All pending assignments with due dates will be posted here.

Week 1:

Read the Preface and Introduction to our textbook

Assignment part a: Pick one art installation from the book or you have seen (preference given to having seen in person) and respond to it on the documentation blog (tag this class). What makes the art installation “successful” in your opinion? How does it enhance (or detract) from its location? Does it deliver a message, and if it does how can we tell what the message is?

Assignment part b: Document your installation from class. What design goal did you have in mind? How did you manage the limited resources? How did you handle the divisions of labor for the project? Did you achieve the goal of your installation?

Both parts of the assignment should be posted under the same documentation blog post for week 1.

Week 2:
Assignment part a: Measure one room in your apartment as accurately as possible, draw a picture of your space with the measurements marked and post the drawing to the documentation blog.

Assignment part b: Response to Iain Borden – Another Pavement, Another Beach: Skateboarding and the Performative Critique of Architecture

Week 3:

Assignment part a: Post an updated “model” of the same room, and include how your drawing/construction has changed (detail, scale, method of creation).  Does this change your perception of your space?

Assignment part b: Read: Khan Academy breakdown of Richard Serra’s Tilted ArcWatch: Andy Rooney on Public Art and Richard Serra interviewedRespond on the blog: Do we have a responsibility to the public to make things pretty? What about inoffensive? Recognizable?

Week 4:

Assignment part A (20 points):
Using the 100 items you have brought to class, find a spot to create a temporary

installation based on a “feeling” (anger, sadness, anxious, etc…here is a whole list).

Document your build process. Note that you may have to build components of your sculpture before doing an “install.”

Have your classmates from outside of this class view your installation to record their reactions. Did your installation invoke the feeling you chose? If not, what other feelings did the installation create?

Please keep your installations non-destructive.

Assignment part B (10 points):
Pick a location as group. Write a short paragraph on where your location is, and why your group chose that location.


Pick a public space in Shanghai. Document the space and the way that the public interacts with this space. Try to see your location at several different times.

Using the one square meter assigned in the lab, create a prototype installation that responds to the location, and allows for some audience participation.

Week 9:

Pick another art installation you find online (or from the book) that interests you and explain how having technology makes the project more valuable or more interesting. Predict how you think the technology works to create the project effect.

Week 10:

Write 200 words describing the project you created in class. We will start next class by reading through these descriptions and discuss how best to approach describing our installation projects going forward.

Week 11:

Write 250 words individually what you want to include in your final projects. Print these out and bring them to class next week so that we can compare them among the groups.

Week 12:

Write a 200 word proposal for your final project. Indicate the materials / technologies you plan to employ and the main idea behind your installation. Don’t write this post like a blog post, write it like you are trying to convince someone to give you funding. Post it to the blog only after you have had someone else read your writing.

Please also include documentation about your projection mapping project as I did not have a chance to see them.