3 More VR Experience

Dear Angelica, VR film


Made by Story Studio. According to the description, all frames are real-time rendered, which is a huge difference from the traditional film. Apart from that, the studio also developed a VR tool called Quill. It appears to be that the film Dear Angelica was done by Quill, another different!

Marshmallow Laser Feast: In the Eyes of the Animal 
Vision is a topic that always interests me. I’m curious about how this project will further develop itself. Will it expand to other animals that are able to see ultra violate/ infrared? We see the world in the seven color because that is all our eyes are capable of. If VR will alow as to see more (literally), I wonder what impact will it result in art and science.
Fragments, Hololens
A mixed reality investigates game that player can experience at home. I really don’t know how they manage to get characters sit on the couch since people’s home arrangements differ a  lot. It’s more of an interactive narrative piece rather than a game to me.

week 3 Three titles I want to try (Ronan)

1.  Super Hot on Oculus


I’ve been watching people playing this game on Youtube. They used xbox controller to control the character in the game. Super Hot is a puzzle game as well as a shooting game. In this game. one should remember that “time only moves when you move”, which means if the character doesn’t move in the game, he can avoid the bullets from the enemies. However, it also means that if you don’t move, your bullet won’t hit the enemies too. Therefore, you need to calculate and predict enemies’ movement. As soon as I saw there is a VR version of it, I wanted to try it because I think in the VR world, the user can lean to the corner instead of mechanically stop or move, which I think can makes this game more dynamic.

2. Note on Blindness on Oculus


This movie is recommended on facebook. It allows the audience to “see beyond sight” and experience the world in blindness. I think the purpose of VR is to allow people to experience something that they can’t normally experience in the real world, which is also why there are a lot of horror games on VR, because it can really immerse the user into that virtual world.

3. Elite Dangerous


For this one,  I just think it’ll be cool to see the galaxy in your own spaceship and I wonder how realistic and detailed the universe can be in this game.

vr and edgy!

Oogie (rift)

“Oogie is an exciting new kind of exploration game – the interactive documentary.”  about an adventurous beetle.


A VR simulation of solitary confinement


“ADR1FT is an immersive FPX (First-Person Experience) that tells the story of an astronaut in peril. Floating silently amongst the wreckage of a destroyed space station with no memory and a damaged EVA suit. The sole survivor struggles to determine the cause of the catastrophic event, stay alive and return home safely to Earth.”




volumetric-video in vr

Week 3: 3 more VR/AR titles

  1.  In the Eyes of the Animals (by Marshmallow Laser Feast) on Oculus

This is a highly immersive experience that allows you to see the Grizedale Forest in the North of England through the eyes of 4 different types of animals.



2. Sequenced (by apelab) on Oculus, Gear VR, Vive, iOS, Android and Google Cardboard

“[This] is the first animated interactive series on 360° for VR headsets. The story adapts in real time to the user’s focus: the characters and environment react to the user’s presence in each scene.”



3. Lone Echo (by Ready At Dawn) on Oculus

In this game, players are put in the role of a service android called “Jack” and need to repair the damaged space station in year 2126.

VR/AR – Additional 3 Titles by Bruce

1 Rez Infinite VR for Playstation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive

Rez was originally a Dreamcast and PS2 musical rail shooter game. And, Rez Infinite is the third remaster of the original game. One of the most significant enhancements over the original game is enabling VR experiences. The main visuals are colored particles in a black universe. I guess this can reduce motion sickness when flying. And aren’t VR music games generally the music games with least latency?

2 Unreal VR Editor for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

Make VR in VR. This is probably the future way of making VR games. Without the need of taking the headset on and off and being able to see and edit VR content in their intended size, could be really cool.

3 Any 6 DOF VR video experience

VR videos are cool when you sit there and look around. But that also gives you motion sickness when moving your head spatially, because VR videos are usually no more than a moving 2D panorama. 6 DOF VR video is a really cool concept to tackle the problem. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any downloadable content at the moment assuming they are very large in content size.

VR/AR Fundamental: week3-three additional titles I would like to experience(Cyndi)

  1. Horizons on Google daydream

I am really interested in how interactive music and be combined with visual experiences. With both interactive music and visual experience, the audience tends to be more stimulated by what they see and hear from VR experience. Also, I really like how the graphics combined with the rhythm of the music.


2.  Notes on Blindness

Sometimes it will be more immersive if the audience gets fewer graphics but more experience by listening to the sound provided in the VR. It captures the audiences’ curiosity and the transition can be more fluent. Also, the story is very attractive, pushing the audience to explore what’s going on next.

3.  Pearl on Google spotlight stories

The animation in this video is awesome and I really like how the producers arrange this story. Also, the 360-degree experience makes the audience more immersed into the environment. In addition to seeing what the roles are doing all the time, the audience can simply look at the scenes outside the window and enjoy the music lol

3 Additional (more out of the []) VR experiences

When looking around for different VR experiences, I realized there must be people who are using VR as means to enhance their experiences with mind altering substances so that let me to psychedelic / trippy VR experiences.

  1. Fantasynth: http://fantasynth.com/  Music Reactive immersive worlds for music experience.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJOHlM-sU_Y (Quick video )
  2. Synesthesia Experience (Blending of the senses) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obrBAysVef0                                                                                                                                             It’s an interesting topic and the ability to experience something that only a select human beings have it can help us understand this conditions.
  3. Dreams of Dali: VR experience into Salvador Dali’s works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1eLeIocAcU&t=1s
  4. Chrysalis Experience, from Coachella: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GN7swvppiWE&feature=youtu.be

VR/AR Fundamentals – Week 3

Education in the Future

This is one of the most exciting applications of VR and AR: Education. I am especially surprised about the usage of AR in this clip. Students or even everyone can learn more about the world around them by simply looking and interacting with it.

Project Tango

This video shows a series of “weird” applications of VR. Project Tango is its name.

Fist of Physics

This is a game where you beat up robots in the virtual world. I am amazed by the physics underneath the game. How to create laws in this place?


VR Tiltes Vol2 | Linda Laszlo | VR/AR Fundamentals


I like the idea of virtual reality within virtual reality. The story and the graphic design seems sort of funny, in a morbid way. Also, I think we have it already/it’s free.


It was one of the first of its kind -I think- and has many at the time revolutionary features in it, such as position tracking (6DOF) or Touch Orbit (this allows the viewer to watch the story from different viewpoints). Moreover, personally I am a big fan of the Little Prince, and it sounds like a great way to experience one of my favourite books, the graphic looks magical too.  http://www.penrosestudios.com/stories/2016/4/13/the-rose-and-i-at-sundance-2016


I watched the video on Youtube, and it was amazing like that. It’s engaging, and involves the viewer in an interesting way: by putting him/her in the front seat. In VR, it can only be better. It was the first Oscar nominated VR project.

Notes on Blindness

This was one of the most unique ideas I’ve ever seen, it’s for people with perfect vision to get a sense how blind people perceive the world around them, especially those who got blind later in their lives and know the shapes and figures of the real world. Although this is not interactive, an audio heavy VR experience would look good in selection/we can learn just how important audio is in VR. Plus in class we talked about that some people think that the graphic design/visuals is the most important part of an immersive experience, Notes on Blindness may prove them wrong.

Comics with Madefire/Oculus+Samsung’s Gear VR

I really like interactive comic books, and I think its an interesting concept to place the comic book industry into VR. “Using Gear VR, Madefire is expanding on its own Motion Books concept, which presents a new way to read comics by presenting one panel after another in a linear and cinematic fashion and animating the drawings inside of them. Inside the headset, this idea goes further, with depth added to the panels and an immersive 360-degree environment surrounding the reader.”

VR\AR week3

Star Chart: Gear VR

It is an education VR. There are some questions: whether the VR education will replace the traditional education? Which one is more helpful for memorizing and understanding?



Royal Opera House: JAUNT

If I stay within a distant, I can know the general story line. With the 360 degree and I understand the story better or just more confused? What’s the difference between opera VR and cinema VR?


The Other Dakar

This VR film uses a very special way to make it beautiful: texture of the stuff. The film maker shows how much you can do with set and costume design with its enigmatic narrative.