of References: 

Worst man-made environmental disasters in the last century:  https://list25.com/25-biggest-man-made-environmental-disasters-in-history/





import processing.video.*;

import ddf.minim.*;
import ddf.minim.analysis.*;
import ddf.minim.effects.*;
import ddf.minim.signals.*;
import ddf.minim.spi.*;
import ddf.minim.ugens.*;

import processing.sound.*; 

Minim minim;
AudioPlayer player;

Movie m;

void setup() {
  size(640, 360);
  m = new Movie(this, "VideoArt_Version1.mp4");
  minim = new Minim(this); 
  player = minim.loadFile("glitch.mp3");

void draw() {
image(m, 0, 0);


void keyPressed() {


  for (int y = 0; y < height; y += 20) {
    for (int x = 0; x < width; x += 20) {
      //how do we create a mirror image?
      int i = x + y * width;

      color c = m.pixels[i];

      rect(x, y, 20, 20);

      //ellipse(x, y, 20, 20);

  //image(cam, 0, 0);


// Called every time a new frame is available to read
void movieEvent(Movie m) {


void keyReleased(){

Ying – Exhibition Response 1

Yang Fudong – Dawn Breaking 

A Museum Film Project at Long Museum (West Bund)

Today I went to see Yang Fudong’s exhibition – Dawn Breaking. The experience greatly expanded my understanding of the word ‘exhibition’. There I was, standing at the back of a film set, watching Yang sitting in the director chair, staring at the monitor and yelling at the intercom.

If this is a traditional exhibition, I might just see a screen with a well-edited, beautiful art film. But now everything is right in front of me: the artist himself, everyone involved, and every little detail of the film production process. I was overwhelmed by all the information. Where should I look? I am so used to let the artist do the work of selecting. All I have to do is to see the work through their eyes, but now I am seeing it with my own eyes.

Walking right into the set where everyone was busing doing their jobs, I also felt intruding and anxious. I used to admire artworks as an outsider and an observer, but now the comfortable distance is gone and I don’t know what to do.

What I find fascinating about this experience is the sense of presence and how much power the artist give to the audience. One interesting moment of such realness is that while watching the live stream of the shooting in a small room at the back of the set, the horse was unrest for a minute. I heard the noise from the speaker while feeling the trembling of the floor at the same time. I’ve never felt such a strong sense of ‘this is happening’.

Besides the set, there were also space playing clips that was shot in previous days. The most interesting part is how he plays with different mediums to display the videos:

  1. Old TV set


2. Flat TV with LED screen


3. Projection on surface covered by white plastic cloth


4. Projection on surface with traditional Chinese flowers patterns


5. Projection on transparent plastic sheet


6. Projection on canvas


7. Projection on old furniture, in this picture a closet (from his previous work)

Although how his choices of the mediums seem pretty random and I don’t see a obvious reasoning of it, the subtle different feelings watching the similar clips displayed on various medium were very inspiring for me, especially when thinking about the relationship between video and space.


Video Art: Final Project Rough Ideas(Patricia Feng)

1. Group Member:
Findlay  Black from video art and Julia Myers from HEO。
We made our group last Friday and finally settle down our topic today meanwhile we had a brainstorm the whole afternoon our final project. Now, we have a rough idea and going to work with it.
Findlay was trying to make videos about animal torturing but I and Julia just met about the project and we came up with another potential idea to pursue. We were thinking of maybe creating some sort of performance themed around the Just Dance game that gets glitchy and artistic as the performance goes on. For example, maybe 3 or 4 dancers start in sync with a just dance type video but as the video starts to glitch and be overlaid with different videos the dancers start dancing around the stage and doing their own thing. To involve music performance, we could potentially have arcade-style dancing squares on the floor that can further glitch and control the music, and let the audience figure out that the dancers are controlling what happens to the videos and music. It’s just one idea, but we also were curious about how we can combine Findlay
‘s thoughts for the animal brutality one, and what kind of Video and performance we are planning to make.I talked to Sean about the performance and he said there are limitations on messy materials, ie probably no fake blood or red paint. Also, any thoughts for ways to involve music performance or instruments?


Links about inspiration projects( about the  visual effects)

Final Project rough ideas

For the final Project #2: Site-Specific Video Installation, I would like to choose option 2.

  • Option 2: Propose a site-specific video installation. This can be made alone or in collaboration. There is no time limit. It doesn’t not necessarily have to be on campus, but preferably somewhere close that we can walk to or visit. If you are thinking of doing something off-campus, please come talk to me beforehand.

I plan to work individually and the workplace would be in the school on 9th floor. I temporarily decided to make the video sculpture to show people the relationships between Two-dimensional animation and people, and I would build a fake TV as the mirror. I am considering to use projection and VJ softwares because it looks cool and the image is changeable under the control of VDMX.

Maya Williams: Archive Project

Title: The Family of the Future

Date: 11 April 2018

Discussion: Afrofuturism is a social philosophy that aims to reexamine the past, critique the present, and imagine the future. However, the future is not something that has been left unimagined. There are already many clear visions and aims for what the future will look like. But who has crafted these visions and are they futures we really want to live in? One classic example from the United States is the Jetsons– an iconic animated sitcom documenting the daily happenings of a family in the year 2062. The first season of the Jetsons was aired in 1962, a time when the Civil Rights movement was gaining more and more momentum. Yet, while black Americans were marching and protesting for their right to be viewed as equal citizens and equal people, American families were gathering around there TVs and indulging in visions of an all-white future, as cartoons like the Jetsons feature no characters of color.

A vision of the future already exists, and this vision is largely a product of an exclusively white imagination. In order to ensure a more equal future, we must re-imagine the future, fight against something that hasn’t even occurred yet. This film introduces this dilemma and challenges the audience to begin thinking about what the future of their wildest dreams really looks like.


Maya Williams: Final Project Rough Pitch & Proposal (Week 11)

Title: TBD

Date: 11 April 2018

Concept: For the final project, I have decided to work alone. In continuing to pursue the theme of Afrofuturism I would like to create a video that challenges the audience to continue to think about what the future could/should look like. The specific site for this video would be an inflatable “spaceship” that is specially designed as an immersive environment and viewing space for this film. The ship is essentially a portal that transports an audience of 3-5 through time and space by cutting them off from the outside world and immersing them in the video experience. This structure is my final project for the course Inflatables.

The video will likely be composed of archival footage and generated video created with Processing. I am also interested in whether VJing can be a part of this.

Grace and Leah: Final Project Update

Group Member:
Leah Grace from video art and Demi from HEO
Me, Grace and Demi had a brainstorm for our final project. For now, we have gone through some brainstorming process and we have several ideas.
1 machine and mechanism.

All of us like the idea of mechanism and hope to make that part of our project. We would like to avoid talking about the arguable idea about the human-machine relationship for, on the one hand, there is a big debate on that. On the other hand, we don’t have enough research on that so we’d better not show our shallow idea on that. What we want is to use machines or mechanism as a media to project on our main thoughts on others themes and ideas. For machine normally has precise structures which we find has a lot of aesthetic value

2 The cycle and period of rhythm.
After having the idea of machine and mechanism, Demi came the idea of cycle and period of rhythm, for the machine is always operating in cycle and period. We also agree we can introduce Demi’s pervious idea for her NIME project, using the simple pendulum to create music and visual effect for pendulum can move in the pure physical way with cycles. We are still thinking about the final stage design and how are we going to project our videos, but we all agree the performance could be a good way to show our project.
Links about inspiration projects( about the machine and other visual effects)
Potential materials and tools
For music part, Demi would use Max to make the music. She would also explore other tools.
For the visual part, Grace and I agree we might use Processing to create some visual effects.
Also, I think we might found some polished footage as sources to create other visual effects, maybe we will use After Effect to polish the videos.