How to pull the latest code from Github


(Mac laptop should come with git pre-installed)





( Git is a language/tool for people to write code in a collaborated way, we only use it to store our example code, you can always download the whole package by click on the zip link. Please don’t modify any file inside the repository folder, always make a copy outside of the folder, unless you know how to use git properly)

  1. Open Terminal App
  2. Go to a folder where do you want to put the repository, for example: cd Desktop
  3. Pull the latest code from the remote server: git clone
  4. When there is an update of the code, instead of downloading the whole package, you can use these command to pull the latest code, first of all, make sure you are in the folder of the repository, for example: cd Desktop/expressing-data then pull the latest code: git pull

Class 06.01


Think about your final project, pick an idea, requirements (involves with color mapping, pixel/shapes drawing and geo location elements). Write a blog post of your progress, focus on the research of dataset and conceptual sketches).

Class Notes

Learned how to draw Great Circle Arc. ( Algorithm )

Sample Code: download

Note: You can switch map region inside setupMap() function by giving right coordinates. You may noticed the horizontal lines across the globe, it may be caused by the drawArc() function I ported from python, will update when I have time to dig into the code.

China Flights Map:china


World Flights Map:world

Class 05.02


  1. PVector
  2. Projection
  3. Shape Data
  4. Image Export

Dive into the dataset you will get from, and write down your ideas of how are you going to visualize it in a blog post.

Class 04.01

Image Metadata

Face Detection


  • Work on your photo project and post image/video on blog
  • Deadline: midnight this Sunday
  • Reference Code: zip