Class 6 and 7

How intelligent can robots be?

Solve this maze: Link

Win this game: Link

What is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) ? What is the Turing Test? Go vs Chess? Link

Who was Kasparov?

What is Watson and why should you care?  Explanation – Tech Details


Service Robotics

Case study of HAL:

Agriculture Robotics (make sure to see the amount of information in the PDF of economic feasibility)

Industrial Robotics


Additional Resources

Social Robotics: Link  – Video1 – Video2 – Video3 – Explanation

Home Robots: Video1 –Video2

Robot Insects: VideoExplanation

4 legs evolution: Video1 – Video2 – Video3

Quadrotors: Video1 – Video2 – Video3

Swarm Robots: Video1

Soft robotics: Video2

Modular Robotics Video3

Snake – like robots Video4

Robots that sweat: Video

Frontiers in robotics and AI – Journal



RECENT NEWS: GO is not longer a human domain. ( NEWS LINK ) ( Google DeepMind )