Prompts for writing


What assumptions did you make about your site?

Were these assumptions proven true?

What things did you not anticipate (number of visitors, light conditions, noise level, etc)?



How does your project refer to the chosen site?

Are other viewers able to make this connection without an explanation?

If prompting is required, how would you foresee including this in the installation?


What role did building mockups contribute to the project? What about prototypes?

What part of the project was the hardest to build?

Which part ended up being the easiest to construct?

How did you contribute to building the project?



How do you see the project changing from prototype to install at its proper location?

Does the temporary spot help to visualize the project?

If not, what type of space would be necessary for a more accurate preview of your project?

What difficulties do you see if you were to carry out the installation on your site?

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