government administration weibo

As Weibo become more and more popular in China as a platform for broadcasting information, a lot of government administrations opened their Weibo account to broadcast information online.

On the one hand, it is a great improvement in terms of the policy transparency. Weibo is a platform where government administrations should be able to post information quickly and conveniently and then ordinary people can easily get access to these information. Supervision over the administration is supposed to become more effectively to product than before as well as the communication between the officials and ordinary people.

On the other hand, it is these expectations of the accounts that make ordinary people very critique towards them.  Following are several problems existing in these administrations accounts.

Firstly, there are official taking the account not seriously. They have a handful problems such as rare update, rare information and all empty but official words.  This will damage the image of government as a irresponsible and incompetent one.

Secondly, voices like  “we’re on the Internet! Hey, keep pace with us!” are often heard on Weibo. Netizens expect the image of these accounts to be fresh and friendly instead of keeping the air of bureaucracy.

Once these accounts broadcast informations in a popular way like using popular terms or styles,(such as “那么问题来了” :)) they do catch the eyes of netizens, increasing the speed and expanding the area of the broadcast as well as  promoting the reputation of government. However,at the same time, more people will be more particular about the content of the Weibo. Officials who run the platform have to be extremely cautious about what they gonna post, ensuring the authority of government and the truth of the information. Their responsibility to every single words or even emoji is inevitable and significant all the time.

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