Week 3

“Abstract” Button & Button States: Triggered, Pressed and Released

Class Overview

Lecture 1

  • Assignment review
  • Methods of creating an “abstract” button with programming

Lecture 2

  • Methods of creating button states (triggered, pressed and released)
  • Acceleration (Swipe gesture, ADSR concept?)
  • In-class Exercise: Creating button states (triggered, pressed and released) with mouse interaction and triggering sounds
  • Advanced OOP


  • Reading: Learning Processing – Chapter 5 Conditionals
  • Reading: Learning Processing – Chapter 20 Sound


  • Create a simple game with interesting interaction utilizing “abstract” buttons & button states.
    • You don’t need to have standard gaming features, such as opening page, scoring system and win&lose. Just focus on the interaction itself.
    • If you want to challenge yourself, add interactions that use mouse acceleration or gestures
    • Please feel free to reach out to the instructor if you struggle with coming up with ideas.
  • The exercise should be uploaded to Kinetic Interfaces google drive folder by midnight every Saturday so that the instructor has enough time to review your work. You should upload not only your source code, but also all of your media assets, such as image, sound and video, so that the instructor is able to execute the program.
  • Additionally, your work process should be documented on the documentation blog. Your documentation needs to include sufficient amount of screenshots and video captures along with descriptions.