Week 6: Two New VR Games

Gravity Pull
Google Daydream


The game like many other VR games had a learning curve, but this one I had more trouble figuring out than others. It’s essentially a puzzle game, where you have to move the box to platforms to open doors, it sounds simple until the levels start getting harder and the controls are not working the way you want them too. For starters, to move you had to walk in place, and I adjusted the settings to be more sensitive to walking and less sensitive but I couldn’t find a middle ground where I was moving at the pace I wanted to. And running in place in general is kind of a weird function and something kind of hard to remember to do in my opinion, although after a while I did get the hang of it. Additionally, for certain levels you had to throw the block across the room, and sometimes the throw would work really well and other times I was having trouble with this function and it either wouldn’t throw or I couldn’t get the correct power. Overall, it was a fun puzzle game which was cool for VR because of the space you were playing in, but also a little bit of a workout as well from running to place the cube.

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The Path To Luma

Google Daydream – 7/10

This game was really fun and basically was just a simple adventure puzzle game, where you have to solve certain tasks to move on to following tasks. Before anything else it was extremely unrealistic which led to me having a lot of troubles at the beginning of the game, because the first stage required you to throw an apple at the ceiling to collapse the ceiling, and the instructions leading to that were not that clear. So you do kind of need to put yourself in the mind of a child for many parts of the game. The remaining parts were easy to navigate and self explanatory. But, often times I felt I spent a lot of time moving to each part, when the actual navigation could have been faster, like his speed could have been faster. However, I had a lot of issues with the daydream controller, that I think were the games fault. The controller would be working fine, and then the game would put me on a platform and move me to another stage and when I would arrive the controller would be backwards, which got annoying the more it happened and had to constantly be recalibrated, which also reset my game several times. This might have been a user error though, because no one on discussion boards seemed to have the same issue. Overall, a fun game to play, but after a while of playing I got tired of the graphics. Also, I didn’t know this while playing, but in each world you are supposed to employ clean energy technologies, which is also cool, but that definitely was not made clear to me during my time playing this game.

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Week 7: Exciting Moments

The parameters I used to define my three most exciting moments were instances that evoked a “Woah” moment in me. A moment when I found myself thinking “Hey, this could actually work.”

  1. Omnitone & Resonance AudioI’ve been convinced since the second class that advanced audio production can be the what separates and incredible VR experience from one that is subpar. Learning how simple it is to produce spatial audio rendering on the web excited me greatly! There’s so much room for development in sound production! (Hover over titles for links to software).
  2. GE Partnering with Giant Spoon and The New York Times to distribute cardboard “VR Headsets.” Although it might be the most high-tech option, partnerships and programs such as this (http://www.giantspoon.com/) aid in closing the existing access gaps. I think that’s kind of cool and makes me excited for the future.
  3. Almost falling over when I tried “leaning on” the dryer while playing Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality on the HTC Vive. Yeah, I was into it. Yeah… it was a tad embarrassing.


VR exciting moments // Konrad

  • The experience of being in Blortasia and not being able to move anywhere. I made the mistake of not figuring out the controls, so I wasn’t able to fly around the painting, or break through the walls. It was boring at first, but the more I stared at it, the better I felt. It could be the music. It was really meditative. In general, meditation in VR is a really interesting direction to explore I think.
  • I remember in one of the first weeks we played a zombie horror game on PS. I was just sitting on the couch, watching the gameplay of another person from our group on TV. As I was watching it, I got this kind of second-hand fear, and the part that scared me the most was the though of how this must look like for the person who actually wears it
  • Becoming Homeless. I distinctly remember the moment I was sitting at a car while the police car was approaching me, and I could see the police officer walking towards me. Precisely because I was seated, and I was sitting in a car, the feeling of getting “caught” was really haunting. Something about it just felt extremely real

Week Seven: Excited! About VR

  1. The ability to put on a VR headset within the game of Virtual Virtual Reality. I loved being able to have the opportunity to experience VR within VR.
  2. Being able to fix the spacecraft in Angest. I loved both the game component, the opportunity to look around at space, and the beautiful graphics.
  3. Moving through an artwork in Tilt Brush – I’ve always thought of art as a primarily 2D experience, and though I really struggled figuring out how to draw in 3D, I had a blast exploring and experimenting with the tool.

VR/AR | Three exciting/interesting moments

VR for anxiety and depression


Deep VR, the virtual reality for anxiety and depression really won over my interest in exploring new possibilities of assistive technology. In this case, VR’s ability to detach the user from the surrounding world is a huge advantage and when combined with the breathing monitor the game does a great job in helping the players to “retain the ‘muscle memory’ of deep diaphragmic breathing and the optimism that they can ride through future stressful experiences.

Intel Studios

Intel Opens Los Angeles Studio for Volumetric VR/AR Video Productions

The demo video from Intel Studios shocked me greatly even to this date in its scale, its quality of production and its huge potential. It will definitely make new narratives possible especially for Hollywood and I can’t wait to see what is going to come out of that studio.

VR in China

I still remember that on my way from my grandparents’ home in Fuzhou, Fujian back to Shanghai during Chinese New Year, I saw this insignificant banner on the side of the high way that says “Donghu VR Town”. I got immediately intrigued and started googling it and apparently, it’s more than a town, but also VR Arcades, theme parks, VR Taobao and they are getting EVERYWHERE.

Here are some of the interesting results I got:



It is very interesting and exciting to see how companies and even the government in China are so passionate about joining the VR “movement”.

Week 7: 3 Coolest VR Experiences

  1. The coolest thing I have experienced in VR so far is In The Presence of Animals. This documentary was extremely immersive and I really liked that there are many close-up shots of the animals. The sound was also really well done. There was a moment when I actually felt a bit scared when they showed a scene of a jaguar. I think part of the reason why it seemed to real was the quality of the film and the feeling of perspective. The depth in dimension was also very important.
  2. I have heard some things about 3D modelling in VR, but I do not know if this is already possible. I think this would not only be really cool to see and experience, but it would also make it easier to create 3D environments since you would be able to experience the world at the same time you create it. I think it would also make the 3D modelling process faster, because I’ve noticed that having to put the headset on and taking it off constantly when creating VR experiences is very time consuming and annoying.
  3. With VicoVR apparently you can use your entire body to play in VR. It tracks 19 body joints. I think this would make the experience much more immersive and engage the person more in the game. One of the things that throws me off when using VR is that my legs are not being tracked. I think being able to track at least my feet would be amazing.

Three interesting moments in VR, Mark Etem

  1. Pulling off the headset after playing Fallout 4 and realizing it had been nearly 5 hours. I haven’t spent that much time on a game since I was a kid! And for me this was the first time I really realized the potential immersion had to keep us engaged longer.
  2. VR girlfriend experience Kanojo, shows us what might be in the future of VR love and intimacy. Ever since watching the movie ‘Her’ I’ve been curious about how technology will fill the role of significant other in out life. It seemed unlikely that a voice on a phone would catch on (square metal boxes aren’t very sexy). Finding an article on this experience which provides a virtual girlfriend made me realize that VR (not AR, like in the recent Bladerunner) might be the key interface (intelligence capabilities aside… or are they even that important? Elderly people looking for company don’t think so).
  3. VR blockbusters? The closest thing yet was posted a couple weeks ago by Prof. Naimark. CityLights bought a VR experience Spheres for $1-10 million. With the popularity of physical VR establishments increasing, but the landscape of cinema changing so drastically, this makes me wonder – how will the next blockbuster be released? I think it opens a lot of new doors for democratization, or at least participation, in the new niche.

Week 7: Three Most… in VR!

Assignment for Wednesday:

Your 3 most [compelling / novel / cool / interesting] [techniques / innovations / styles / moments] you’ve seen / heard / read in VR.

1. F1 VR experience at Ferrari retail store, Changchun

When the first Ferrari retail store launched in Changchun, they made a VR experience place for customers to see the perspective of F1 driver. It was so impressive to me since  I can literally feel the wind ( they made a special fan connecting with VR devices). And the VR experience is very fresh to most of people who haven’t used it. It was a very good promotion at that time.

2.Run, Crouch and Jump in Virtual Reality Without Going Anywhere with Virtuix Omni

Virtuix Omni is a locomotion simulator for virtual reality games and other applications currently in development by Virtuix. It uses a platform to simulate the motion of walking, requiring special shoes that reduce friction. This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCOOL to me!


3.VR roller coaster by Samsung

2 years ago when I was studying away at NYUAD, I found a VR roller coaster thing working on Samsung tittles. There is also a special-made chair match it up , and the 360 view video was super clear (like 4K?) which gave me very deep impression.

3 Most Moments in VR – Linjie Kang


When I was in the vr experience Home  (the BBC Space Walk), I saw for the first time sunset in the space. The sun went quickly behind the earth and suddenly it was all dark around. It was mind blowing.


The first time ever when I stepped into VR world was the most exciting moment for me. The feeling of recognizing an immersive world but was at the same time into it was weird but fun.


It was a little bit scary but also fun to have someone touch me while I was wearing a headset playing around. When I turn around there was no one in my sight, while I could still feel them around, it is … weird.


3 VR experiences I am most excited about, Olesia, Week 7

Top one experience  for me is a BBC’s VR spacewalk game. I wrote about it before in my proposal for the new VR titles. After proposing it, we actually downloaded it for the Oculus and I finally tried it myself. It exceeded all my expectations probably because of its high resolution, highly immersive interface and exciting story. I literally tried walking in an astronaut’s shoes and this is a very remarkable experience for me. I will never be able to go to outter space and VR helped with something that would be impossible otherwise. It excites me how much we can explore with VR!

The second game in VR that I regard as one of the best is Resident Evil 7 for PlayStation. I had tried this game before on PC, and because of my addiction to horror games I couldn’t help playing this game again but in VR. Not only was it super horrifying but also highly immersive which made it even worse. I could only play it with someone by my side and never alone. When I was a kid, I thought that nothing could ever scare me more than a horror game on PC but I was wrong until I tried VR.

The third most compelling experience in VR was made by my friend last year. She created an environment in which you sit on the top of the skyscraper, stargaze, walk along the edge of the roof and simply look at the beauties of the scenery. It was all very well-animated which made the environment even more attractive. Also, the fact that it was made by a friend of mine convinced me to embark on “the path of VR” because I had seen with my own eyes how many cool things you get to create once you master the tools.