Assignment 0 (in class): Choose a fictional character that matches your interests for this subject and discuss the characteristics it has. Focus on what behaviors and interactions it has with others. As an inspiration, you can check out Tin man from Oz, Johny-5, Baymax, Robocop and HAL-9000. Make sure you are the only one choosing that character from the class. Due date Sep 7th.

Assignment 1: Research the following mythical creatures: Golem, Talos and Galatea. Explain in your documentation (with your own words) how they relate it to the terms automaton and robot as discussed in class. We will share the answers in class. Due date Sep 7th.

Additional readings (optional):

Deliverable 1: create an autonomous mobile vehicle that performs an eight shaped trajectory. Make sure it performs a series of movements that allows it to move in a known environment. Document the process. Due date Sep 14th.

Assignment 2: Write a response  and in your documentation blog about this article from 1983. Emphasize in what aspects are still valid and which are not anymore. We will share our answers in class. Due date Sep 14th:

The robots are here! The robots are here!

Additional readings (optional):

Tik-Tok and the Three Laws of Robotics

On the literature of cyborgs, robots and other automata

Deliverable 2: create a vehicle that uses a basic sensor. LDR is suggested. Make a robot get activated by a light, to follow a light or flee away from it. Due date Sep 19th.

Assignment 3: Use the following two article and express your own conclusions about how the robots are impacting the industry. Due date Sep 19th.

Robopocalypse Not – Wired

Are you ready for robots? – Beijing Review

Additional readings (optional):

ROBOTS – 1967

Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control

What do robots dream of?

Deliverable 3: make an N-DOF robot. Document it’s software both with a flow chart and the code itself. State in your documentation where would you use filters or PID control and how would you tune them. Due date Sep 26th.

Assignment 4a: Define a scenario for your final project. Consider how will it interact with the environment and how will it act. Due date Sep 28th.

Assignment 4b: Read the  following article as a reference and make a reflection of the process to develop and refine a robot project. Due date Sep 28th.

The Waseda Flutist Robot WF-4RII in Comparison with a Professional Flutist

Additional readings (optional):

The Mind of a Robot [and Discussion]

Deliverable 4: Create an unique physical structure that is stable and has it’s center of gravity in a way that can move in a repeatable way. Complete your deliverable with documentation. This should include as a minimum a sketch, the blueprints you used to manufacture it and a set of drawings or pictures to document the work done. Write a short roadmap of progressive changes needed to finalize it. Due date Oct 10th.

Assignment 5: Find one example from social robotics that you consider revolutionary. Research about how it was designed, what iterations they prototyped and how did the results were tested. You will present during five minutes in class to share your findings. Due date Oct 10th.

Additional readings (optional):


Deliverable 5: Create detailed documentation of your final project. All blocks for software, electronics and mechanics have to be tested. Parts required: An introduction story, a diagram of the software, working examples of all sensors and actuators, a sketch of the mechanics and a detailed material list. Hard requirements are to have 3 different sensors on your previously built robot and 3 degrees of freedom, while your software can be a mock up that represents the concept of an “intelligent” robot. Due date Oct 17th.

Assignment 6: Research about bio-inspired robots. Choose one institute, one model of robot or one category that is interesting to you. List the advantages of this kind of design, making emphasis on what would be the traditional approach. Due date Oct 17th.

Additional readings (optional):

Robot Choreography: The Paradox of Robot Motion

The Computer, the Robot and the Sheep Dog

Deliverable 6: Working prototype and refined presentation. Due date October 26th