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Students are expected to complete assignments on time. Late assignments will not be accepted. Misunderstanding of an assignment is not an excuse for lateness.

All assignments should be documented on the documentation blog. Undocumented work will not be considered complete.


Midterm Project

Create a screen-based application which interacts with body, facial movement or sound. It can be anything useful, interesting or fun. Make sure that you document your work on the documentation blog. You may choose to work alone or with a partner.


  • Midterm project presentation is in Week 8
  • The documentation of midterm project is due October 27, 2016.
  • The exact day will be informed again in advance.


Final Project

Create a kinetic user interface utilizing any methods or devices covered during the class. Students are strongly encouraged to explore the diverse tracking methods and find their own ways how they effectively interact with body movement. The output can vary. It can be anything, such as a drawing tool, informative installation, entertaining game, dance performance, or musical instrument.

Individual assignments will be given accordingly after the concept presentation. Be sure to post it to the documentation blog. Include details about all phases of development, both successes and failures. You may work in groups of two.


  • The concept presentation of your final project is in Week 12
  • The deadline of the final project presentation and documentation is in Week 14
  • The exact day will be informed after the midterm.