Week 2

Thoughts about robot origins

GolemTalos & Galatea


Industrial Robotics



Industrial robots and comments from 1983

Updated definition from the dictionary: link

Categories: cartesian, cylindrical, polar and articulated.

Production line for silicone injection with workers: link

This is how a Tesla is manufactured today: link


H-Bridges are thoroughly explained at Chapter 7 of Make an Arduino Controlled Robot in our bibliography 


How do we control speed if our outputs are digital?

Arduino pins that are not configured to have an output timer will not be able to work on PWM. Watch out for that.

Pulse Width Modulation might also become interesting by itself. There is plenty of information about how this actually works.


Using our knowledge of PWM now we can adjust the speed of the motors and directions accordingly.




All our code is posted at our Github repository: https://github.com/todocono/NYU-robotics-2016-A/tree/master/ex2

Sensors in Robots

-Which physical parameters a robot needs to measure?

-Are those internal or external?

-Do the sensors provide the information or do they need further processing?


Robots are taking important roles in our lives. One of the most well knowns are the Kiva Robots . There are many social implications and these are not the only ones used in warehousing. But also it is part of our course to understand how these machines operate and are using the sensors to guide themselves through the shelves.

Among the different sensors a robot can use to measure the environment, there is a particular application of those sensors to detect positions. We call those encoders. There are different classifications and specific applications.


Further readings:






Microcontroller using digital inputs

Use the tutorial from Arduino to create a simple digital input https://www.arduino.cc/en/Reference/DigitalRead

Further reading: https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/DigitalPins

Microcontroller using analog inputs


Further reading: https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/AnalogInputPins


Light sensor


Active Infrared sensor


Active ultrasonic sensor 


You can find information about the sensor about the HC-SR04 sensor

To measure time, there is a special function that will give us how long a pulse has been: PulseIn

Behavior examples

And there was light…

Stay on the table!

Watch out!

Light follower

Line following

Obstacle avoiding

Coded in class

Code for Ultrasonic Ranger


Slides for week #2: link



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