Intellectual Ranting

1.In class the other day Professor Shirky described falungong as a religious organization (even in english I have the urge to write fa/lun/gong lol), which by all means is a correct definition of the organization. However, there are other people out there who think differently, for example, Spring Zhang in his answer on the site Quora called it “an evil cult.”

2.My dad is what you would call very very very red(红), which is probably a good thing since he works in politics. He used to focus primarily on foreign aid and peacekeeping troops. What he calls foreign aid others might call soft power and new imperialism.

Subjectivity is not a bad thing, in fact, it provides perspective, but only if it is intelligent. So I guess I’m proposing a site/app/thing where one political topic would be the focus for each month. Users could post opinions under the various stances that exists relating to this topic. The first rule I guess would have to be that users can’t base posts around trying to convince someone from the other side(s). There isn’t necessarily a word count regulations, but it can’t be one sentence, nor can it be really really long. Profanity will exist, but not in a hurtful way, nor can it be used to target other users. This all means what while people can link and reference other user’s posts, most posts will be stand alone posts. Since the Internet moves along a weird speed, and things tend to die down, a follow up conversation will happen every six months to old topics.

Anyways, I don’t know if this already exists, or if it is plausible ( there are obviously many details I haven’t thought through), but above is what I have so far.

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