Recitation 5: Visual Communication

Recitation Exercise:

For your group research project, you and your teams designed a theoretical interactive device that humans livingĀ in the year 2118 would interact with. To visualize your project, you used cardboard and other materials to create a physical paper prototype of what this technology. For this week’s recitation, imagine that you will be presenting this device to an investor or selling your technology. Working individually, design a poster that advertises this interactive device and communicates how it works/ what it does/ how it is interactive to the investors or target audience.

To design this poster, you will use 2D and 3D design software (Illustrator and Tinkercad). Your poster should not include any raster images; all images should either be of your 3D model, your own designs, or from the free vector resources listed in this week’s readings. Be sure to credit the authors of any vector design that you borrow for your poster in your documentation.


Step 1: Make a 3D model

In Tinkercad, make a 3D model of your technology. When you have finished, take a screenshot of the model.


Step 2: Edit the 3D model in Illustrator

You may have noticed that your raw screenshot contains some undesirable elements, such as the background and grid. To eliminate these elements, first open illustrator and select the preset size for A3 paper. Then import your screenshot into Illustrator (either by dragging and dropping the screenshot or using import) and edit away those undesirable elements. To do this you can use the trace function to stylize your image and then cut away any excess parts of the image.


Step 3: Design the advertisement

In Illustrator, continue to design the poster for your advertisement. Your poster should include whatever you think is necessary to communicate what your technology is and how it is used. Consider including elements such as the 3D image of your technology, a title, and a slogan, etc. You can reference these advertisements to inspire your poster’s design.

When you have finished your poster, save the document as a pdf and title this pdf with your net ID. Upload the pdf to the folder with your professor’s name from this google drive. Include this image in your blog post.

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