Kinetic Interfaces

Kinetic Interfaces is an introductory course that highlights on programming and designing an interaction with body movement, which will enable the students to understand the fundamentals of emerging kinetic user interfaces. Everyday we become more familiar with interfaces where our movement serves as input to control interactive media, and kinetic user interfaces allow users to interact with computing devices through the motion of bodies.

Students in this course will use Computer Vision and motion tracking tools and techniques to create kinetic interfaces that exploit the body’s movement capacity to control software and hardware systems. Both practical and creative applications of kinetic interfaces are to be investigated as students are challenged to design their own solutions. Webcams, the Leap Motion Controller and the Microsoft Kinect will all be considered as input devices. Students will be introduced to the topics of pixel manipulation, as well as face, hand, blob and skeletal tracking. Projection mapping, a technique that turns objects or surfaces within an environment into dynamic display surfaces, will be explored as an output method.

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