Recitation 2 – Arduino Basics

Exercise 2:

Working in pairs:

We realize the documentation on your kits suggest you use the prototyping shield. We suggest you skip the shield and hook them up using the documentation below. Remember: you still need to program the arduino with example code from the DFRobot link.

Traffic light(click to make bigger)

Temperature Alarm. 

Warning: Make sure your temperature sensor is placed in the correct orientation. If it’s wrongly placed, it may get hot and you might get burned.

The temperature alarm will turn on if it’s hotter than 27 degrees. Place your finger on the sensor to heat it up. You can click the magnifying glass sign of your Arduino IDE to see the values coming into the sensor. We will talk some more about this button and what this is showing you during class.

You can see what the sensor is reading by clicking the magnifying glass.

Ambient Light

The ambient light needs a flashlight or the light on your phone to activate. Place it over the sensor to see the LED change.

RGB Light Dimmer

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