VR/AR Fundamentals: Horizons Review

Since we have been talking more about interactivity, I wanted to go back to a tittle that had an interesting take on interactivity. Horizons on the google Daydream, is an interactive music experience, that takes the user on a journey. I experienced horizons again but this time thinking on interactivity, I believe that their take hits a nice sweet spot between interactivity and user experience. In one of their modules, you control a ‘flock of birds’ with the remote and you have to fly through hoops that push the song forward. I think this is pretty neat and simple but effective. Another module lets you control music by moving levers that control the volume of different sounds.  This simple but engaging interactions are in my opinion very effective with VR experiences that are not inherently designed to be video games.

vr/ar fundamentals: Horizons


Official summary:

You control the music. The music controls the world.

Use the Daydream controller to make an otherworldly jungle come alive with sound, or travel at breakneck speed through colourful hyperspace.

score: 8/10

Tags: #music#art#creativity#immersiveworld#visualizedmelody#lesscontents

review: The color, painting and style account  to the high score.  The art design is really immersive and the game really does a great job in visualizing the music. It’s a great pleasure to control the music and see it will change the color and patterns in VR device. But as a music game, it did not let me feel immersive in playing music and enjoy the music notes. Maybe it is kind of imbalanced. Also I would like to experience more contents and scenes

VR/AR proposal for interactivity

VR/AR proposal for interactivity

Yesterday, we made sure to film each of our “assets” individually.

for example, we hit record for every beat variation in a position around the camera. This method gave us about ~14 videos to render. Each video was shot with ease of editing in mind. Each video has about ~3 useable assets for future use. If we’re to make this piece interactive, we would approach the experience as a 3d sound mixer or even a piano and midi.

The user would select which sound they want and assign a rhythm with a controller by using it as an air drum stick–think conductor of an orchestra. The user would then move on to assigning a new rhythm to another “track” until they are ready to hit the “play button”.

In the end, the user would have a song they created.

Other thoughts:

Keyboard input.
play other songs via midi methods.

[Vive] The Lab

#pocketuniverses #beginnerfriendly #doggiepeople #roomscaleVR

Platform: Vive

Rating: 7/10


  • The Lab is perfect for new VR user. They actually put several games together so the user can have a better understanding of what VR can do (e.g. shooting games, adventures, job simulation).
  • The Lab enables the user to move both by walking and navigating with the controller. That’s what I want when I play Perfect since when there’s a large area to explore, the room size is obviously not enough.
  • And I love the interactions in the game. Instead of simply looking around, the user can pat the virtual puppy and see how he reacts to your movements.


VR/AR : vr title | Linda Yao

VR/AR : vr title : Horizon

Title: Horizon

Platform: google daydream

Review of title:

I tried out the three available experiences on the title: Empyrean, Reach, Bonobo. As this title focuses on music interaction, I think it lives to what it aims to do. I thought the games themselves were all very fascinating as they are had different ways of interaction. For Empyrean, the player is able to control the balls like how producers control them in the studio but it is presented in an abstract way. For reach, it tested out the function of the controller. But got a little distracting at first as you are trying to figure out what was happening. Overall, the title is nicely created and I didn’t feel dizzy while using. The graphics were also beautiful. I think this title has a bright future ahead and I definitely see possible artists using it to create a new music experience for the audiences.

Out of the Blue- Gear VR- Jaunt #fishingvillage #fly #swim #listen #storytime #beautifulworld

Official description :

A child in Mexico inherits an unexpected future after his family of fishermen, facing ever shrinking catches, make a bold decision to change their fate. Their choice has a profound impact on both their environment and the education of the child. This VR experience dives into the story of a mother’s love and the legacy she leaves to her son.
Personal review: I really enjoyed this documentary. It starts of a basic but beautiful animation ( kind of like paper cut but I don’t know much about animations) with a voice over about a the history of a fishing village. I found it really beautiful and thus engaging. Later, when we go to what is going on on the island nowadays, a film is shot by a 360 cam, Jaunt I guess, the quality is not perfect but enjoyable. However what I really liked is there is a part shot with a drone and it is super cool, I actually feel like I am flying and there is a part where I am under the sea and that is also really amazing.

In Mind VR 2 (Ronan)


Because of the motion sickness last time, I didn’t really experience the game. However, since several of my classmates didn’t have motion sickness like I did, I decided to try it again. And fortunately, this time I felt much better — at least I don’t want to throw up anymore, but it’s till feel really dizzy. Besides, the images and interaction are really confusing because I didn’t see any connections between the animation and the music, considering that this is a music related game.


In Mind 2 on Google Daydream 7/10


This is a super fun scientific game where you will travel through a kid’s (called John) mind, collecting emotion signals and capturing neurons to help him make his life decisions. This games reminds me so much of Inside Out. The images look immersive and a good feature of this game is that you can learn knowledge as well as having fun. Besides, when traveling inside John’s head, the user uses the controller to shoot the neurons. It creates a feeling that you are moving forward and deeper inside the mind. However, if you miss some neurons, you can turn around and shoot the neurons, which is the most immersive part in the game. In a word, I really like this game. Even if it’s not a very complicated game, the interactions and images and audio just work really well with each other.


Notes on Blindness & Trevor Noah Confesions

I have been for a while wanting to experience this notes on blindness, but I want to make sure the experience is downloaded to not let the streaming affect the quality of the VR. I waited for a while because it was not a quick download.

While Notes on Blindness was downloading I had the chance to stream a quick youtube VR video by Felix & Paul Studios production and it was an interesting idea. it is a 360 video which puts the viewer inside of a church confession room. The environment seems to be a mixture of CGI and pictures used to make the space have an illusion of depth without having any depth. I tries its best to capture the attention of the user by showing only one “video window” in which you can see the comedian telling his story. The comedian seems to have been recorded in normal video and then inserted in the 360 video. It was overall a good gimmick and a source of idea for future things, yet is is not inspired in any way.


For now I will keep waiting for Notes on blindness to download.


New VR Title 【PixelJunk VR Dead Hungry】

Platform: PS VR

In this game, the player’s goal is to cook as much as possible within the time limit and feed the zombies. I find this game really lovely since there’s a scary element in it but they combined them into the game in a funny way. Another reason why I listed this game is that it highly relies on the PlayStation Move. I would like to try out those controllers.