How to pull the latest code from Github


(Mac laptop should come with git pre-installed)





( Git is a language/tool for people to write code in a collaborated way, we only use it to store our example code, you can always¬†download the whole package by click on the zip link. Please don’t modify any file inside the repository folder, always make a copy outside of the folder, unless you know how to use git properly)

  1. Open Terminal App
  2. Go to a folder where do you want to put the repository, for example: cd Desktop
  3. Pull the latest code from the remote server: git clone
  4. When there is an update of the code, instead of downloading the whole package, you can use these command to pull the latest code, first of all, make sure you are in the folder of the repository, for example: cd Desktop/expressing-data then pull the latest code: git pull

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