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The breakthrough of technological innovation is enormous: both programming languages and interaction technologies are being developed and changing rapidly. It is very important to understand that when learning and debugging code, the key things are searching for information and finding the correct solution among the vast amount of data available online. Having this in mind, it is highly encouraged that students use Internet as their primary source of information.

Available resources including readings, references and inspirational projects will be posted on the class website and it will be discussed on the first day of class.



Learning Processing by Daniel Shiffman

Especially review these chapters:

  • Chapter 1 – Pixels
  • Chapter 7 – Functions
  • Chapter 8 – Objects
  • Chapter 9 – Arrays
  • Chapter 15 – Images
  • Chapter 16 – Video
  • Chapter 20 – Sound
  • Chapter 22 – Advanced Object-Oriented Programming






You may find more references on the weekly pages.