Recitation 10: Making a Media Controller

Recitation Exercise

In this recitation, work individually to create a Processing sketch that controls media (images or video) by manipulating that media’s attributes using a physical controller made with Arduino. Reflect on this week’s classes to guide you in your coding process, and think about how you can incorporate interactivity and computation into this week’s exercise.

Arduino: For the physical controller, incorporate digital and/or analog input to your Arduino. These inputs should have a clear correlation to however they manipulate the media in your Processing sketch. To make your controller, you may use components from your kit, or check out and use sensors from the equipment room.

Processing: You may choose to use video, live video via webcam, or images as the media you will control in Processing,. If you do not have authorship over the media that you use for this exercise, make sure you credit the source. Here are a few resources for public domain and creative commons videos and images:


Document your work on your blog. Use this week’s reading, Computer Vision for Artist and Designers, to inspire you to write a reflection about the ways technology was used in your project.

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