Final Project User Testing


Today, you will submit your Final projects for user testing. Please pay attention to instructions given in class and read the information below.

If you are conducting user testing:

Do not explain or give a presentation on your project. Simply observe how the user interacts with your project and take notes/document this. Do not try to sell your project or explain how it works. Limit your communication to explaining the bare minimum that is necessary for the user to use your project, and allow them to try and figure everything else out. If they have questions, guide them towards finding the solution on their own.

After they have used your project, ask them about their experience, question observations you made while they were testing, as well as any questions you prepared beforehand.  Take note of how their answers address your project’s interface, accessibility, predictability, learnability, etc. Listen to their feedback and any ideas they have about how your project can be improved.

If you are participating in the user test:

Go around your group and user test your peers’ final projects. As test these projects, make sure to verbalize every action or choice you make during your experience. Make sure to communicate these decisions to the presenter and also communicate any confusing or unclear aspects of the design. After testing, answer any questions  honestly and  provide feedback about your user experience.

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